Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas: A Guide to Impress Your Clients This Holiday Season

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Another successful year is fastly wrapping up, which means it's that time of the year when you should thank the people who make it all happen and who appreciate your business. And your clients play a big role in your good results. By offering your clients a small gesture of appreciation during the holiday season, you will send the message that they're valued and might even strengthen your professional relationships.

That being said, the goal of any holiday marketing strategy is also business-oriented. Since the holidays are busy, you want to begin executing your marketing strategy early enough so that your business can be at the forefront of their minds ahead of time. The key is to send your clients something thoughtful and useful, that will not affect the company's dealings, but will show that you've taken the time to send over something personalized that they can actually use.

Continue reading to get some inspiration for some of the most popular business holiday gift ideas for clients, associates, and vendors:

Corporate Holiday Gifts for Your Most Valued Clients

Your main focus should be those clients who have stuck by you through thick and thin, and who are in it for the long haul.

When it comes to your most valued customers, the best way to show them you appreciate their business is by sending them a holiday gift. It's not only a good retention strategy but also a good way to strengthen your professional relationships. This way, your business will be at the top of mind right before the new year. But the classic, simple notebook might not be that impressive. Here are a few holiday corporate gift ideas that will make your clients happy:

A Take on Corporate Gift Baskets

The corporate gifts baskets for clients are a classic choice because everyone can appreciate at least a few, if not all, items from the basket. However, this is a double-edged sword. Precisely because it is such a good option, it is often chosen by most companies and chances are that your clients have already received quite a few baskets. To make sure your gift is not just another basket piled on with the rest of them, try to rethink the purpose of a gift basket and send your own take on it.

A good start would be to replace the physical basket with a clean and elegant box, which not only looks a lot classier but also gives you a lot of space where you can imprint a heartfelt holiday message. For example, the Ghirardelli Gift Set consists of a leather-wrapped thermos with five packs of hot chocolate, perfect for the cold, snowy days. Corporate holiday gift set for clients A new take on the classic holiday gift basket

To up the ante, you can also go for tech related items, like a Speaker/Power Bank Gift Set. The wireless speaker has a built-in microphone to make conference calls more comfortable, while the portable power bank is perfect for businessmen always on the go. And, of course, both of these items are nicely packed in simple, black boxes that are perfect for your personalized message and branding. Holiday corporate tech gift box An elegant black box will elevate the presentation of your gift.

The Perfect Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift

Not all clients will enjoy the same gifts, so it's a good idea to consider your customer's values before sending over your holiday cheers. For example, more and more companies adopt an eco-friendly mindset, so a gift that celebrates their decision will go a long way. Put together a gift bag that can include: bamboo spiral notebook and pen, made out of recycled paper, a pen and pencil set, that come in an eco-friendly tube, and a nice lunch cooler, made out of certified 100% recycled 140g non-woven PET. eco friendly holiday corporate gifts Caption: Make your own eco-friendly corporate gift basket.

Luxury Corporate Holiday Gifts for Fancy Clients

When it comes to clients with a taste for the finest things in life, you can't miss with a wine and cheese themed corporate Christmas gifts.
It's the type of gifts that not even the most pretentious ones can refuse. Choose an elegant, 4 piece cheese set, or a Napa wine set that also includes utensils. Both options come in classic gift boxes, where you can laser engrave your corporate logo. As a plus, for those extra special customers, it's a good idea to pair the two if you want to send over a truly exquisite gift. wine and cheese holiday corporate gifts Caption: The perfect gift for a wine and cheese party.

Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas for Your Business Associates and Partners

Your business associates and partners are the people who have offered you support when business was tough, but also the people who celebrated every success with you, since every decision you made also had an impact on them. So the holiday season is the time to repay the trust they offered you. But what will you give the people who apparently have everything?

Shopping for high-level businessmen can be a bit tricky. From intimidating CEOs to laid back executive managers that love to crack a joke, it's hard to find that middle ground for gifts that hit just the right spot, without worrying that they might be useless or even offensive. But here are some ideas that will help

Choose Heartfelt Personal Gifts Rather Than Expensive Gifts

Your business executives and partners can get whatever they need or want, no matter the price tag, so there's really no point on spending a fortune on something that they can get for themselves. The reality is that people in high management roles also need to feel appreciated, and would much rather be impressed by a simple, inexpensive item that comes with a warm and friendly message.

In these cases, the key to memorable corporate gifts is personalization. Don't waste your time on expensive or extravagant presents, but rather focus on something simple personalized with a heartfelt message might, but wrapped up elegantly. It's all in the presentation.

