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Custom Notebooks Making You Look Good

by , on Custom Notebooks As A Corporate Gift

Notebooks have held much of the world's history. Imagine peering into the life of Harry S. Truman, as he shares his thoughts about Hiroshima, frustrations with Congress, and his loneliness, inside his personal notebook. His notebook is a treasured book that is still studied today.

Take a look at our classic Tweed Journal JJO506. Its cover is made from 55% linen and 45% cotton for a beautifully handsome appearance. This custom notebook looks like something even Truman would enjoy. It is accentuated with a front card pocket made of polyurethane but having a leather look. Its decorative stitching and matching ribbon bookmark put the finishing touches on this elegant book. It has 70 white lined sheets to keep your ideas flowing. The perfectly bound notebook is so beautiful, when it's not in your hands, it will be on your bookshelf for years to come protecting your precious writings.

Do you have a piece of paper? What if, every time someone asked you this, you gave them a custom notebook with your business logo, keeping your company name in front of them? It's a great promotional item.

Corporate and School Custom Notebooks

Whether you're in a school setting or a business setting, notebooks are used every day. When you attend a conference or training seminar, you need a place to keep up with those important notes. Why not offer your promotional notebooks wherever notebooks are used in your corporation.

When you're training a new employee, there's no better way to say "you're on the team" than to hand them a personalized notebook to take notes. It also says, we're not only going to give you what you need to accomplish your new assignment, but we're going to do it with excellence. It's so much better than just handing them a piece of paper.

Warm Up A New Client with a Custom Notebook

When you meet a new client, you of course will give him your business card. But what if you give it to him inside a custom notebook, where he can take notes on your meeting. The chances are, he'll keep the notes of your meeting in that notebook, and continue to use it. Continually being reminded, not only of your generosity in giving that corporate gift, but also reminded of your business through the custom imprinted logo on the custom notebook.

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