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Using the Leeds 1660-05 to Promote your Business.

Low Pricing and Rush Service on the Leeds 1660-04

Low Prices on Leed's 1660-05

Blueberry Ink is please to offer the Leeds Rotate Flash Drive with 24 hour rush service at a super low price. When you need it fast, but don't want to pay "an arm and a leg" for it, Blueberry Ink can help.

USB memory prices change constantly so we work to keep prices updated with the lowest possible final cost to you. All prices include beautiful custom engraving of your logo. There's no reason to put it off another day. It's the right custom promotional item. Your clients will love it. And you can't beat our prices. Order your Leeds Rotate Flash Drive today. We'll help you pick from the 6 sizes and 11 color choices 1690-48. And we'll ship it to you tomorrow.