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Bettoni Cosimo LS3300
Bettoni Cosimo LS3300 & LS3350

From the Bettoni Executive Writing Collection the Cosimo offers you the world at your fingertips. Whether you choose the cap off rollerball Logomark LS3350 or the twist action ballpoint Logomark LS3300, the results are stunning. The high gloss black lacquer provides the perfect backdrop. The shiny chrome lines are reminiscent of an elegant globe. The continents are flawlessly portrayed in shiny chrome and labeled in black. The polished appeal is maintained with exquisite chrome accents. Your corporate logo is engraved with the same perfect shine over its glossy black background. Read more

Bettoni Collection Design
Bettoni By Design

The Best of Bettoni Pens

Most pens start with an assumption of design, a standard mold if you will. To break that mold can be difficult as the modern pen has been around for decades. But when the Logomark innovators began working on their Bettoni collection, they knew they had to take a non-traditional approach. Don't start with what you know, rather start with an unrelated idea. Say a curve. A graceful arch with a pointed toe? You can't do that, can you? Have you seen the collection? In every way, these pens are a visual magnet drawing you to admire their artistic bent. Read more

Bettoni Pens
Bettoni Pens by Logomark

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Looking for an exquisite executive gift pen?

The Bettoni Collection from Logomark has elegant style and beauty in each and every one of their fantastically designed executive writing instruments. The weight and feel is exemplary. You'll find a unique custom pen that is sure to impress that important executive. Read more