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Selecting A Corporate Gift May Be Easier Than You Thought

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You may not know it, but you probably have a favorite corporate gift. It's that thing you've kept for a long time and you are continually using. Is it your favorite pen you keep in your purse that you got from a business associate? Maybe it's that travel mug you keep in your car, you know, the one with the lid that keeps things from spilling all over the place. Ah, if you're like me, maybe you've lost your favorite corporate gift. Oh no! For me it was a CD holder that I kept in my car. I loved that thing, and yes, every time I grabbed it to pull out a CD; I was reminded who gave it to me. The logo was right there front and center. Well, after several years of great use, I lost it. I have no idea how, but I've been in mourning ever since. But now when I have to pick a promotional gift to give away, I try to think, what can I give that will be someone's favorite corporate gift. I want them to love it as much as I loved that CD case. Or that pen I guard with my life. You know the one. Someone says can I use your pen for a minute, and you hesitate because it's your favorite. Then you hand it over keeping an eye on your prized possession.

Perhaps your favorite business gift is that leather journal that sits on your office desk. It's a welcome sight every time you sit at your desk. There's nothing like the look and feel of genuine leather. It inspires you to write with passion. You almost feel as if you couldn't write another word without its beckoning. And the debossed logo on the cover reminds you of the great conference you went to, when you received the custom gift.

For some, it may be the custom bag that houses your laptop. Like the QCC296. Its unique design allows you to unfold the bag to lay flat on the x-ray belt to get you through security quickly and securely. Its other compartments give you plenty of room for everything else you'll need for your overnight business trip. Its TSA feature makes it easier to get through the airport. Watching others pay a baggage fee and then later struggle through baggage claim, makes you so grateful for this corporate gift. Once you use it you won't ever want to travel without it.

And there's something about an executive pen. Sure, the inexpensive promotional pen has its place, but to be someone's favorite, it has to be exceptional. Take a look at PBP1082. Its detail trim adds a note of excellence. You can't get that smooth twist action from an ordinary pen. Made of brass, it has just the right weight for the perfect writing utensil. It has a superior weight and feel as you write. Add the classic beauty to all these qualities, and you can tell it's a pen that's well made. That's why you love this corporate gift.

People get attached to items they use as a part of their daily work. Maybe it's a promotional padfolio that has all the features they need as they go from meeting to meeting. There are just the right numbers of pockets and they're just the right size. It even has a place for your cell phone and keys, so you don't have to carry your purse. Your favorite custom pen fits perfectly in the pen holder. The handles are perfect, you feel as if something is missing if it's not in your hand.

My friend always carries a pen in her purse that she just loves. She received it as a corporate gift over five years ago and I'm amazed that she has not lost it. But she treats it like a true prize. Every time she pulls it out to use, she gets comments. Nice pen. She grips it a little tighter cautious of those envious eyes. And yes, she knows who gave it to her; a business gift from over five years ago. The name is right there engraved in silver over black.

Want another hint at picking a corporate gift that will be everyone's favorite? Find something both unique and practical. Check out BCO306. This is a large tote style bag, but it's a cooler. It has a waterproof lining great for picnics and all kinds of other tasks where you need to move food from one place to another. This promotional bag is another item they might even use every day, to bring a large lunch to work, or food to share at the office.

Another secret in finding a promotional gift that everyone will want is to create a habit. One rep gives his clients a USB drive every time he sees them. You might be inclined to think that one custom flash drive was enough, but now each time the rep makes a visit, his clients are awaiting the gift. The clients then give them to other associates. Within a short period of time, your name is all over your clients company. "Is that the guy that gives you those USB drives? Do you think I could get one?" Voila, your company name is everywhere. Not only have you provided everyone's favorite executive gift, but you're now everyone's' favorite rep.

So, think about your favorite corporate gift. Ask people what their favorite business gift is. What makes it their favorite? Look around and see what they are already using, and then replace it with a better one, one that has your custom imprint on it. Look around your office or home. What promotional items do you see that you have incorporated into your daily routine? Choosing a gift that will become their favorite might not be easy, but if you can accomplish it, you've made that otherwise typical corporate gift a true winner; a promotional gift that has an extended life and extended benefit. Can you imagine, maybe that simple $7 gift will keep your company name in front of your customer for years to come. You goal is to get your message across or your brand out there and make it stick. Consider how long they will use your promotional gift. Will it be the pen they keep for over five years? Will it be a bag they use every day? Not all corporate gifts are created equal. Choose wisely, and you can accomplish finding their Favorite Corporate Gift.

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