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The Best of Bettoni Pens

Most pens start with an assumption of design, a standard mold if you will. To break that mold can be difficult as the modern pen has been around for decades. But when the Logomark innovators began working on their Bettoni collection, they knew they had to take a non-traditional approach. Don't start with what you know, rather start with an unrelated idea. Say a curve. A graceful arch with a pointed toe? You can't do that, can you? Have you seen the collection? In every way, these pens are a visual magnet drawing you to admire their artistic bent.

Reminiscent of mechanical drawings, almost like an optical illusion, the Valerio by Bettoni bends the lines. Look at it straight and there is no curve, but turn this corporate gift pen in your hands and the lines arch outwards. The elegant Bellino, with its tapered design, has a unique shapely look, and comes in three stunning colors. You'll feel like the Levante was custom made to fit in your hand, with its ergonomic design. You won't want to let it go.

Bettoni LS3550

A spinning globe inspired several designs of this Logomark collection. A world map delicately engraved around the barrel of the pen inspires one to dream while they write. The Etched World Map Barrel offers the rustic look, while the Cosimo gives the polished appeal. The world is yours with these stunning corporate gifts.
Bettoni LS8350

Leather is a favorite in the Bettoni collection with numerous pens wrapped in genuine leather. The Avante is reminiscent of the leather interior of a classic car, in four classic colors, and even a keyring to match. The Sentavo ballpoint and rollerball set has a captivating leather crocodile finish, and comes with a matching case.

Nature gives us some of the most beautiful materials. Black Onyx and Mother of Pearl is artistically displayed in the Provano. Your corporate logo with become part of this exquisite piece, laser engraved on a sleek black cap. Be cautious with the Bettoni Donato, with its abalone shell inlayed with a diamond design. You may fall into a hypnotic state. You'll sparkle like fine jewelry when you hold the L'Amore, with its Swarovski crystal imbedded in the clip.

Bettoni LS1100

The most masculine Logomark pens from Bettoni have to be the carbon fiber or braided steal. The rev of the engine, the scent of burning fuel, ah the Vestini, featuring a carbon fiber barrel and chrome accents. Or the Grenado, that accentuates the weave of the carbon fiber barrel. And while you're thinking of your auto, you may as well take a look at the coordinated carbon fiber insert keyring. The Armour executive pen, worthy of nobility and the knights, was inspired by armor. Its woven steel barrel makes a strong statement.

Architecture from around the world could have been the inspiration for these Bettoni favorites. Made of highly polished brass, the Acropolis displays a classical Grecian design. The detail in this ballpoint pen is exceptional. The Monsignor shows a grand high gloss marble design with black lacquer finish and chrome accents, like you're stepping into a grand entrance. The Giulio provides an interesting marble barrel cut resin checkered motif. Looking as if it were hand painted, the Lucia has an anodized finish. You can almost see the brush strokes.

You'll feel as if you're walking through an art gallery when you browse the Logomark collection of Bettoni executive pens. Take your time. Savor the rich detail in every executive gift. Then, when you've found the perfect pen for your exquisite taste, picture your corporate logo grandly engraved. It truly is a work of art.

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