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Logomark announces the new Perka Squeezable travel mug. Aiming to make it one of this year's best sellers, Logomark has gone full speed ahead with their launch of this innovative twist on the standard travel mug. The Logomark KM6109 is a plastic liner mug with an insulated sleeve that gives you a large imprint area and plenty of bright color options. The Perka set a new standard for Logomark travel mugs, with the liner acting both as an insulator and a stress reliever, the Perka travel mug breaks new ground. The California corporate gift supplier has always been an innovator bringing new products to the industry, so it was no surprise when they brought this beautiful business gift to the table.

The Logomark Perka Stress Mug promises to quickly become a best seller. It's a hot new mug that you'll want to get your hands on as soon as possible. It's hard to describe the Logomark KM6109 Perka with just an image, but let's give it a try. Put a stress ball in your hand. Notice how great it feels. Now close your eyes and imagine smelling and tasting your favorite brew of coffee, piping hot. I think you're getting the picture. Gotta get one. Made from the same material as your stress ball, it's the business gift everyone will be looking for. So why not put your corporate logo on it before your competition.

Some mornings you get up and have a leisurely cup of coffee on your lanai. Don't you love those kinds of mornings? But if you're putting your coffee in a travel mug, you're probably already stressed. Where's your stress ball? Not to worry. It's been replaced with the soft padded sleeve surrounding your favorite coffee. Keep your coffee nice and hot, and rid yourself of stress at the same time. It's a stress ball wrapped around a travel mug. So whether you're stressed or you just need your coffee close at hand, you'll take comfort in your Logomark Perka Stress Mug.

The Perka Squeezable travel mug comes in 12 great colors. Whether you're looking for school colors like red or blue, team colors like orange or green, hot new colors like lime or purple, get noticed colors like yellow or light blue, or that sophisticated office look like silver or black, the variety of choices will meet your needs. From hot pink, to chocolate brown, you can create just the image you want, and the color that really makes your corporate logo stand out.

As a corporate gift, the Logomark Perka has all the right features. It's an attractive item with large imprint space, perfect for displaying your corporate logo in innovative style. It's practical and easy to care for. The sleeve slips off the plastic liner for easy cleaning. It has such a nice feel, you won't want to put it down. Your customers will want to have your logo in their hands all day long - what more could you ask from your corporate gift? It's a gift that will show off your good taste and common sense.

Logomark has been selling travel mugs for years, but this one takes the prize. It's cleverly innovative, stylish, practical, and you can have it for the best price around. Blueberryink brings you the best prices on the new Logomark Perka KM6109.

Still haven't decided? Here's the top ten reasons to go with Logomark Perka. 1) It's destined to be a best seller; everyone is going to want one. When they get theirs, you want YOUR name on it. 2) Creative innovation. It's the latest thing, and it's such a great idea, it's going to be around for a long time. 3) Keeps your coffee piping hot. 4) It's not just a travel mug, it's a stress reliever. Help your customers by giving a gift that will minimize their stress. 5) Comfortable in your hand. They won't want to put it down. 6) Twelve fabulous colors to choose from. Whether you have a style in mind, or you're making it up "as you go", you'll be pleased with the vast selection. 7) It looks great. 8) Easy cleaning. Your recipients will be happy with your gift, because it's not a hassle to care for. 9) Large imprint area. Get your logo out there in a big way. 10) Great price from Blueberryink.com.

What do you get when you cross a stress ball with a travel mug? Your next great corporate gift idea: Logomark KM6109 from Blueberryink.com