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Spector Promotional Pens

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With a wide variety of pen styles to choose from and endless color, its no wonder Spector & Co. has been a favorite in the promotional pens industry. With prices ranging from $0.65 to $25 you can find the perfect pen to fit any purpose and any budget. Spector promotional pens are made from plastic, metal, or biodegradable materials, and offer one color, full color, or engraved decoration. Discount prices can be found at Blueberry Ink.
Spector Pens and Pencils
    Spector Pens
Spector EC122 Spector ASIA Ballpoint PEN  EC122 Spector & Co. EC122 spacerPBP3099
Spector G1032 Spector SILVER BLOSSOM G1032 Spector & Co. G1032 spacerPBP3461
Spector G3001 Spector Bruno Ballpoint Pen G3001 Spector & Co. G3001 spacerPBP3363
Spector G3024 Spector Tenor Ballpoint Pen G3024 Spector & Co. G3024 spacerPBP2558
Spector G3025 Spector Tenor Ballpoint Pen G3025 Spector & Co. G3025 spacerPBP3365
Spector G3034 Spector Melody 2-Tone Ballpoint Pen G3034 Spector & Co. G3034 spacerPBP3372
Spector G3097 Spector Maxine Ballpoint  G3097 Spector & Co. G3097 spacerPBP2374
Spector G3105 Spector Melody 2-Tone Ballpoint Pen G3105 Spector & Co. G3105 spacerPBP3371
Spector G3106 Spector Willow Ballpoint Pen G3106 Spector & Co. G3106 spacerPBP3449
Spector G3107 Spector Willow Rollerball Pen G3107 Spector & Co. G3107 spacerPBP3450
Spector G3113 Spector ROMILDA BALLPOINT PEN G3113 Spector & Co. G3113 spacerPBP3223
Spector G3114 Spector Dean Ballpoint Pen G3114 Spector & Co. G3114 spacerPBP3453
Spector G3119 Spector SAWYER BALLPOINT PEN G3119 Spector & Co. G3119 spacerPBP3487
Spector G3124 Spector Alto Ballpoint Pen G3124 Spector & Co. G3124 spacerPBP2559
Spector G3213 Spector ROMILDA ROLLERBALL PEN G3213 Spector & Co. G3213 spacerPBP3491
Spector G3215 Spector PANORAMA ROLLERBALL PEN G3215 Spector & Co. G3215 spacerPBP3479
Spector G3373 Spector RENZO BALLPOINT PEN G3373 Spector & Co. G3373 spacerPBP3224
Spector G3385 Spector LUCA BALLPOINT PEN G3385 Spector & Co. G3385 spacerPBP3516
Spector G4009 Spector Willow Ballpoint & Rollerball Set G4009 Spector & Co. G4009 spacerPBP3451
Spector G4043 Spector MONTGOMERY BALLPOINT PEN G4043 Spector & Co. G4043 spacerPBP3484
Spector i100 Spector GADGET PEN/STYLUS i100 Spector & Co. i100 spacerPBP3463
Spector i137 Spector KNOX PEN/STYLUS i137 Spector & Co. i137 spacerPBP3492
Spector i139 Spector AXEL PEN/STYLUS/PHONE HOLDER i139 Spector & Co. i139 spacerPBP3493
Spector K194 Spector Rhapsody Roller Ball Pen K194 Spector & Co. K194 spacerPBP1668
    Spector Custom Stylus
Spector G1104 Spector ORO BALLPOINT/STYLUS G1104 Spector & Co. G1104 spacerPCS113
Spector G3115 Spector Theo Pen/Stylus G3115 Spector & Co. G3115 spacerPCS266
Spector G3117 Spector Genie Pen/Stylus G3117 Spector & Co. G3117 spacerPCS267
Spector I101 Spector ELENA MINI PEN/STYLUS I101 Spector & Co. I101 spacerPCS111
Spector I118 Spector ANTONIO PEN/STYLUS I118 Spector & Co. I118 spacerPCS294
Spector I123 Spector Fabrizio Pen/Stylus I123 Spector & Co. I123 spacerPCS269
    Spector Highlighters
Spector G1038 Spector Blossom Pen/Highlighter  G1038 Spector & Co. G1038 spacerPHL175
Spector G1215 Spector Viva Pen/Highlighter  G1215 Spector & Co. G1215 spacerPHL200
Spector K1052 Spector Tutto Pen/Highlighter/Stylus K1052 Spector & Co. K1052 spacerPHL211
    Spector Multi Function Pens
Spector G3135 Spector MARTIN BALLPOINT PEN/LIGHT G3135 Spector & Co. G3135 spacerPMU231
    Spector Pencils
Spector G1042 Spector Silver Blossom Pen/Highlighter & Pencil/Eraser Set  G1042 Spector & Co. G1042 spacerPPE151
Spector G6807 Spector Maxine Pen & Pencil Set  G6807 Spector & Co. G6807 spacerPPE167


Blueberry Ink offers the full line of Spector Promotional Products all with top rated customer service. From the popular Spector & Co. notebooks and pens, to the great looking card holders, find the promotional product that's just right for your next event. Blueberry Ink is proud to bring you discount pricing on all of your favorite Spector & Co. Promotional Items.

The selection of promotional pens from Spector & Co. is incredible. Spector provides an enlarged laser engraving area and 4-Color imprints, and Blueberry Ink is happy to offer them to you at discounted prices.