Promotional Pens for Your Campaign

Knowing The Difference Between Pens

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Not all promotional pens are created equal and knowing the difference between pens you use as trade show giveaways and pens you gift to the executives on your team can make or break your campaign. Even knowing the type of ink, ink color options, and styles of pens available will determine which promotional pen will better suit your clientele. Let's delve into the various writing tools offered as promotional products for your marketing needs.

Ballpoint Pens as Everyday Promotional Items

Ballpoint pens are the world's most common writing instruments, brought to the market as a cleaner and more reliable alternative to dip pens and fountain pens. This type of pen utilizes a metal ball at the tip so that the oil-based ink inside can roll over the ball and allow you to glide the pen over the paper. Since all ballpoint pens feature thicker oil-based ink, less ink is used to write, allowing the ink in the pen to last longer, and the ink also dries faster so there is less smudging on the paper. The downside to oil-based is that it can also clump when not enough pressure is applied to the paper.

Ballpoint pens come in a large variety of styles, colors, and price points, from your standard plastic, disposable ballpoint pens with a cap to cover the tip (perfect for trade show giveaways or large events) to your brass ballpoint pens (great to include as part of welcome gifts for clients or as everyday pens for employees). Executive gifts will also benefit from a higher-end ballpoint pen that features a twist-action mechanism for displaying the tip of the pen, premium ink, and sleek and slim designs.

Rollerball Pens for Ease of Writing

Rollerball pens are almost identical to ballpoint pens, except that rollerball pens use water-based ink or gel-based ink instead of oil-based inks. This eliminates the clumping aspect of a standard ballpoint pen, since the water-based and gel-based ink is thinner, but it also allows for the possibility of some smudging and smearing since thinner ink allows more ink-flow (not as big of a problem with gel-based ink since that is slightly thicker than water-based ink). The thinner ink of rollerball pens also means you will run out of ink faster, but the more fluid writing requires less pressure on the paper, increases the ease of writing, and results in a darker ink. These characteristics make rollerball pens especially useful for executives, clients, and employees that tend to write for long periods of time.

Rollerball pens come with retractable and twist-action mechanisms, but the thinner ink makes leakage a possibility best avoided if your clients tend to carry them in their pockets. We recommend roller ball pens with caps on the end to eliminate the possibility of ink leaks (unless the client leaves the cap off of the pen).

Pens and Highlighters for Combined Efforts

Whether your clients are preparing data for reports, editing manuscripts for publication, or just highlighting signature lines for clients to sign, promotional pen and highlighter combinations can be the one tool they may not be able to live without. These combinations include a promotional pen on one end and a highlighter marker on the other, allowing for a quick flip of the wrist when switching between writing and highlighting.
If your clients prefer two tools to one, you can create a practical corporate gift that includes a classic ballpoint pen and a highlighter, or even a set of highlighters for multiple color options

Stylus Pens as Add-Ons for the Tech Savvy

Client and employees that work with smart phones or tablets on a daily basis will appreciate multi-function pens that allow them to switch from writing to gliding across the screen in one simple step. Opt for a promotional pen with a cap on the end and all your client will have to do is flip the pen to reach the side with the stylus. Purchase a retractable pen and stylus combination, and a click of the pen will retract the ballpoint and leave the stylus tip available for use.
Pen and stylus combinations come in ballpoint or rollerball designs ranging from your basic click pen and stylus to premium quality promotional pens with a magnetic pull-off cap and a metallic mesh capacitive stylus.

Promotional Pencils for a Niche Market

Maybe your marketing campaign doesn't call for pens at all. Students, artists, carpenters, and mathematicians alike all benefit from reliable and erasable promotional pencils to get them through the day. Whether you are supplying them with traditional #2 pencils to ace that test or a sleeker mechanical pencil that provides thinner lead for those smooth accent lines on your latest art piece, promotional pencils are all still customizable to increase brand recognition and provide a budget-friendly promotional product.
Contact us to find the perfect writing tool to use as a stand-alone promotional product or to combine with other custom logo gifts (like our premium padfolios and journals) for a complete corporate gifts package.

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