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Fundraising Ideas: Best Promotional Products to Sell for Your Fundraiser
Fundraising Ideas: Best Promotional Products to Sell for Your Next Fundraiser

There's a great cause and you'd love to raise money for it, but how do you go about doing it successfully? Whether it's raising money for much-needed supplies for families or soldiers, continuing medical research for life-threatening diseases, or keeping programs for children, and even animals, up and running, the right fundraiser, Major Gift Offi Read more

Creating the Best Swag Bags | Swag Bag Ideas
Creating the Ultimate Swag Bags

You've been asked to put together the ultimate swag bag for your upcoming corporate event, Oh no! What comes to your mind is a bag of cheap promotional products that will get tossed the moment they get home. But this is your time to shine. Show them you got this, you're the master of swag. Read more

Reusable Straws for Promotional Products
Why Reusable Straws are the Promotional Product to Spearhead the Protection of Our Environment

It's amazing how something that seems so insignificant may be the catalyst for a major rehab for the way we handle our environmental issues. If you've caught sight of any media releases on your newsfeeds or your favorite news sources, you may have heard that states, such as California and Washington, and major corporations, such as Starbucks and American Airlines, have raged a war on plastic straws. Read more

How to Order the Perfect Custom Corporate Gifts
How to Order the Perfect Custom Corporate Gifts

Apple, Google, Amazon, Coca Cola, Facebook. These companies have dominated their marketing and advertising campaigns, leading them to the top of the list for best global brands. It's why you think of technology and not fruit when you see a sticker of an apple with a small bite out of it or why you see a blue shopping cart with a yellow smirk above it and think of ordering that book you've been wanting to read or buying that novelty tee, and getting them both in two days. Read more

Give a Practical Gift to Clients and Employees
Corporate Gifts Designed to Keep Clients On Track to Success

Remember those resolutions from the end of the year? You know, the ones where you want to get fit, lose weight, become a better person, or travel more in the new year?

If your New Year's Resolution has already fallen by the wayside, you are not alone. January 12 is National Quitters Day, a day when people start losing their resolution motivation. By the 2nd week of February, about 80 percent of people will have already given up and continued with their habits from the previous year. Read more

The Best Budget Promotional Items that Don't Feel Cheap (2018) - Blueberry Ink
The Best Budget-Friendly Promotional Products and How to Use Them Effectively to Market Your Business

Whether you're a small business, a non-profit or a big enterprise, investing in promotional items doesn't need to have a huge impact on your budget. Great promotions are not about big budgets, but big ideas and how you use marketing materials effectively. Low cost does not mean low quality. Using high-quality promotional items ensures that people will keep them longer. However, it's not only an issue of what promotional items you should use, but also which products are more appropriate and effective depending on the occasion in which you use them. The key is finding the right affordable custom items and using them at the right time. Here's how you can save money when it comes to promotional items, but also get the most bang for your buck. Read more

Top 10 Promotional Products for Back to School
Top 10 Promotional Products for Back to School

August brings the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and lined paper as students all across the nation head back to school. Maybe they've taken the summer off or maybe they had to spend a little extra time in the classroom while others were lounging at the beach, but everyone will be restocking supplies for the new school year. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that about 71 million students signed up to attend school from elementary to collegiate levels in the Fall of 2016, and that number is expected to increase in 2017. Read more

How to Leverage Marketing Dollars
Promotional Products:

"A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is. It is what consumers tell each other it is."
- Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, business and financial software specialists

To fully comprehend how effective the use of promotional products truly is within the field of successful brand marketing, we need to assess the power and context of the other (and more traditional) channels of advertising that currently coexist in a world dominated by our socio-digital revolution. Read more

Promotional Products That Work
Promotional Products That Work

In the age of digital advertising and online sales, it is sometimes assumed that giving promotional gifts is an outdated form of advertising. Why would a company spend money on a promotional product when many people are glued to their laptops, smart phones, and tablets viewing online banners, social media posts, and sponsored ads? Read more

Corporate Gifts for a New You
New Year Corporate Gifts

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions and the Promotional Products to Help Keep Them

The start of a new year marks a time of excitement and hope for positive changes and better things headed your way. According to StatisticBrain, 41 percent of Americans make New Year's resolutions, while a mere 9.2 percent actually feel they are successful in achieving them. Why not help drive your clients' personal success by providing them with promotional gifts that will facilitate their goals? Read more

Promotional Products to Pass the Time
Promotional Products to Pass the Time

Did you know that, according to StatisticBrain, about 45% of Americans take a summer vacation and the total number of long distance summer trips made each year between Memorial and Labor day is 657 million, 91% of which are taken in a personal vehicle? That's a lot of time spent with family and friends and your perfect opportunity to provide the gift of privacy with branded headsets, power banks, or chargers to keep those ipods, ipads, and cell phones operating at maximum capacity. Read more

Custom Bath Corporate Gifts
Custom Corporate Bath and Personal

Choose from our wide selection of personal care corporate gifts, such as: First Aid Kits, Medical Products, Mirrors, Lip Balm, Bath and Body or Sun Glass Accessories and Sun Care Products. Put your company logo on those items that are used daily. An outdoor sport event, retreat, or camp can be the perfect time to keep them safe in the sun with products imprinted with your company logo. Read more

Corporate Gift Mints
Mints.. The perfect gift for corporate events

Snack Promotional Items are a welcome break as a give away. Choose from a variety of candy, nuts, mints, chocolates, fortune cookies and popcorn. The custom mints and chocolates are a favorite! The Holidays? Valentine's Day? Think Chocolates with your logo imprinted. Packaged in a variety of containers Blueberry Ink has them ready for your company logo and message. Read more