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Leed's Padfolios Continue to be the Brand of Choice

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Leed's history

The Leed's padfolio has become the brand of choice for thousands of businesses for their promotional items needs. But where did the Leed's brand come from? Where did it start?

Bruce Weiner and Tom Bernstein began as an importer of leather business goods which focused on the retail market in 1986. They sold their products in luggage and specialty stores as well as national chains, carving out a strong niche in the corporate gifts market. As the business grew, they branched out with additional materials. They added durahyde, nylon and polycanvas. In 1992 Leed's Leather Products got into the promotional products industry, and changed its name to Leed's Business Accessories. Just 6 years later, 99% of their sales were coming from promotional products. So they got out of the retail business, to become one of the most successful promotional product suppliers in the industry. By 2000 they had renamed their company Leed's. As they became known as the fastest growing suppliers in the business, new opportunities became available with well-known companies. They were able to offer Littlearth products, known for their eco-conscious designs; ICON products, from Canada; as well as Cutter & Buck, still well known as a retail favorite. Leeds began to offer popular retail products only to the promotional products industry. What Bruce Weiner and Tom Bernstein started more than 25 years ago continues today by offering respected well known quality and up to date innovation.

Superior Leed's Quality

Since its beginning, Leeds has been the leader in providing the best quality in promotional products, including Leeds Padfolios and writing pads. While others in the industry focused on other things, Leeds was focused on reliable performance and quality. Beginning with the smartness of the design through the constant work of quality control, from start to finish, Leeds provides consistently innovative and reliable quality promotional products. Leeds promotional products will do justice to your company logo.

The Leed's 1100-10 Metropolitan Zippered Padfolio is a great example of the superior quality that Leed's offers in premium leather corporate gifts. Consistent throughout the line, you'll find each piece meticulously sewn and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. It takes experience and skill to select the right materials for a custom padfolio. At Leed's the advantage starts when the materials are purchased. Not all top grain leathers are the same. It makes sense that Leed's Leather Products, as the company was first named, would know quality leather. Their top grain leather is natural full grain saddle leather, the finest quality. Even duraHyde, or imitation leather, can be of different qualities. Leed's products use the highest grade.

Leed's is recognized at the top of its class when it comes to promotional products. From its beginnings, their corporate culture has been diligent with its quality. Beginning with smart designs that really consider what the business executive needs in a padfolio to the selection of the best materials and then ensuring that the manufacturing is state-of-the-art with quality checks all the way through. Just take a look at the beautiful white stitching on the Leeds' 1521-01 Hampton Writing Pad. It's flawless. The elegant curves and perfect lines exemplify the quality you can expect in a Leed's promotional product. Align your quality name with the Leeds quality name.

Superior Leed's Style

The promotional padfolio starts as a design on a piece of paper or a computer. When Leed's sets out to add a new promotional padfolio to their line, they consider what the business person needs. That's why you'll find them ahead of the curve. As new technologies are added to our world, Leed's padfolios give us a way to keep them safe. The Leeds 3600-11 MicroTeck Deluxe Zippered Padfolio is made to hold the most modern personal electronic devices - Blackberries and other PDAs. Immediately after the introduction of the iPad, Leed's began working on a custom padfolio that would keep your iPad safe. The 0011-10 elleven Zippered Padfolio is the perfect combination of promotional padfolio and iPad protector. And yet function doesn't precede style and quality. Take a look at its precise lines and thoughtful quality, with its contemporary design.

A quick click through our Leed's padfolios and you will get a sense of the variety of styles. Beautiful classic styles with their tailored lines and unique interior lining which shows their conscientious attention to every detail. Contemporary flair with the high tech look and fashionable color choices. Youthful, fun styles, yet with the functionality that you'll require. Active, on the go, promotional padfolios that carefully secure all your important items with the durability required. Eco friendly products for the future of our planet. From classic to contemporary, youthful to active, eco to metro, you can truly tailor your corporate gift to fit your audience.

Superior Leed's Features

Leeds' Padfolios are the best in the business because they have all you need in an organizational tool. The zippered padfolios have zippers that glide smoothly to enclose and protect all your important supplies. They have the perfect place for your pen and paper, so you'll always be at the ready. And talk about pockets. Exterior pockets, interior pockets, zippered, slotted, gusseted, clear windows, file pockets, all in the shapes and sizes you'll need. Holders for your electronic gadgets. PDA or cell phone holders, USB loops, they've thought of everything you'd need for the most popular tech gadgets. Some have built in calculators. Pockets for business cards, yours and others. It seems they follow you around to see what you need at your fingertips, then build a custom padfolio or writing pad to meet your unique needs. Versatile, functional, and economical, what more could you ask for in a custom padfolio?

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