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Promotional Product Spotlight: Custom Journals and Notebooks Still Make the Grade
Promotional Product Spotlight:

In a digital world, we often think that pens, paper, and notebooks are being tossed aside for their more electronic counterparts. Why take notes with pen and paper when you can just type them into your tablet or laptop for review at a later time? This may also lead you to believe that opting for custom notebooks or custom journals is ultimately opting for a failed marketing strategy. In reality, the mighty pen and paper combo is as popular now as it has always been because, in this scholarly match-up, pen and paper have science on their side. Read more

Custom Journals Corporate
Custom Corporate Journals

Custom notebooks continue to be on the top of the list when it comes to corporate gifts. They are a practical gift, used daily, to give your company the exposure needed on a daily basis. With so many fantastic custom journals to choose from, how do you select the right one? Let's take a look at some questions that might help you select the right custom journals and notebooks. Read more

Custom Notebooks As A Corporate Gift
Custom Notebooks Making You Look Good

Notebooks have held much of the world's history. Imagine peering into the life of Harry S. Truman, as he shares his thoughts about Hiroshima, frustrations with Congress, and his loneliness, inside his personal notebook. His notebook is a treasured book that is still studied today.

Take a look at our classic Tweed Journal JJO506. Its cover is made from 55% linen and 45% cotton for a beautifully handsome appearance. This custom notebook looks like something even Truman would enjoy. It is accentuated with a front card pocket made of polyurethane but having a leather look. Read more