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Top Rated Promotional Items Imprinted with Your Logo. Promote your brand with high-end promos.

Promotional Backpacks

For schools or corporate, backpacks with a custom logo imprint will take your brand to the next level. From inexpensive school packs to corporate backpacs and all the way to full featured hicking packpacks, we have what you need to promote your brand.

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Your logo is the face of your company and the hallmark of your brand, and when you're spending the recommended 10 percent of your profit on your overall marketing strategy, you want to make sure that logo is the first thing potential customers see on any of your marketing materials and remember every time they need your product or service. That's where we come in. Our mission is to deliver the best corporate gifts designed and created with quality in mind. That being said, it's more than just the quality of our promotional products that sets us apart; Blueberry Ink also ensures your success by insisting on the highest quality application of your corporate name and logo on every product we offer. Read More

Power banks come in all different capacities measured by milli Ampere Hour, or mAH. If you’re like most people, this doesn’t mean much to you, but the last thing you want is to purchase promotional gifts that your clients can’t use. To figure out which one of these small and sleek devices pack a punch, find the ones with the greatest capacity. If the power bank has a 1,500mAh battery, then it will be able to provide one complete charge for your smartphone. A 5,600mAh battery will give your smartphone two to three-and-one-half complete charges or charge your iPad to 40 percent. A 10,000mAh battery will provide four complete charges for your smartphone or one complete charge for your tablet. Read More

If you're are a marketing professional and someone came to you with a product that would have hundreds or thousands of people walking down the street raising high above their head a banner with your logo, and they would do it for free, happily and even thankful, you might say they were crazy. But there is such a product and it is custom promotional umbrellas. Read More