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How to Make Your Employees Brand Ambassadors

Working on your brand strategy is a task that should start from within your organization. The employees on your team, regardless of their role, are unknowingly promoting the brand, mission, and goals of your organization when performing their day-to-day responsibilities. Provide your employees with the appropriate tools and you'll be maximizing your marketing results.

Lead By Example

The best way to get your employees on board with your company brand and mission is to listen, respect, and communicate. Your employees are the heartbeat of your organization. They are the ones who speak to clients and get the feedback you'll need to address any concerns and celebrate any achievements. They are also the ones who will execute your company goals. Communicate your mission, goals, ideas, and strategies, and they will better understand their role in the growth of the business.

Provide Recognition for a Job Well Done

When an employee goes above and beyond, or when a company goal is achieved through the hard work of the employees, the best thing to do is recognize those achievements. Make your employees feel special and they'll know you appreciate what they do. Something as simple as a gift card to a local restaurant or as permanent as a custom award or trophy with their name on it can make a huge difference. Don't forget to announce the achievement in the company newsletter!

Encourage Social Media Interaction

According to Statista, 78 percent of the U.S. population has a social network profile, so chances are your employees are probably online and can give your company page a boost. When employees like and share your company posts, it increases your audience and thus your brand awareness. Of course, the best thing to do before encouraging your employees to interact with the company page is to create a company policy for social media interaction and include your company goals and vision in that policy.

Give Them Promotional Products

This may sound a little crazy, but giving away custom logo gifts to your employees is a great way to make them brand ambassadors for your company. We know of a company that provides a plethora of branded corporate gifts on an employee's first day of work. These promotional gifts come in a branded tote bag and include an umbrella, a water bottle, golf balls, promotional pens, a couple of padfolios, and other promotional items. The employees feel welcome and the company gets additional advertising using products they already have as part of their strategy.
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