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Give the Gift of Longevity to Clients and Employees

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Remember those resolutions from the end of the year? You know, the ones where you want to get fit, lose weight, become a better person, or travel more in the new year?

If your New Year's Resolution has already fallen by the wayside, you are not alone. January 12 is National Quitters Day, a day when people start losing their resolution motivation. By the 2nd week of February, about 80 percent of people will have already given up and continued with their habits from the previous year.

So how does this affect your business?

The best corporate gifts are the ones that clients, employees, and executives like to use; business gifts that are practical, stylish, and just make their lives a bit easier. With these resolution statistics in hand, your promotional products marketing campaign can provide the tools your recipients need to motivate themselves and achieve their goals while thanking your business for the extra nudge in the right direction. Here are the top New Year's Resolutions for 2018 from a Marist College in New York poll and the promotional items that will help achieve them.

Promotional Products to Help Be a Better Person

Out of everyone polled for their New Year's resolution, 12 percent of people said they wanted to be a better person in 2018. This resolution can mean many things, but it all boils down to self-improvement. Getting involved, seeing things from a different perspective, helping others, being thankful, being positive, and being respectful all contribute to being a better person overall. Our top promotional product to achieve this resolution is one of our Quilt Stitch Custom Journals. This custom journal features 100 lined pages with eight motivational sayings on the bottom of every page and a pocket on the back inside cover. Professionals in various fields celebrate journaling as a way to put things in perspective, help find inspiration, help plan for the future, allow people to let go of the past, and learn more about who they are.

Another way people can work at being better is taking some time to themselves and relieving the stress in their lives. Stress can affect your body, thoughts and feelings, and your behavior, and not in a positive way. Encourage clients and employees to take some time for themselves by providing them with a Wheeled Picnic Bag for a family lunch in the park, a Spa Robe and Gift Set to ease tension, or any of our Stress Reliever Toys to take the edge off during the day.

Corporate Gifts to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

This resolution shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but 12 percent of people that made New Year's resolutions want to lose weight and seven percent want to improve their overall health. Our favorite corporate gift to achieve those goals is the Everlast Activity Tracker/Sleep & Heartrate Monitor, which tracks the wearer's calories burned, distance, activity time, daily goal percentage, and much more. It even lets the wearer set an activity alarm to ensure they're exercising every day. If you offer this item as branded employee gifts, consider hosting a fitness competition or wellness program to boost activity, encourage communication among employees, and increase company morale through awards and recognition.

Other branded health and wellness gifts to boost fitness levels are yoga mats, exercise sets, jump ropes, and custom bags for sports.

Business Gifts to Get a Better Job

Out of the people polled, nine percent want to find a better job, but that doesn't always mean a new employer. Helping executives and employees reach their full potential in a positive and collaborative environment will allow them job satisfaction and make their job better. Leather padfolios, custom journals and custom notebooks, business bags, technology accessories, and many more corporate gifts can get the job done. You can also support your clients and employees by providing them with specific custom corporate gifts for their field, including tools, tape measures, or any promotional product that will assist them in fulfilling their job duties.

Promotional Gifts to Make Traveling a Breeze

Nothing says you should travel like new luggage, luggage tags, or a passport holder. For those planners whose New Year's resolution is to get out and see the world, or just visit anywhere other than where they live, a customized luggage set just may be the reminder they need to hit the road. Our custom bags section has wheeled luggage, garment bags, organizer pouches, and carry-on luggage to fulfill any promotional travel needs.

If lack of funds is what's stopping your clients and employees from traveling, another great business gift to ensure they focus on fulfilling their resolution is a desktop bank that will remind them that every penny can make the difference between staying at home and seeing the world. This promotional product also helps the 6 percent of participants that resolved to spend less and save more in the new year.

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