Under the Corporate Christmas Tree

Corporate Christmas Tree

Who's on your Christmas gift list this year? Mom, Dad, Grandma, Uncle Bill. As you're planning the perfect gift for everyone on your list, don't forget business gifts for your workplace. Think of all the people who have made this year a success, employees, board members, customers, and your community. Be sure to show your appreciation with well selected corporate Christmas gifts. Perhaps we can help you get started.

Your faithful employees are the first ones you'll want to add to your holiday gift list. What about presenting each of your staff with a beautiful watch or clock this Christmas? With the Hinged Clock & 4x6 Photo Frame WDC589, they could personalize their desk at work with a favorite family photo. Or one of our beautiful corporate gift watches would go with them wherever they go, to remind them what a great year it's been. And don't forget to include the sometimes forgotten members of your staff, like your cleaning crew, or your parking attendants. Let them know they are an important part of your team by including them in your holiday gift list.

Perhaps you've always given corporate Christmas gifts that your staff used only at work. What about giving them something they can enjoy outside of work. A duffel bag, a CD holder, or a promotional cooler. The California Innovations 24-Can Cooler BCO314 is big enough to hold 24 cans of soda. But it folds flat to store. It's a cool promotional gift for the whole family. Or what about a promotional gift jacket or casual shirt to enjoy with their next round of golf.

Especially if couples are invited to your holiday office party, why not give a corporate Christmas gift for their home? Check out our houseware section at BlueberryInk.com. Everyone would appreciate the Executive Cutlery IWA225 in their home. It's beautifully displayed in a mahogany wooden box. Or provide promotional gift wine glasses they would use at dinner, and take home as a memento of the great time they had.

Your board members will need to be at the top of your holiday gift list as well. The last board meeting of the year, why not serve them coffee in a beautifully imprinted corporate gift mug. The selection of styles, sizes and colors at BlueberryInk.com will give you the perfect look for your important meeting. And maybe you'll also want to present them with an elegant executive gift pen, like the Ballpoint Pen PBP1082. It's an amazing pen. They'll appreciate the high quality, with the Greek inspired trim, and perfect size, weight, and feel. A well thought out corporate holiday gift will prepare them for the New Year ahead, as well as remind them of the past year with fondness.

Your corporate Christmas gift list would not be complete without including your customers who made it all possible to have a super year. Have you thought about including a promotional gift pen or USB flash drive with your Christmas cards this year? Or consider a holiday giveaway. Give a promotional item along with each purchase in the month of December. Perhaps a promotional tote bag for all their Christmas shopping. A corporate holiday gift is a great way to say 'thanks for a great year'.

Sales Reps could bring a wrapped corporate Christmas gift to all their customers. Perhaps our Glass & Steel Vessel DSP355 filled with red and green candy. It's simple, elegant and extremely versatile. Your customers will forget you're a sales rep for a minute, and just think of you as a thoughtful friend, as they open up their surprise. And you'll want to select an extraordinary business gift for your top customers. The Alicia Klein Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case QCC318 is the epitome of corporate fashion. It's the perfect organizational tool for your business trips, whether you're going out of the country or just down the hall. Its laptop compartment unzips, to lay flat for ease at security checkpoints. This promotional bag would make the perfect corporate holiday gift.

Maybe your Sales Reps will want to start a new tradition in the New Year. Every time they visit their clients, they could bring a gift. Like a USB Flash Drive EUS188. It's the perfect corporate promotional gift because they're so small and easy to carry with you, and your customers can never have too many. They will look forward to your visits every time, as they anticipate this useful business gift.

Christmas is also a time of generosity, reaching out to needs in the community. What about corporate holiday gifts for your favorite charity? Maybe they're having a special Christmas craft show or something else to raise money. You could provide special give aways or prizes for them. Your promotional gifts would help them meet needs in your community, and would align your company name with their good cause.

So, what's going to be under your corporate Christmas tree this year? Shower them all, your employees, board members, customers, and your community, with corporate holiday gifts and they'll be happily looking forward to a New Year of doing business with you.