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Spector Custom Journals

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Spector custom journals and notebooks are both elegant and fun. With unique cover choices like colorful soft leather or beautiful tweed, Spector & Co. promotional journals continue to be among our top sellers. Find one that brings out the best in your debossed or imprinted logo at the best price available, here at Blueberry Ink.
Spector Custom Notebooks
    Spector Custom Notebooks
Spector EC1240 Spector Bamboo Jotter  EC1240 Spector & Co. EC1240 spacerJJO548
Spector EC302 Spector Single Meeting Eco Notebook  EC302 Spector & Co. EC302 spacerJJO411
Spector EC3021 Spector Saddle-Stitched Eco Notebook EC3021 Spector & Co. EC3021 spacerJJO540
Spector EC3069 Spector Bambo Refillable Journal EC3069 Spector & Co. EC3069 spacerJJO666
Spector EC3080 Spector Perfect Bound Eco Notebook  EC3080 Spector & Co. EC3080 spacerJJO335
Spector EC3090 Spector SPIRAL Eco Notebook EC3090 Spector & Co. EC3090 spacerJJO330
Spector EC3210 Spector Travis Notebook  EC3210 Spector & Co. EC3210 spacerJJO670
Spector EC525 Spector PIETRA STONE PAPER NOTEBOOK  EC525 Spector & Co. EC525 spacerJJO533
Spector EC6055 Spector Ecologist Notebook Combo EC6055 Spector & Co. EC6055 spacerJJO332
Spector EC6058 Spector Helix-Eco Notebook Combo EC6058 Spector & Co. EC6058 spacerJJO333
Spector GF4668 Spector Toscano Genuine Leather Journal Combo GF4668 Spector & Co. GF4668 spacerJJO903
Spector GF4678 Spector Toscano Genuine Leather Refillable w/ Pen GF4678 Spector & Co. GF4678 spacerJJO902
Spector ST28 Spector Peewee Memo Book Combo  ST28 Spector & Co. ST28 spacerJJO329
Spector ST3102 Spector Linen Soft Cover Journal ST3102 Spector & Co. ST3102 spacerJJO785
Spector ST36 Spector SPIRAL NOTEBOOK ST36 Spector & Co. ST36 spacerJJO254
Spector ST37 Spector SPSPIRALL MEMO BOOK ST37 Spector & Co. ST37 spacerJJO255
Spector ST4039 Spector FABRIZIO PADFOLIO & REFILLABLE ECO NOTEBOOK ST4039 Spector & Co. ST4039 spacerJJO825
Spector ST412 Spector Primetime Refillable Leather Journal ST412 Spector & Co. ST412 spacerJJO517
Spector ST4123 Spector Classico Hard Cover Journal  ST4123 Spector & Co. ST4123 spacerJJO600
Spector ST4127 Spector NeoSkin® Journal Combo  ST4127 Spector & Co. ST4127 spacerJJO516
Spector ST413 Spector Colorplay Leather Cover & Refillable Journal ST413 Spector & Co. ST413 spacerJJO348
Spector ST4138 Spector Bradford Refillable Journal Combo  ST4138 Spector & Co. ST4138 spacerJJO507
Spector ST4142 Spector NEOSKIN® Hard Cover Junior Journal ST4142 Spector & Co. ST4142 spacerJJO513
Spector ST4143 Spector NEOSKIN® Hard Cover Journal ST4143 Spector & Co. ST4143 spacerJJO514
Spector ST4145 Spector Bradford Journal ST4145 Spector & Co. ST4145 spacerJJO518
Spector ST4157 Spector NeoSkin® Hard Cover Journal  ST4157 Spector & Co. ST4157 spacerJJO675
Spector ST4158 Spector NEOSKIN® Soft Cover Journal ST4158 Spector & Co. ST4158 spacerJJO790
Spector ST4159 Spector Fabrizio Hard Cover Journal ST4159 Spector & Co. ST4159 spacerJJO681
Spector ST4161 Spector Bradford Vinyl Cover & Refillable Notebook ST4161 Spector & Co. ST4161 spacerJJO605
Spector ST4166 Spector Classico Vinyl Hard Cover Journal ST4166 Spector & Co. ST4166 spacerJJO792
Spector ST4167 Spector CLASSICO METALLIC HARD COVER JOURNAL ST4167 Spector & Co. ST4167 spacerJJO791
Spector ST4169 Spector NEOSKIN® Hard Cover Mini Journal ST4169 Spector & Co. ST4169 spacerJJO784
Spector ST4171 Spector FABRIZIO SOFT COVER JOURNAL ST4171 Spector & Co. ST4171 spacerJJO829
Spector ST4172 Spector Fabrizio Refillable Journal Combo ST4172 Spector & Co. ST4172 spacerJJO736
Spector ST4173 Spector NEOSKIN® Hard Cover Journal ST4173 Spector & Co. ST4173 spacerJJO788
Spector ST4175 Spector Metallic Neoskin ST4175 Spector & Co. ST4175 spacerJJO804
Spector ST4235 Spector Fabrizio Journal Combo ST4235 Spector & Co. ST4235 spacerJJO627
Spector ST4248 Spector NeoSkin® Refillable Medium Portfolio ST4248 Spector & Co. ST4248 spacerJJO515
Spector ST4293 Spector NEOSKIN® Journal Combo ST4293 Spector & Co. ST4293 spacerJJO789
Spector ST4340 Spector Donald Soft Cover Journal ST4340 Spector & Co. ST4340 spacerJJO782
Spector ST4347 Spector Bradford Refillable Journal Combo ST4347 Spector & Co. ST4347 spacerJJO508
Spector ST4361 Spector DONALD Hard Cover JOURNAL COMBO ST4361 Spector & Co. ST4361 spacerJJO682
Spector ST4373 Spector Donald Journal Combo ST4373 Spector & Co. ST4373 spacerJJO783
Spector ST4384 Spector CLAIRE NOTEBOOK COMBO ST4384 Spector & Co. ST4384 spacerJJO802
Spector ST4548 Spector Linen Journal Combo ST4548 Spector & Co. ST4548 spacerJJO738
Spector ST4552 Spector Ronan Journal Combo ST4552 Spector & Co. ST4552 spacerJJO781
Spector ST4680 Spector Nathan Genuine Leather Refillable Journal ST4680 Spector & Co. ST4680 spacerJJO854
Spector ST49 Spector Mini Mini Helix  ST49 Spector & Co. ST49 spacerJJO328


Blueberry Ink offers the full line of Spector Promotional Products all with top rated customer service. From the popular Spector & Co. notebooks and pens, to the great looking card holders, find the promotional product that's just right for your next event. Blueberry Ink is proud to bring you discount pricing on all of your favorite Spector & Co. Promotional Items.

Spector provides the unique look, provides the best price on your custom journal. All you have to decide now is whether to go with the orange leather, beige tweed, or baby blue neoskin cover; or one of the other hundreds of color and style options.