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Corporate Gifts Blog

It's the blog all about Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products
Holiday Corporate Gifts For Every Style and Budget
Every year, it seems to get harder and harder to choose business gifts that clients and employees will actually use. Do you get something they can use at work, or is something for their home a better option? Do all of your employees golf? Is a spa gift set too personal? How much money should we spend on holiday corporate gifts?

At Blueberry Ink, we try to facilitate your workplace gift-giving dilemmas with extraordinary promotional products that suit every style and budget. Here are some of our top choices for appropriate custom logo gifts your recipients will love broken up between budget categories that won't break the bank. read more
Holiday Corporate Gifts For Every Style and Budget
Holiday With Branded Corporate Gifts
We are only at the beginning of November and we're guessing the last thing many of you want to do is start the holiday rush well before you need to start it. If you're nodding your head in agreement and sighing at your future, or even if you are shaking your head because you can't wait to get started on everything jolly, we've got great news! To create and execute an amazing marketing strategy that will have clients knocking on your door to buy your products or utilize your services, the time to start planning is now, but we're going to make it easy for you with promotional gifts that will get potential clients and employees talking about your business.

The goal of any holiday marketing strategy is to gain more business and give thanks to clients that have stuck by you and your brand. That being said, the holidays are busy, so you want to begin executing your marketing strategy early enough so that your business can be at the forefront of their minds ahead of the time they place their holiday orders, and not buried beneath all of their holiday stress. Proper planning will also allow you to adequately create and maintain your budget, which will end up being a win/win for everyone. read more
Why You Should Start Holiday Planning Now
Promotional Pens for Your Campaign
Not all promotional pens are created equal and knowing the difference between pens you use as trade show giveaways and pens you gift to the executives on your team can make or break your campaign. Even knowing the type of ink, ink color options, and styles of pens available will determine which promotional pen will better suit your clientele. Let's delve into the various writing tools offered as promotional products for your marketing needs.

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Choosing The Write Pen
Finding the Ideal Budget for Promotional Products
If you're like many companies, the new year signifies a time to solidify your budget estimates and make the most of a fresh start in your marketing strategies. You've calculated profit from sales, reviewed previous successes and failures, and planned for product launches or service additions for the new year. This may seem like a lot of work, but planning ahead for your annual marketing strategy can not only save you money in the long run, but can also allow you to make the money your company needs to grow and succeed.

Promotional items and business gifts can sometimes be forgotten in the midst of budgeting for a new print campaign or setting aside funds for your SEM (search engine marketing). That being said, finding a place for these giveaways is important because not only are they a necessary tool for event marketing, but they can also tip the scales of your budget if not properly planned for.

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Ideal Budget for Promotional Products
Promotional Product Spotlight:
In a digital world, we often think that pens, paper, and notebooks are being tossed aside for their more electronic counterparts. Why take notes with pen and paper when you can just type them into your tablet or laptop for review at a later time? This may also lead you to believe that opting for custom notebooks or custom journals is ultimately opting for a failed marketing strategy. In reality, the mighty pen and paper combo is as popular now as it has always been because, in this scholarly match-up, pen and paper have science on their side. read more
Promotional Product Spotlight: Custom Journals and Notebooks Still Make the Grade
Top 10 Promotional Products for Back to School
August brings the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and lined paper as students all across the nation head back to school. Maybe they've taken the summer off or maybe they had to spend a little extra time in the classroom while others were lounging at the beach, but everyone will be restocking supplies for the new school year. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that about 71 million students signed up to attend school from elementary to collegiate levels in the Fall of 2016, and that number is expected to increase in 2017. read more
Top 10 Promotional Products for Back to School
If you're are a marketing professional and someone came to you with a product that would have hundreds or thousands of people walking down the street raising high above their head a banner with your logo, and they would do it for free, happily and even thankful, you might say they were crazy. But there is such a product and it is custom promotional umbrellas. read more
Umbrellas The Ultimate Promotional Item
Promotional Products:
"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It is what consumers tell each other it is."

- Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, business and financial software specialists

To fully comprehend how effective the use of promotional products truly is within the field of successful brand marketing, we need to assess the power and context of the other (and more traditional) channels of advertising that currently coexist in a world dominated by our socio-digital revolution. read more

How to Leverage Marketing Dollars
Using Custom Power Banks as Corporate Gifts
Results from a 2017 survey from PEW Research indicate that roughly three-quarters of Americans now own a smartphone, about half of the public owns a tablet, and nearly seven out of 10 Americans use social media. These numbers tell us that trends in technology are at a steady increase with no chance of slowing down and we have the perfect corporate gift to ensure your clients, employees, and executives will be prepared. read more
Using Custom Power Banks as Corporate Gifts
20 Corporate Gifts for Employees That Will Make Them Smile
Whether it's the holiday season or just a prime time to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work, finding the perfect corporate gifts for employees doesn't have to be a mind-boggling experience. With the proper combination of practicality and style, your branded corporate gifts will warrant appreciative nods and smiles, and maybe even some noteworthy praise on social media. Jump into our list of 20 promotional gifts to find the one that is best suited for your team. read more
20 Corporate Gifts for Employees That Will Make Them Smile
Top Corporate Gift Ideas for Summer
When the sun starts blazing and the rain clouds start rolling in, you know summer has arrived. During this time of year, your clients, employees, and executives will start heading off to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation, but that doesn't mean your business takes a break. These precious moments in the lives of your corporate gift and promotional product recipients are also prime time to get your business out there and working for you. Show your appreciation for your clients' loyalty and your employees' hard work, while also allowing your branded corporate gifts to do the talking during their summer vacations with these top corporate gift ideas for summer. read more
Top Corporate Gift Ideas for Summer
Custom Portable Phone Chargers & Power Banks
Here is the rundown on some of the best and most unique power banks that can be customized with your logo. Whether imprinted or laser engraved, once customized with your art these phone chargers make some of the greatest corporate gifts you can hand out. read more
Custom Power Banks - Corporate Gift Phone Chargers
Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products
Spring is a time for new life and a great reminder of the many ways we can protect our environment and decrease the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills. Our extensive line of eco-responsible promotional gifts and custom corporate gifts will allow you to do just that, while also providing your clients, employees, and executive with a practical and stylish promotional product they can use every day. Here are just some of the promotional products you can have expertly customized with your company name and logo.

read more
Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products for Spring
Promotional Products That Work
In the age of digital advertising and online sales, it is sometimes assumed that giving promotional gifts is an outdated form of advertising. Why would a company spend money on a promotional product when many people are glued to their laptops, smart phones, and tablets viewing online banners, social media posts, and sponsored ads? read more
Promotional Products That Work
Employees Brand Ambassadors

How to Make Your Employees Brand Ambassadors

Working on your brand strategy is a task that should start from within your organization. The employees on your team, regardless of their role, are unknowingly promoting the brand, mission, and goals of your organization when performing their day-to-day responsibilities. Provide your employees with the appropriate tools and you'll be maximizing your marketing results. read more
Employees Brand Ambassadors
Executive Gifts
For the perfect promotional gift set, choose corporate gifts that fit each recipient and then increase brand recognition with a properly placed company name and logo. Need corporate gift ideas? Our customer service representatives are happy to help (800) 837-0337.

Maintaining an organized office space can increase efficiency, effectiveness, and overall productivity, which is why our top executive gifts focus on the tools needed for success. Pen holders, memo pads, desk box organizers, and many other promotional products will allow executives to find things quickly and save time. Other high-quality items, such as desk clocks, humidors, and puzzles, will create a look of professionalism and style. read more
Corpote Gifts
Ease Gift-Giving Pressure with Our Executive Gift Sets

