How to Select the Best Customizable Journals & Notebooks for Your Promotional Needs

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With so many fantastic custom notebooks to choose from, how do you select the right one? Let's take a look at some questions that might help you make the best decision.


What is the budget for your upcoming project? How many will you need? If you need 1,000 and your budget is $3500, you'll need to select a notebook in the $3 to $3.50 range. However, if your budget is higher per unit and you want to go after a prestigious journal then you might opt for the well known Moleskine journals. Whatever your needs, by starting with a budget, you'll be able to make your selection fast and easy. customizable journal budget examples

Art Design Tips

When designing art for a custom notebook here are the things you will want to consider. Is your art single color, several colors, or a 4-color process print? Most often a single color or simple 2 color line art can be used for debossing. Your company logo may be color specific, in which case, you'll need to go with a color imprint. Maybe your logo is not enough. Perhaps you want to express your vision or goals for the year. The imprint area size varies greatly from one notebook to the next so when deciding on the art to be used, first find out what the imprint or deboss area is for the item you have selected. journal art design ideas

Select the Right Style

What is your company all about? What is the event all about? Are you a cutting edge technology company that needs to convey modern and trendy styles? Are you a financial institution like a bank and need to portray your conservative and solid foundation? When choosing your corporate gift, be sure it reflects your company. Along with considering your company image, also consider the recipient of the gift. If it's for a student - it better be cool. If it's a seminar for wealthy seniors - think about the type of notebooks and journals they would appreciate. Are they primarily men, or women, or a mix? Our selection will offer exactly what you're looking for. pick the right style for the right person

Customization Methods

Debossing is our most popular method for applying your logo to a notebook cover. This is the preferred method because it is the most elegant form of customizing... and the most permanent. For debossing we first create a metal die of your logo, and then the die is pressed into the material leaving a lasting impression. This method does not apply a color. To clarify, embossing is raised lettering or logo while debossed is a depression into the material. Embossed notebooks are rare as the industry mainly provides deboss as the personalization method. Other options include a one-color imprint or a multi-color imprint. The final method is a 4-color process imprint which is used when your art is a photograph or other CMYK art file. Customization Methods for Promotional Products.

Keep Your Custom Notebook on Schedule

At our corporate gift company, you'll find a large selection of personalized notebooks that can be shipped with your custom imprinted logo the next business day. So if you're in a hurry, you'll want to limit your choices to our Quick-Ship options. Be sure to allow for shipping time. Most standard orders ship in 5 business days. If you're buying a large number of promotional items, consider planning further ahead so you can order from overseas. With a 120 day lead time and large quantity orders, you can save 30% or more. So, even if you are rushing for a quick turn-around this time, make yourself a note to look ahead for your next event, so you can take advantage of the savings next time.

Case Studies

Let's take a look at a few stories from our clients . . . It was an executive board meeting held just prior to the annual meeting. The financial institution needed a gift that would not only reflect the success of the company but could be shipped quickly. They went with the Premier Leather Large Notebook JJO424, with its classic design, and the Sure-Ship convenience. They were also pleased to find a featured important contacts page and a calendar inside.

Premier Leather Large Notebook

The college event was expected to have 2,000 attendees, but their budget was limited. They went with the economical Spiral Notebook JJO291, with its durable polypropylene cover, lined pages, a pen loop, and bright colors. The students loved it.

Custom Journal Book

The sales team held a meeting to kick off the New Year. They gave each salesperson a case of promotional journals as a gift for their clients. They chose the Recycled Spiral with Pen Set JJO389. It has a great look, includes a pen, and is a great price. On top of that, it's made from recycled materials, and many of their clients are continually searching for eco-friendly products. It was the perfect promotional gift.

Recycled Spiral Pen Set


As we have seen, selecting the right custom notebook is made easy if we follow some simple steps. Start with your budget, so you're not wasting time looking at the wrong ones. Don't look at Ferraris if you're on a Toyota budget. Then consider the art you'll be using to customize your promotional item. After that, consider the style of your company as well as the style of the recipient. Now you've narrowed down the selection. Move on to the schedule, to ensure you have your products on time. Budget, Art, Style, Schedule, that's how to select the best promotional product to meet your needs. But there's one final element. All the work of selecting the right journal or notebook will go to waste if you don't buy from the right corporate gift company. At Blueberry ink, we understand the importance of providing top quality products with your logo just as you need it and of course on time.

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