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Using the Leeds 1660-05 to Promote your Business.

by , on Leed's 1660-05 Promotes Your Business

USB flash drives like the Leeds Rotate Flash Drive1660-04 and 1660-05 hit the promotional products market about four years ago. It was the perfect promotional item. Everyone wanted one and they were affordable as a promotional giveaway. What more could one ask for in a promotional item? And of course there was room for your logo to be imprinted or engraved. When the Leeds 1GB 1660-06 came out, it was instantly a top seller.

Promotional Flash Drives are great for moving large files from one computer or laptop to another. It's also a convenient way to carry around your files or share them with a co-worker. People of all ages are asking for USB Memory. Kids need them for homework assignments. Grandparents need them to get all those pictures of the grandkids uploaded to take home. And every office is using them to easily transfer information from one piece of equipment to another. Since everyone is using them, it makes sense to have custom engraved or imprinted flash drives on hand.

Like the pen, which is a great promotional item because everyone uses them, the memory sticks are a perfect way to promote your business. Drives like the Leeds Rotate Flash Drive can be loaded with files and given to conference attendees or simply given out with no data as people always like to have a spare drive with them. The Leeds 1660-06 is a great choice.

Company's find many different uses for them as a promotional item. Sales reps can leave them with clients with their presentation loaded. They can be given out at conferences, to take home those important charts and images. They can be easily mailed as a promotion, because of their small size and weight. Schools can give them out to students loaded with information, or to copy homework onto them. Or companies, who focus on marketing to young families, can give them to parents, because now, you'll find USB flash drives on the school supplies list. And with all the color choices now, your custom engraved flash drives will be the talk of the town.

Today Leeds Rotate Flash Drives come in a variety of memory sizes including Leeds 256MB 1660-04 Leeds 512MB 1660-05 Leeds 1GB 1660-06 Leeds 2GB 1690-48 Leeds 4GB 1690-49 Leeds 8GB 1690-53

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