Corporate Briefcases Padfolios Tech Promotional items

What do you get for the executive who seems to have everything? Blueberry Ink's friendly customer service representatives come across this question many times throughout the prime gift-giving season. Clients and employees struggle to find custom corporate gifts that executives don't already have or won't buy for themselves. This year, we've rounded up our favorite executive gift sets that will take the guesswork out of finding the perfect promotional product, incorporating form, functionality, and usability. read more
Ease Gift-Giving Pressure with Our Executive Gift Sets
Corporate Gifts Don't Have to be a Drag This Holiday Season
Anyone looking through their social media accounts have probably seen the memes showing how many weekends or shopping days are left until the holidays. Some people are grateful for the reminder to get started early on their shopping while others just want to bury their heads in the sand until the shopping mall crowds disperse. We're here to tell you that shopping for custom corporate gifts doesn't have to send you into a state of angst. At Blueberry Ink, we offer a variety of promotional products for executives, clients, and employees so you can choose the best promotional product for your company and provide a corporate gift that won't end up in a drawer even before the holiday has come to a close (think about how many of those are sitting in a dark corner of your desk or drawers at home right now). read more
Corporate Gifts Don't Have to be a Drag This Holiday Season
Business Gifts for the Grill Master
With 72% of US Households having a grill and peak grilling season being from mid-May through mid-September, the summer months are the perfect time to give the gift of BBQ greatness. We have everything you'll need to make the perfect steak or grilled veggies, like our Grill Master Barbeque Kit, Brookstone Prime Barbeque Kit, or our Grill & Cooler Set, among many other outdoor living products. read more
Business Gifts for the Grill Master
Customizable Corporate Gifts to Take to the Beach
During their vacation, 45% of Americans will visit the beach and they'll need high-quality accessories to make the trip worthwhile. Our buyers only select high-quality promotional items at every price point to make certain that your company is well-represented regardless of your marketing budget. read more
Customizable Corporate Gifts to Take to the Beach
Promotional Products to Pass the Time
Did you know that, according to StatisticBrain, about 45% of Americans take a summer vacation and the total number of long distance summer trips made each year between Memorial and Labor day is 657 million, 91% of which are taken in a personal vehicle? That's a lot of time spent with family and friends and your perfect opportunity to provide the gift of privacy with branded headsets, power banks, or chargers to keep those ipods, ipads, and cell phones operating at maximum capacity. read more
Promotional Products to Pass the Time
The Perfect Corporate Gift Trio
The Perfect Corporate Gift Trio Corporate Briefcases Padfolios Tech Promotional items Sometimes a corporate gift needs to be more than a promotional pen or promotional drinkware, so when you are looking to impress your clients or employees with a stand-out business gift that gives them the recognition they deserve, try putting together a gift package using some of our most popular promotional items. By combining items like a custom notebook, zippered padfolio, and a high quality Cutter & Buck promotional pen, you will be setting up your recipients for a successful day at the office with products they know and love. read more
The Perfect Corporate Gift Trio
Selecting the Best Lifestyle Custom Corporate Gifts for Summer
If you want your corporate branded gifts to fulfill your marketing goals during this time of year, the key is to provide clients with gifts that fit the fun and laid-back summer season. Custom logo gifts like warm blankets and soup thermoses may work well in the winter, but will find their way to a dark cupboard when nature begins to turn up the heat. Conversely, promotional items like a selfie-stick for your client's next vacation or a power bank they can use at the airport during their layover may be just what they need to fulfill their needs. Here are our top picks for summer lifestyle business gifts. read more
Selecting the Best Lifestyle Custom Corporate Gifts for Summer
Customized Business Bags and Cases
Fine quality business bags and cases make a corporate gift that will be appreciated for years to come. And with your logo prominently displayed, they'll never forget where it came from. Bring your team to the next level with one of our high quality executive gifts. read more
Customized Business Bags and Cases
Charge Up Your Logo with Customized Power Banks
Now you can facilitate your client's charging needs wherever their business takes them with a customized power bank for their phone or tablet. Every time their device blinks red with a depleting battery, your laser-engraved or printed corporate logo will be front and center to save the day and possibly the business deal, making this one of the most unique and functional promotional advertising products. read more
Customized Power Banks with Your Logo
High-Tech Executive Gifts
From memos to emails, our world has gone digital and our executive gifts reflect that transition with a selection of cutting-edge gifts with logo placement that is strategic and visually appealing. Satisfy your tech-savvy clients with a gift they will use again and again, like the latest speakers, power banks, and USB Flash Drives. read more
High-Tech Executive Gifts
Custom Bags: The Stylish Way to Stay Organized
As more and more electronic devices are created for greater convenience and efficiency, so are the opportunities to show off your brand with a stylish briefcase or backpack. Blueberry Ink's line of promotional briefcases, messenger bags, and computer portfolios offer a durable and stylish way for your clients to keep their devices, files, and folders in order while helping you garnish business exposure. read more
Promotional Logo Custom Bag
High-Quality Promotional Pens
The success of your business relationship can be at your client's fingertips with a sleek and smooth pen laser-engraved with your corporate name and logo. This high-quality item can become your client's favorite pen and serve as a daily reminder of your business relationship or it can be passed from executive to executive for maximum exposure. Either way, you will be getting the attention you deserve for your business. read more
High-Quality Promotional Pens
Personalized Corporate Gifts for the Esteemed Executive
Finding the right promotional products for top level executives can be a challenge, but at Blueberry Ink, we provide you with high-quality and functional items that will have your executive clients arriving in style at their next business meeting or event or making the most of their time in the office. Our executive gifts can be as simple as an elegant pen and pen holder or as extravagant as a travel case or luggage set. Whichever you choose, every item can be tastefully personalized with your corporate logo. read more
Personalized Executive Corporate Gifts
Padfolios Tailored to Your Needs
As our best-selling promotional item, the customized padfolio is as versatile as it is appreciated by our discerning clients because of its distinct form and function. Whether you're interested in an exquisite leather padfolio with a sueded full-grain leather spine or an economic ultrahyde padfolio that provides the durability you need, our padfolios will serve as a useful tool in your promotional campaign with your custom logo expertly debossed or imprinted on the cover. read more
Padfolios Tailored to Your Needs
Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas
Show your most-valued clients that you appreciate their business with holiday corporate gifts that will distinguish your brand from the masses. Blueberry Ink's custom logo gifts range from blankets and wine accessories to desk clocks and promotional journals, and everything in between, to ensure you'll give your clients a gift they'll remember. read more
Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas
Custom USB Corporate Gifts
Assure your customers that you are on the cutting edge of this electronic information age high-tech world. Promote your company with electronic device marketing tools. Custom USB flash drives, promotional calculators, radios, cameras and other electronic devices will command attention. Pedometers, flashlights and headphones are also available. read more
Custom USB Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gift Bags
For corporate gift bags of every size and description shop our unique collection at Blueberry Ink. Promotional bags range from tote bags, or duffel & Sport Bags, to Coolers and Lunch bags to Back Packs - from large to small with a variety of features. Small Tote or Large duffel bag; Sporty or Elegant; Canvas or Leather - a promotional bag gives you plenty of room for an Elegant Deboss or color imprint of your Company logo. read more
Corporate Gift Bags
Business Bags & Cases for the perfect Gift
Padfolios debossed with your logo make the perfect executive gift. With over 100 promotional padfolios and hundreds of other business cases including computer cases, briefcases and business card holders, you will be sure to find the promotional item that is right your event. You may be surprised to find our Leather Padfolios start at under $18. And for a more economical custom padfolio you can go with one of our DuraHyde or UltraHyde business cases. For the executive we feature top-of-the-line brands such as Cutter & Buck and Alicia Klein. For a corporate gift that will be appreciated for years to come, stick with a debossed padfolio. read more
Business Bags Corporate Gift
Custom Mugs and Drinkware Gifts
A popular means of communicating business name recognition is through the use of promotional drinkware like travel mugs and sport bottles. Whether in a car, an office or on the football field, your name will be in the public eye. View our great selection of over 250 varieties of custom mugs and drinkware items. Check out the different colors, styles and materials available.

