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Custom Journals and Notebooks Still Make the Grade

by , on Promotional Product Spotlight: Custom Journals and Notebooks Still Make the Grade

In a digital world, we often think that pens, paper, and notebooks are being tossed aside for their more electronic counterparts. Why take notes with pen and paper when you can just type them into your tablet or laptop for review at a later time? This may also lead you to believe that opting for custom notebooks or custom journals is ultimately opting for a failed marketing strategy. In reality, the mighty pen and paper combo is as popular now as it has always been because, in this scholarly match-up, pen and paper have science on their side.

Studies have shown that students who take notes in longhand have a greater retention of conceptual information than students who take notes on their computer. As it turns out, even though taking notes electronically allows you to increase the number of notes taken, it also limits the processing of that information because students tend to just transcribe lectures verbatim. Students that take notes in longhand are able to process the information and reframe it in their own words, building on their ability to learn because both the spatial and verbal portions of their brain are working together to interpret the information.

Of course, this psychological explanation of why taking notes on paper is more beneficial than taking notes on an electronic counterpart goes beyond the school system. When we write things down, our brains are working on formulating and analyzing our thoughts in order to get them down on paper and we have the ability to quickly review past notes and ideas without having to search through our computer. This small adjustment in accessing previous notes allows us to build upon our thoughts and ideas, an especially useful ability when working towards a promotion or trying to come up with the next great big thing.

So, what does this have to do with ensuring your promotional products campaign is a success? Promotional items and branded corporate gifts are only successful if your executives, employees, or prospective clients find them to be useful, relevant to your brand, and a good representation of your company. A high quality and stylish promotional product or corporate gift will take care of the two latter points, but finding a useful product is where Blueberry Ink's custom notebooks and custom journals come in. From exquisite leather to economy vinyl or paper, our custom notebooks and journals come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors so you can choose the one that best suits your brand and budget.

Want to breed creativity? Take a look at our 4-color process notebooks which allow you to utilize all of the graphics or photographs used in your marketing campaign to create a vibrant and colorful tool for your business or event.

Want a notebook for the more discerning professional? Our deboss notebooks will make a lasting impression with your clients or employees thanks to their executive style and prime durability.

Want your clients to be able to write down notes or thoughts wherever they go? Check out our small notebooks perfect for carrying around in pockets or purses.

Once you choose your notebook, our team will expertly deboss or imprint your company logo or custom art design right on the cover. We even have notebooks available with a mega size deboss so your company name, logo, and slogan can cover the entire face of the journals. Once your shipment arrives, you can begin utilizing these promotional gifts to your advantage at upcoming meetings, events, conferences, seminars, or trade shows. By handing out your promotional items at these particular events, you're enabling team members and prospective clients to begin using these products immediately, thus increasing your company's chances of being noticed.

Drive your clients, and your company, to success by providing them with the tools they need to jot down all of the notes and ideas for a life-changing project. Contact us to place your order or to learn more about our custom notebooks and journals.

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