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Why You Should Start Holiday Planning Now
Holiday With Branded Corporate Gifts
We are only at the beginning of November and we're guessing the last thing many of you want to do is start the holiday rush well before you need to start it. If you're nodding your head in agreement and sighing at your future, or even if you are shaking your head because you can't wait to get started on everything jolly, we've got great news! To create and execute an amazing marketing strategy that will have clients knocking on your door to buy your products or utilize your services, the time to start planning is now, but we're going to make it easy for you with promotional gifts that will get potential clients and employees talking about your business.

The goal of any holiday marketing strategy is to gain more business and give thanks to clients that have stuck by you and your brand. That being said, the holidays are busy, so you want to begin executing your marketing strategy early enough so that your business can be at the forefront of their minds ahead of the time they place their holiday orders, and not buried beneath all of their holiday stress. Proper planning will also allow you to adequately create and maintain your budget, which will end up being a win/win for everyone.
Corporate Gifts Don't Have to be a Drag This Holiday Season
Corporate Gifts Don't Have to be a Drag This Holiday Season
Anyone looking through their social media accounts have probably seen the memes showing how many weekends or shopping days are left until the holidays. Some people are grateful for the reminder to get started early on their shopping while others just want to bury their heads in the sand until the shopping mall crowds disperse. We're here to tell you that shopping for custom corporate gifts doesn't have to send you into a state of angst. At Blueberry Ink, we offer a variety of promotional products for executives, clients, and employees so you can choose the best promotional product for your company and provide a corporate gift that won't end up in a drawer even before the holiday has come to a close (think about how many of those are sitting in a dark corner of your desk or drawers at home right now).
It's Never Too Early to Find the Perfect Corporate Gifts for the Holidays
It's Never Too Early to Find the Perfect Corporate Gifts for the Holidays
It may be months before the holidays are officially upon us, but when it comes to finding the best business gifts for your clients, employees, and executives, it's never too soon to start exploring your options. When done right, the perfect holiday gift can not only elevate company morale and show your appreciation to loyal customers, but also advertise your business in an effective and positive way. Before you settle on last-minute holiday gifts, ask yourself a few questions about the type of corporate gifts you want associated with your brand.
Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas
Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas
Show your most-valued clients that you appreciate their business with holiday corporate gifts that will distinguish your brand from the masses. Blueberry Ink's custom logo gifts range from blankets and wine accessories to desk clocks and promotional journals, and everything in between, to ensure you'll give your clients a gift they'll remember.
The Right Corporate Christmas Gift
Selecting the Right Corporate Christmas Gift
A well chosen corporate Christmas gift is important in showing appropriate appreciation to your employees, executives, and business clients at year's end. When selecting the right holiday gift, first consider if your business wants to give the same gift to all employees or perhaps something different for managers and high-level executives. Take a close look at your holiday gift budget. Also consider what your co-workers would enjoy. Maybe the women would like something different than the men.
Twelve Days of Corporate Christmas
The Twelve Days of Corporate Christmas Gifts
On the first day of Christmas my business gave to me a Fashion Tote Bag beautiful to see.

Custom tote bags are one of the most popular promotional items. They make a great corporate Christmas gift because they are so versatile. Used for meetings, or shopping, or a day at the beach, these useful corporate gifts will be appreciated throughout the year.

On the second day of Christmas my business gave to me two Travel Clocks. . .

From the small and trendy to the exceptional quartz, Blueberry offers a good variety of promotional travel clocks. When traveling, people want a clock they can count on. Give a dependable corporate holiday gift.
Corporate Christmas Tree
Under the Corporate Christmas Tree
Who's on your Christmas gift list this year? Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle Bill. As you're planning the perfect gift for everyone on your list, don't forget business gifts for your workplace. Think of all the people who have made this year a success, employees, board members, customers, and your community. Be sure to show your appreciation with well selected corporate Christmas gifts. Perhaps we can help you get started.