In the car, at the office or at home, promotional mugs put your logo where you want to be. Browse our wide selection custom of travel mugs, sport bottles and other drinkware for the perfect promotional item. Promotional mugs and drinkware offer a large imprint area for maximum exposure of your company name. We're ready for your logo with over 250 promotional travel mugs and other drinkware. read more
Custom Drinkware Gifts
Mints.. The perfect gift for corporate events
Snack Promotional Items are a welcome break as a give away. Choose from a variety of candy, nuts, mints, chocolates, fortune cookies and popcorn. The custom mints and chocolates are a favorite! The Holidays? Valentine's Day? Think Chocolates with your logo imprinted. Packaged in a variety of containers Blueberry Ink has them ready for your company logo and message. read more
Corporate Gift Mints
Gifts for Corporate Golf Events
Golf, being one of the most popular sports in the country, brings with it the opportunity of using golf accessories to advance the name of your company. Golfers love their logo golf gifts. Whether it is a company employee golf tournament, sponsorship of a professional golf event or a friendly foursome, take advantage of the marketing opportunity by giving out custom golf balls. As you have your company logo on each golf accessory, it will be seen by both the players and spectators. Your company logo can be printed on any golf themed promotional items from custom golf bags to tees. read more
Corporate Golf Outing Gifts
Custom Corporate Journals
Custom notebooks continue to be on the top of the list when it comes to corporate gifts. They are a practical gift, used daily, to give your company the exposure needed on a daily basis. With so many fantastic custom journals to choose from, how do you select the right one? Let's take a look at some questions that might help you select the right custom journals and notebooks. read more
Custom Journals Corporate
Pens Continue to Be the Best Corporate Gift
Writing instruments are the most popular promotional product in the industry and for good reason. A corporate gift pen keeps your logo and company name in front of your customer on a daily basis. Another great advantage of pens as a promotional item is that they come in a variety of prices and styles to meet your needs. Click on a promotional pen category to find the right pen for your next promotion. read more
Corporate Gift Pens
Custom Corporate Bath and Personal
Choose from our wide selection of personal care corporate gifts, such as: First Aid Kits, Medical Products, Mirrors, Lip Balm, Bath and Body or Sun Glass Accessories and Sun Care Products. Put your company logo on those items that are used daily. An outdoor sport event, retreat, or camp can be the perfect time to keep them safe in the sun with products imprinted with your company logo. read more
Custom Bath Corporate Gifts
Auto and Tool Corporate Gifts
Auto accessories and pocket tools are popular promotional items. These tools will be used in both the home and auto. Popular at tradeshows, these tools will be appreciated and used for many years. Pocketknives, screwdrivers and custom imprinted measuring tapes are among these many items. read more
Corporate Gift Tools
Tradeshow Gifts for Corporate Events
The whole idea of give aways at a tradeshow is to get attention at the show and be remembered after the show. Besides brochures about your company, give-aways are a MUST! We have broken down some ideas by categories: Badges / Lanyards / Buttons / Desktop Products / Games / Key Lights & Tags / Stuffed Animals and Stress Relievers and Toys and Tape Measures. We have many items specifically for tradeshow promotions. But besides all these, many of our other items make great give aways for trade shows. If you want your logo and message all over the tradeshow don't forget our promotional tote bags. read more
Tradeshow Gifts
Corporate Trophies, Gifts and Awards
Corporate Trophies and awards are a great way to honor your employees and constituency. Appreciation is a key element of a successful company. When your company gives its employees and staff a trophy or award, it is normally given a place of honor in their home or organization. Your custom corporate award will be seen and appreciated by the honoree and others as it is displayed in a prominent position. Make this a trophy or award that will bring a sense of pride to your company name. read more
Corporate Trophies, Gifts and Awards
Corporate Gift Watches and Clocks
A beautiful desk clock or wall clock will be seen every day. A clock with your corporate logo will be a daily reminder of your service. Clocks come in all types and sizes. Choose from a variety of clocks such as leather desk clocks, paper holder clocks, LCD clocks, boardroom clocks and many others.

