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Moleskine devotes great care to the quality of their products and this is evident in the hand craftsmanship and industrial production of those products, as well as the suppliers they choose to use for them. Most of Moleskine's products are produced in East and South-East Asia for "the quality of its raw materials, the care, and quality at each step in the production process, and the ability to combine industrial and artisanal methods." The suppliers they use must submit relevant international certifications demonstrating the quality of their environmental, social, and safety performance during the production process in order to be deemed a Moleskine production facility.
What this ensures is the long-lasting and durable finish of Moleskine notebooks in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as hardcover and softcover options. But to choose the right one as your company's corporate gift, you need to decide which one best suits your needs.

Which Moleskine Product is Right for Your Next Marketing Promotion

Customizable Moleskine Notebooks

It's hard to explain why Moleskine became the number one selling notebook until you hold one in your hands. It's as though they were designed with the writer in mind. Perfect for a daily journal, taking notes, or writing ideas for stories, these custom notebooks are made to be a tool to express your thoughts. Discover the new line of leather Moleskine notebooks to add an extra sense of elegance to your note-taking.

Personalized Moleskine Planners

If you still enjoy the fine art of making plans and setting appointments in a planner, then you'll love the practicality and style of a Moleskine planner. These planners come in daily, weekly, or monthly options and will assist you in keeping track of your schedule, meetings, appointments, and deadlines. The great thing about these custom planners is that they will never run out of battery and leave you struggling to find a power source, like your smartphone or digital calendar.

The Variety of Moleskine Products

Moleskine custom notebooks first began as simple, yet efficient, tools for expression. They featured a hard black cover with rounded corners, an elastic closure, and an expandable pocket on the back cover for the organization of loose papers. Writers flocked to them for their durability and ease of use, so Moleskine expanded on their custom notebooks to include size, color, texture, and style for everyone. They also began making planners, sketchbooks, and other products to bring efficiency, durability, and style to other facets of your life.
Moleskine custom book types
Moleskine notebooks and planners come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs, including small notebooks to jot down quick notes during your travel, medium notebooks to take notes or use as a gratitude journal, and large notebooks for bigger projects or a larger quantity of ideas. These notebooks come with different types of paper, such as ruled, grid, blank, dotted, or cahier, as well as hardcover and softcover options. These covers can range from Recycled and Bamboo material to Leather and Aluminum. If color is the distinguishing characteristic of your logo, you can choose the color of notebook that will complement it best, as Moleskine products come in all of the colors of the rainbow, and more. Choose the size, style, color, and texture that best fits your corporate brand and you'll have business gifts that will be the epitome of your company's message of service and quality. Moleskine page types

How to Order a Customized Moleskine Product with Your Logo

A Moleskine notebook and planner customized with a logo can be used as the perfect holiday corporate gift or as a simple thank you gift for clients. With the Moleskine brand complementing your company name and logo, the recipient will know you've given them the best. Once you've chosen the custom notebook you would like to use as a gift, upload your art using our simple instructions. The best format for your personalization is a vector file, like .eps, but we can also work with a .jpg.

Options for personalization of your notebooks start with a high-end deboss or if you need a special color for your logo, a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-color imprint. A debossed logo, which presses the art into the material using a custom die, will allow for your company name and logo to stand out on the hardcover of your Moleskine product, while a color imprint, which applies the logo using art that is screened with ink onto the surface using 1, 2, or 3 colors, will work beautifully for colorful logos on a soft cover custom notebook.

When you gift your clients, employees, or executives with a quality Moleskine product, you are providing them a tool for success. With traditional custom notebooks, you eliminate the distractions provided by electronic devices and allow the focus to be on ideas, goals, and planning.

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