Finding the Ideal Budget for Promotional Products

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Ideal Budget for Promotional Products

If you're like many companies, the new year signifies a time to solidify your budget estimates and make the most of a fresh start in your marketing strategies. You've calculated profit from sales, reviewed previous successes and failures, and planned for product launches or service additions for the new year. This may seem like a lot of work, but planning ahead for your annual marketing strategy can not only save you money in the long run, but can also allow you to make the money your company needs to grow and succeed.

Promotional items and business gifts can sometimes be forgotten in the midst of budgeting for a new print campaign or setting aside funds for your SEM (search engine marketing). That being said, finding a place for these giveaways is important because not only are they a necessary tool for event marketing, but they can also tip the scales of your budget if not properly planned for.

What Role Should Promotional Products Play in Your Marketing Strategy?

Promotional products can serve as a branding tool for your business and as an add-on attraction to your attendance or presentation at trade shows or events. When adequately chosen, they ensure that potential clients will remember you and have access to your contact information when they need your products or services. When budgeting for these specific strategies, include the cost of promotional items to the event fees, accommodations, and other trade show- and event-specific line items.

Companies should also find a place for promotional products in their employee recognition programs. Giving away custom logo gifts to your employees is a great way to make them brand ambassadors for your company and will increase your brand's reach with every employee that proudly displays your company name and logo on leather padfolios, custom journals, custom umbrellas, or any other gifts with logo.

How Much Should You Spend on Custom Corporate Gifts?

The amount of money you should budget for promotional items and corporate gifts can be a little tricky. An article by Entrepreneur suggests that businesses with less than 5 years of experience should use 12 to 20 percent of their revenue for marketing, with more established companies using 6 to 12 percent. This is a great place to start, but if you are an established company, then you should also consider tweaking your budget depending on the success of previous events. If a trade show provided a tremendous return on investment (ROI), then consider spending a little more money on that event and reducing the budget for a different event that may not have been as successful. Reviewing these events can really make an impact on your ROI for the next year, and could put those trade show giveaways to great use.

Can I Buy My Promotional Items Anywhere?

The quick answer to this question is yes and no. Just because you can buy promotional products and corporate gifts from a growing number of websites, doesn't mean you should. A company's experience and reputation should carry weight in the decision of where you'll be spending your budgeted funds. Your clients know quality when they see it and if you buy low-quality items from a company hasn't been in business very long and doesn't have the knowledge necessary to choose their products wisely, your corporate gifts will show it. Blueberry Ink has been supplying clients with high quality business gifts for nearly 20 years and we stand by the products chosen by our experienced buyers. We carry more than 4,000 promotional items and each one has been hand-selected to offer you style, durability, and practicality, which in turn adds value to your marketing campaign.

Now that you've properly planned your promotional products budget and are ready to kick up your brand recognition, consider Blueberry Ink as your corporate gift specialists. We've helped deliver the best corporate gifts designed and created with quality in mind, but it's more than just the quality of our promotional products that sets us apart; Blueberry Ink also ensures your success by insisting on the highest quality application of your corporate name and logo on every product we offer, whether it be custom imprinted, debossed, or laser engraved.

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