Imagine a promotional product that gets looked at all day long. Custom clocks and watches are the perfect promotional item. Whether you need an executive gift or a simple desk clock, Blueberry Ink has a wide selection of promotional clock and watch styles and prices. From high-end promotional watches to economical promotional clocks, you'll find them all here in our clock and watch section. read more
Executive and Corporate Gift Watches and Clocks
A More Personal Corporate Gift
For a more personal touch, put your logo in their home. Household corporate gifts, which are used every day in the home, will be appreciated and your company will be noticed everyday. Blueberry Ink's wide selection of household goods will make your choice easy. Whether the warmth and beauty of promotional candles; or the mouth watering smell of the B-B-Q they will be using items with your logo. read more
The More Personal Corporate Gift
The Twelve Days of Corporate Christmas Gifts
On the first day of Christmas my business gave to me a Fashion Tote Bag beautiful to see.

Custom tote bags are one of the most popular promotional items. They make a great corporate Christmas gift because they are so versatile. Used for meetings, or shopping, or a day at the beach, these useful corporate gifts will be appreciated throughout the year.

On the second day of Christmas my business gave to me two Travel Clocks. . .

From the small and trendy to the exceptional quartz, Blueberry offers a good variety of promotional travel clocks. When traveling, people want a clock they can count on. Give a dependable corporate holiday gift. read more
Twelve Days of Corporate Christmas
Under the Corporate Christmas Tree
Who's on your Christmas gift list this year? Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle Bill. As you're planning the perfect gift for everyone on your list, don't forget business gifts for your workplace. Think of all the people who have made this year a success, employees, board members, customers, and your community. Be sure to show your appreciation with well selected corporate Christmas gifts. Perhaps we can help you get started. read more
Corporate Christmas Tree
Padfolios and Pens

