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A Corporate Gift For All Seasons

by , on Corporate Gifts Blog

Did you ever find it odd that the mainstream news only talks about corporate gifts during the holidays? The truth is, corporate and promotional gifts and promotional items are a year-round product. Whether it's the gift given to employees at a 4th of July picnic, or the fancy gift given to the executives when the big deal is struck, corporate gifts are a 12 month per year event.

January - The New Year is a great excuse to give business gifts. Whether for your employees, your customers, or potential customers, everyone enjoys receiving a gift. And the more ways you can tell someone about your company, the more likely they are to call on you when they have need of your services. So, any time is a good time to give away those promotional pens, custom bags, or imprinted padfolios.

February - You're planning for a trade show this year? Get your company noticed with a unique corporate gift. The one they'll be talking about all the way home. Or give them something so practical, they're already using it before they get home. Maybe an imprinted tote bag to carry all that other stuff they'll get at the trade show. Everyone will want one, and they'll see your name everywhere they go throughout the show.

March - It's time for the county fair or the auto show. You want your booth to stand out above the rest. Sure you want it to look good and well represent your company image. But the most important aspect will be what they walk away with, your corporate gift. Will it be a great custom tote bag or a promotional pen? And maybe you've also chosen a nice imprinted padfolio for those who signed up to be on your mailing list.

April - For most companies, there is one week or one month that is more busy and demanding than any other time during the year. When it's over, that's a great time to give your employees an executive gift. It tells them they are appreciated and provides motivation to keep up the good work as they get back into their usual routines again. And if you have volunteers or contract workers for that busy time, they will be more likely to come back next year to help, if you've given them a thoughtful corporate gift.

May - Your annual convention is around the corner, and you want to do something bigger and better than the year before. Why not prepare them for the new year by giving every member a custom padfolio or bag? This corporate gift will inspire them to new heights as they face the year ahead. And with your company logo proudly imprinted on the cover, they'll remember the event and all the ideals presented with fondness.

June - You can use promotional products to stimulate your customers' purchases. For example, a cosmetic company giving away a nice promotional tote bag with purchase. Or advertise; get a free custom bag with purchase. As you know, customers will sometimes purchase a little more than their usual allowance, if a free gift is included.

July - Your company is having their annual picnic or banquet. Shower them with corporate gifts. Custom pens, promotional tote bags, imprinted bags. They'll feel like it's Christmas. This will be a time when they are especially glad to work with your great company. Those hard working employees will know you appreciate what they do all year long.

August - Executive gifts are often used as a sales tool. Sales reps are a welcome sight when they have a business gift to give to their buyers. Clients will then give sales reps their time in return, and look forward to their next meeting. And, of course, the promotional gift will keep your name in front of them regularly.

September - It's time for the annual golf tournament to benefit your favorite charity. You want to encourage as many people to come as possible, and make them glad they did. So you provide them with custom tote bags filled with business gifts. You feed them lunch afterward, where you give each one a promotional pen and notebook. Then you present several categories of winners, lowest score, longest drive, longest putt, etc. with imprinted trophies. Of course your corporate logo is all over these gifts, giving your clientele quality business gifts while promoting your company image.

October - Looking for ways to find new customers? Direct mail is a great way to connect with a large number of consumers in your area. Along with that flyer, why not mail a promotional pen? It will get your name out there, and they will look at it more often, because it's a practical tool.

November - You want to give your top 500 executive customers a gift. How about a Cutter and Buck custom bag? What a great way to let them know how much you appreciate them, all the while keeping your name in front of them. It's a bag they'll love, and use continually. And they'll be more than happy to continue to give you their business.

December - Now it's time to give the perfect corporate holiday gift. How about a Wenger custom bag for their laptop. Or a stylish Alicia Klein case. Or Cutter & Buck imprinted luggage for all those business trips. With so many choices at Blueberry Ink, you'll never have to step foot in the mall, or flip through those endless catalogues.

So, while the news may focus on corporate gifts exclusively in November and December, the reality is they are just as prevalent all twelve months of the year as they are during the holidays. And perhaps they are even more noticed and appreciated when they come at a more unexpected time.