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Drinkware gifts for Work From Home Employees

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One remnant of the old office is the need to have your coffee, tea, or water by your side as you plow through the day. A promo tumbler, printed mug, or logo bottle can be a great token of appreciation to your employees working remotely and a solid reminder that they are a member of your team. Let's scroll down and make you the best boss by choosing the ideal custom tumblers for your remote employees.

How can Drinkware Encourage Team Work for your Employees working from home?

2020 will go in history as one of the most challenging years for the current workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the workspace environment to our homes, and our ability to maintain work-life balance has been much more difficult. Our challenge now to find ways for people to thrive in their makeshift offices, find purpose in their work, and feel appreciated while they do it.

How to Find the Best Drinkware Option for Your Work from Home Team

A travel mug was the easiest choice when folks had to commute. When you start considering your options now, it is easy to get overwhelmed. To present you with an easier selection process we have created a simple checklist for you.
To create the ideal team member tumbler, let us narrow it down by focusing on the types of materials, colors, design, properties, size, and customization options.

Your Checklist should look something like this:

Drinkware Check List

1. Budget

Budget Ideas for Employee Bottles How much will you be spending on each option? Maybe it's $5, $10, $20, or over $30, the important thing is to start with a budget and stick to it.
Choose the number of items depending on the number of people. Keep in mind that the best number of items for your team is the actual number plus 5-10% extra. If you are purchasing for an event the same rule applies.

2. Types of materials

Best Materials for your Custom Drinkware Not all drinkware is made the same. We aim to find and feature only the best materials in traditional, environmental and innovative categories. Traditional materials include stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, copper, glass, and ceramic. In the Eco-friendly materials category, we have bamboo fiber while carbon fiber is one of the most innovative materials today.

Personalized 12 oz Coffee Mug 20 oz Travel Tumblers Giant Insulated Tumbler Customized Bamboo Fiber with Stainless Steel Tumbler Single-wall Glass Tumblers Personalized Ceramic Tumbler

3. Size(in oz):

Promotional Tumbler Sizes Finding the appropriate size of your drinkware item is crucial. Will this tumbler be used in the office, on the go, in the car or does it need to be versatile? We offer a variety of sizes listed in the chart above.

4. Design:

Top Features of Drinkware Gifts When it comes down to your selection, no other feature is as important as the design. You might consider whether the tumbler is double insulated, with or without a handle, does it contain an infuser, and does it require a straw. You might be looking into a specific lid design such as the double lid, spill proof lid, flip-top lid, push-on lid, or a simple push button lid. Also keep in mind the actual shape of the drinkware will determine first impressions. Will it be slim, tumbler, cup, jar, mug or an entirely unique shape?

Non Sweat Promo Tumbler Promotional Business Mug Imprinted Travel Tumbler Customizable Combo Tumbler Everyday Wheat Straw Fiber Cup with Straw Promotional 17oz Tumbler
30 oz. Stainless Steel Customizable Bottle Imprinted Tumbler Personalized Copper Vacuum Tumbler Custom 20.9 oz Bottle Sleek double-wall Acrylic Tumbler At Home Custom Copper Cups

5. Properties & Features

Best Custom Tumbler Properties How long do you need your drinks to remain cold or hot for may be the most important property in a tumbler. Drinkware constructed of double wall stainless steel with copper insulation provides the longest time in maintaining the temperature.

6 Hours Hot Tumbler

6. Colors

Best Personalized Tumbler Colors When choosing the color of drinkware for your custom tumbler, consider your company logo or artwork you wish to add. Your brand might best be presented on a solid color tumbler, or one with a color accent, or perhaps on the classic stainless piece, which will be in style forever.

Personalized Colorful Tumbler Metallic Finish Gift Mugs Travel Mugs with Accent Colors

7. Customization

Top Tumbler Personalization options When it comes to the premise of how to make this particular mug/tumbler/bottle yours, the customization options are almost endless. Laser engraving seems to be the most popular choice as it is long-lasting and it adds subtle branding. If you are more into a colorful design, we can help your drinkware pop with the imprint method in any color and as many colors you prefer. Some drinkware items even offer full color imprint. You can read more about our decoration methods here.

Promo Engraved Drinkware One Color Personalized Ceramic Tumbler 2 Color Copper Drinkware 3 Color Double Wall Drinkware

8. Add Ons

A perfect employee gift would not be complete without some drinkware accessories. Custom bottle opener, promo coasters and straws are a superb complementary gits.

Bottle Openers

Personalized Bottle Opener Custom Bottle Opener Branded Bottle Opener


Custom Coaster Elegant Customizable Coaster Sustainable Coaster


Eco-Friendly Branded Straw Environment-friendly Custom Straws Recyclable Promo Straws

Order Options

Drinkware Order Options
If you are in the late phase of planning and are in need of some promo items ASAP please check out our RUSH options.
In case that you need to get the best value and are more budget conscientious consider some items with FREE SETUP or that are ON SALE.
Check out the minimum quantity options if you are looking to send to smaller teams.

Ideas for Your Employees

Whether the members of your team are hip coffee lovers in need of a travel mug, fitness junkies searching for stainless steel tumblers, late-night office dwellers who must have a keep hot custom coffee mug or environment warriors with eco-friendly tumblers, we have options for all of them and a vast selection of versatile tumblers.

Drinkware Idea Set #1: Coffee Lovers

Leak Proof Coffee Tumbler Best Coffee Drink Coaster

Drinkware Idea Set #2: Fitness Junkies

Custom Protein Shake or Water Tumbler Best Promo Workout Drink Coaster Workout Straw Set

Drinkware Idea Set #3: Office Dwellers

24 Hour All Day in Office Tumbler Personalized Office Drink Coaster Branded Office Straw Set

Drinkware Idea Set #4: Environment Warriors

Climate Friendly Custom Coaster Elegant Promo Bamboo Tumbler Personalized Eco-Friendly Stretch Straws

Drinkware Idea Set #5: Wine Enthusiast

Custom Wine Insulated Cup Elegant Customizable Coaster Branded Wine Cork Opener
Find more great Wine gifts here.

History of Drinkware

Did you know that the first glass drinkware piece was made around 5000 years ago in Western Asia and they were utilized for centuries as a gift token of appreciation to important people and royalty? Not much has changed. Your drinking vessel is an offering, a witness to a conversation, a vow, or a partner in celebrations. Here, at Blueberry Ink, we strive to pair you with the best options that suit your brand, team, and marketing goals.


Although we pride ourselves in all of the products we carry, certain brands such as Welly and Pelican have a history of craftsmanship, product innovation and design beauty that we have to showcase. Our DTR1205 is an absolutely stunning corporate gift while DTR1197 is the ultimate road-trip partner. Contact us today for more information.

Elegant Customizable Coaster Branded Wine Cork Opener

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