A Favorite Executive Promotion

Padfolios continue to be a favorite for the executive promotional gift as well as for many other uses. Promotional Padfolios come in a variety of styles and price ranges, so take your pick from an executive Leather Padfolio or one of our economical padfolios for that convention or meeting... you'll find it here where thousands of companies and schools shop for promotional items. With low prices and great styles, you will find all the custom corporate gifts you need right here at Whether it's promotional tote bags, promotional pens, promotional bags or custom debossed padfolios, you can depend on the largest online store for promotional gifts. read more
Padfolios and Pens
Custom Promotional Gifts
All your favorite Corporate Gifts are here in one place at As the season gets going, get an early start and select the customized promotional items that you'll be giving to your customers, associates and employees. Express your gratitude with promotional gifts that will get noticed. For the executive take a look at our promotional leather padfolios and promotional bags, each crafted with care and a style that will go great with your logo or message. Tell your employees how much they mean to your organization with something they can really use like a cooler tote or picture frames or even a custom imprinted coffee mug they can use at the office. And for your customers that have been so critical to your success, why not a leather journal or one of our corporate gift pens laser engraved with your logo? read more
Custom Promotional Gifts
Best of Corporate Gifts
Every year there's something new in the corporate gift world. We took a look at some of the greatest business gifts offered. Some are new to the collection, but others have been with us for quite some time. As usual the best corporate gifts continue to be the ones the people use often and keep for a long time. The mug that sits on their desk or the pen that is in their hand continue to be at the top of the list. You might wonder, with all the different variables, how do we decide which corporate gifts make the list? What criteria do we use in selecting our top ten? Style, Value, Functionality and Marketing Effectiveness are the driving elements. read more
The Best of Corporate Gifts
Pens, the Timeless Corporate Gift
With thousands of corporate gifts available to companies today, why do pens continue to be the number one promotional item? How many times have you offered someone your writing instrument? They are always a gift accepted. They are practical; everyone wants one. And if they have your corporate logo, its like giving your business card, only they're keeping it close to them throughout the day because it is a practical tool. read more
Corporate Gift Pens
Promotional Padfolios, the Perfect Business Tool
Organize your life with padfolios. When you think of all the things you would like to keep with you as you attend the meetings of the day, make your rounds through the conference presentations, or tour the factory; you'll come to realize that the padfolio is the perfect business tool. Consider a table full of all the things you'll need. A pad of paper, those random note cards, that 10 page copy of the latest report, some extra business cards, a small calculator. That flyer mock-up you just got from the marketing department and of course several pens. Oh and that other sketch you had with that great idea. That table is starting to look a little cluttered isn't it? read more
Promotional Padfolios The Perfect Business Tool
Custom Notebooks Making You Look Good
Notebooks have held much of the world's history. Imagine peering into the life of Harry S. Truman, as he shares his thoughts about Hiroshima, frustrations with Congress, and his loneliness, inside his personal notebook. His notebook is a treasured book that is still studied today.

Take a look at our classic Tweed Journal JJO506. Its cover is made from 55% linen and 45% cotton for a beautifully handsome appearance. This custom notebook looks like something even Truman would enjoy. It is accentuated with a front card pocket made of polyurethane but having a leather look. read more
Custom Notebooks As A Corporate Gift
Favorite Corporate Gifts
You may not know it, but you probably have a favorite corporate gift. It's that thing you've kept for a long time and you are continually using. Is it your favorite pen you keep in your purse that you got from a business associate? Maybe it's that travel mug you keep in your car, you know, the one with the lid that keeps things from spilling all over the place. Ah, if you're like me, maybe you've lost your favorite corporate gift. Oh no! For me it was a CD holder that I kept in my car. I loved that thing, and yes, every time I grabbed it to pull out a CD; I was reminded who gave it to me. The logo was right there front and center. read more
How To Select Corporate Gifts
Corporate Gift Blog
During the worst of the economic slump, companies were looking for ways to cut expenses; from personnel to rent and yes, even the favored corporate gifts as well as other marketing programs. But now after a few years of adjustments and re-organizing, most companies have found new footing and are ready to get back into growth mode. This means working once again on customer retention and customer acquisition. While the corporate gift may not have appeared to be as critical as paying the rent, it was an important aspect of advertising. Companies are once again ramping up marketing efforts which means getting their name out there, whether it be on a promotional pen, a bag or a mug. read more
Corporate Gift Blog

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