Selecting the Right Corporate Christmas Gift

by , on The Right Corporate Christmas Gift

A well chosen corporate Christmas gift is important in showing appropriate appreciation to your employees, executives, and business clients at year's end. When selecting the right holiday gift, first consider if your business wants to give the same gift to all employees or perhaps something different for managers and high-level executives. Take a close look at your holiday gift budget. Also consider what your co-workers would enjoy. Maybe the women would like something different than the men.

A corporate holiday gift for employees can be just right for everyone. Consider your industry. Here are some examples to get you started. In Education, everyone seems to be carrying around clip boards, books or papers. How could you provide them with a stylish way to cart around all that stuff comfortably? Perhaps a fashion tote bag or padfolio would make the perfect Christmas gift. In Banking, a calculator is a must for every aspect of the business. How about a unique calculator picture frame? It has a fine calculator on one side, and a lovely picture frame and LCD digital clock on the other. Or computer or electronic accessories with your corporate logo proudly displayed.

When thinking about a corporate Christmas gift for executives, recognize that they may be overwhelmed by the fruit cakes and chocolate baskets covering their desks around the holidays. Consider something with a unique flair and something that will be used all year. Perhaps a rollerball executive pen with the world fantastically etched in its barrel. This writing utensil will soon become their favorite, with the weight of solid brass and the beauty of a fancy globe. Or a gift for executive travel, like a fine piece of luggage. When it's the size of a convenient carry on, with all the compartment features of a larger case, they'll thank you every time they breeze past the baggage check in line with everything they need for their trip.

A corporate Christmas gift for clients is a fantastic opportunity to show your appreciation to your customers and business partners. How about something a little different, like an umbrella, something everyone uses but doesn't often replace because they don't think about it until it's already stormy. With your corporate logo imprinted on it, they'll be constantly reminded that you've got their back. Or perhaps a great custom mug or travel mug? Who doesn't have a cup of coffee in the morning? Your executive holiday gift could be in front of them every morning all year long. Consider USB flash drives. No one ever has enough of those, and they're so easy to mail.

Now a word about the ladies. Women often enjoy the same styles and colors as their male counterparts. However, there are some beautiful executive holiday gifts that might only be appropriate for the ladies, so don't forget to consider these. Maybe you've decided to get a fashion tote for every employee. If you had the option of choosing a male and female gift, you could better tailor your corporate Christmas gift to fit their style. It would be even more appreciated. Or perhaps you've decided to get all your executives a great piece of luggage, but you want to add a little something else. You could give red leather luggage tags to the men and yellow tags to the women. Or add something from our bath and body selection for the ladies, and a health and fitness item for the gentlemen.

Let us help you select the perfect corporate Christmas gift. We understand the importance of a well thought out gift. Yet we also understand your time and budget constraints. Here at Blueberry Ink we would be pleased to help you in showing thanks to your employees, executives, and clients.