How to Order the Perfect Custom Corporate Gifts

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Apple, Google, Amazon, Coca Cola, Facebook. These companies have dominated their marketing and advertising campaigns, leading them to the top of the list for best global brands. It's why you think of technology and not fruit when you see a sticker of an apple with a small bite out of it or why you see a blue shopping cart with a yellow smirk above it and think of ordering that book you've been wanting to read or buying that novelty tee, and getting them both in two days.

It's all about branding. Branding is one of the key steps in promoting a product or service and maybe even becoming a household name, like Scotch Tape, Kleenex, or Chapstick. It's your way of making your product or service recognizable and getting that phone to ring with more orders or appointments. Branded corporate gifts facilitate that brand recognition in marketing campaigns and are a popular choice to get your brand noticed.

Studies by the British Promotional Merchandise Association have even shown a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and an improvement in brand recognition and an increase in sales. Business gifts, like custom notebooks and custom journals, leather padfolios, and many other promotional products for clients, executives, and employees, fall into this strategy, but you have to choose the right promotional gifts to make your company stand out. At Blueberry Ink, we strive to enhance the quality and service associated with your business by providing exceptional corporate gifts and promotional products with expert placement of your company name and logo for maximum brand recognition. We also make ordering your promotional products easy with detailed instant quotes and online ordering, as well as friendly customer service representatives on-hand to answer your questions or help you find the right corporate gift. Just follow these simple steps to brand awareness success:

Step One: Finding the Right Promotional Product

Promotional products should be practical and stylish to increase the chances of them being available or on display every time the recipient decides to use it. Knowing your target market will be useful in determining the ideal gifts with logo for your campaign. If your clients like to make their business decisions after an afternoon on the golf course, any of our golf accessories and golf bags will be a great choice. If your executives are the techie types, branded computer bags or laptop bags, backpacks , or custom power banks or chargers make excellent executive gifts.

Step Two: Decide on the Quantity of Promotional Gifts

The quantity of promotional gifts ordered depends entirely on the size of your marketing campaign. If you're ordering promotional items for a specific event, consider the number of attendees you've welcomed in previous years. If this is an event hosted by an organization, inquire as to the expected number of guests so you can order accordingly. You should also take into account any other events that you will attend for the entire year. The more promotional products ordered, the more cost effective they will be so it makes sense to order all of the promotional products to cover all of your events at one time.

Step Three: Choose Your Preference for Logo Application

Blueberry Ink ensures your success by insisting on the highest quality application of your corporate name and logo on every product we offer, whether it be custom imprinted, debossed, embroidered, or laser engraved. You can learn about the Art Files and methods used and choose the one that best suits your custom logo gifts from the methods specified for those products.

Step Four: Provide Art Files for Your Branded Corporate Gifts

Once you've decided on the promotional products, quantity, and placement method for your corporate gifts, just submit your art files to Blueberry Ink and we'll do the rest. Our Corporate Gift Art Guide will help you prepare your files, but our customer service representatives are readily available to assist you in preparing and submitting your art files as well for easy ordering.

With Blueberry Ink's branded corporate gifts, a detailed marketing strategy, and a professional team on your side, you'll begin seeing an increase in your company's brand recognition and a likely correlating increase in sales.

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