For example, you can opt for a unique looking ceramic mug, with classy gold details, on which you can imprint your company logo, to remind them to be proud of the work you do together. You can also go even further, with a more personalized message or even a funny limerick that refers to an inside joke. Personalized mug as a Holiday gift Caption: An elegant mug can be the perfect Christmas corporate gift.

Choose a Simple, but Classy Promotional Item

If you feel like a mug is not enough and wish for a more stand-out presentation, another option would be a gourmet popcorn and wine tool gift set that includes a bottle-shaped case with stainless steel waiter's key style corkscrew, drip ring, and pourer with stopper and a bag of Hampton Popcorn Special Edition Cookies. Besides the utility of the gift, the label on the case will give you a blank canvas where you can have plenty of space to write the clever, personalized message. Popcorn and wine holiday corporate gift set Caption: A tasty wine and popcorn gift box, a simple but classy option.

Choose the Right Gift for Their Hobbies

Nothing shows you care more than taking an interest in your partner or business associate's personal hobbies. Knowing their most cherished pastimes is a huge insight into what they might enjoy as a present and can definitively make your choices easier.

For example, if one of your partners is passionate about golf, they might love a golf shoe carrying case that will prove useful every time they need to get to the golf court. Or perhaps a golf cover bag for all of their golf clubs and balls. A true golfer can never have enough carrying golf bags. golf shoe carrying case as a corporate holiday gift Caption: The perfect corporate Christmas gift for any golf enthusiasts.

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Your Vendors

You can't really have a successful business without vendors you can trust. Some of the longest and more important work relationships are the ones you create with your vendors because they're the ones you need to rely on day after day to provide high-quality services or products.

In most cases, the actions of your vendors affect the outcome of your products or services, so you need to keep the good ones close. That's why your best vendors shouldn't be overlooked during the holiday season. Give them something fun and memorable, imprinted with your company logo and perhaps even a holiday message.

Try sending your vendors something bit out of the norm, but that will bring guaranteed success and appreciation. This martini shaker set will help them start off the holidays in good spirits and will be a big hit at any Christmas or New Year's party. Martini shaker for Christmas party cocktails Caption: Make this Christmas party more fun with a Martini shaker set for delicious cocktails.

Alternatively, if you're looking for something a bit more elegant, you might consider a debossed leather power bank, as the perfect blend of elegant and practical. This is the perfect corporate holiday gift for people who spend a lot of their day going from one place to another. Debossed Leather Power Bank - business holiday gift Caption: An elegant powerbank for people who are always on the go.

Are Business Christmas Gifts Tax Deductible?

Generally, these business Holiday or Christmas gifts for customers, clients, employees and associates or partners are tax deductible, but within a limit of $25 per person, per year.

This threshold has been in place since 1962 when the amount gave quite a bit of leeway. Unfortunately, today, $25 doesn't mean go for that much.

However, there are a few exceptions you can take advantage of:

  • Gifts for a business entity: The $25 limit is for individuals only, but gifts that are given to a company are not subject to this limit. (for instance your client's organization, or your vendor's company)
  • Gifts for a married couple: If you happen to do business with both spouses and you offer a holiday gift for both of them, the limit doubles.
  • Costs for personalization and engravement: The limit of $25 only applies to the items themselves. Other costs such as custom engraving on items or shipping are deductible over and above the $25 limit for the gift itself.
  • Gifts for employees. Although employees gifts have their own limitations, they are exempt from this rule.

However, if you want to make use of any of these exceptions, you need to track all the details: description of the gift, the cost, the date of gift giving and the business relationship with the people that receive the gifts.

Here are some Holiday gifts under $25:

Despite the low threshold for deduction, there are quite a few options of deductible gifts under 25 dollars. Take for instance this wine tote that is perfect for carrying your wine bottles to a Holiday party. Tax deductible holiday corporate gifts Caption: There are plenty of tax deductible options when it comes to Christmas holiday gifts

Your techie partners will surely be happy to get a virtual reality set, meant to bring out the kid in every adult, while your associates who spend most of the day in their cars, going from one place to another, might make good use of a highway emergency tool set, fully equipped to help solve any unexpected breakdowns.

Wrapping up

No matter who you buy for, there are always plenty of holiday corporate gifts to choose from, for every budget or every need.

Whether you're shopping for partners, associates or vendors, Blueberry Ink can help you lose the holiday shopping anxiety and offer some great corporate gifts.

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