Pens, the Timeless Corporate Gift

Corporate Gift Pens

With thousands of corporate gifts available to companies today, why do pens continue to be the number one promotional item? How many times have you offered someone your writing instrument? They are always a gift accepted. They are practical; everyone wants one. And if they have your corporate logo, its like giving your business card, only they're keeping it close to them throughout the day because it is a practical tool.

We all use pens every day, at work, running errands and at home. We write notes to ourselves, we write notes to our co-workers, and maybe even a letter to a friend. If you're not carrying one, you're asking to borrow one. We use them daily. Pens are the perfect all-occasion corporate gift. They are small, they are used often, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Whether imprinted in a variety of colors or elegantly engraved, this promotional handout or executive gift will make an impact.

Corporate Gift pens are also popular because they are priced to fit any budget. From inexpensive tradeshow giveaways to executive styles costing over $100. From simple gift pens to an elegant pen set. The gift of a promotional pen has been timeless.

Think about your favorite pen.

What makes it your writing instrument of choice? Is it the size or weight or ease or writing? Is it the beauty of its contoured body, or the color of ink? Is it the fact that it's a one-of-a-kind and everyone knows it's yours, so it doesn't walk away? Your favorite might be engraved and have a special significance. It might have a smoothness of writing like no other. Imagine hundreds of people carrying around your company logo as a treasured possession because it happens to be their favorite pen?

Your company pen could have a clean polished appearance with your logo precisely etched into the material of the surface. Laser engraving is the perfect choice when you want to impress with one of our high-end metal designs. It's the big day, sitting down at the table and ready to sign the multi-million dollar deal. Are you really going to pull out that 29 cent disposable? Present them with an executive pen that will be a memento of the great event.

You might prefer a custom pen with a contemporary design and fun shapes or colors. You may prefer the twist action elegance, as opposed to the standard click mechanism. To truly make a statement about the excellence of your company you may select one of our finest constructed of a brass barrel and chrome trim.

The ballpoint pen has always been a favorite. Or rollerball pens with their smooth feel. Or the exquisite look and feel of a fountain pen. Imagine your number one client glancing at your company logo several times throughout his day. He might pick up the phone and call you, because unexplainably you've been on his mind.

How many times have you given someone your business card, and they either lost it, or you know they just threw it away? How many times a day do you pick up a pen? How many times, then, do you suppose your customer picks up a pen? What a great promotional item and one of the best corporate gifts ever conceived.

It's an outdoor event and you expect to have 5,000 people walk by your booth. What type of promotional product could you give them that they would use and be reminded of your company and the great product you provide? You can almost be assured that all 5,000 people will at some time during the day need to write something down.

What a marketing opportunity.

Why not ensure that they all see your logo the next time they put ink to paper. With the variety of prices and styles on corporate gift pens, you can select one that fits your budget and your style.

Everyone in your company can be a part of your marketing team. They can carry and give away custom pens routinely. They will say to passers by that your business is generous, provide corporate hospitality. Because of their small size, they are easily given. You can carry several advertising pens around in your bag or briefcase and keep them accessible for unexpected gifts. In short, they are the perfect corporate gift for any occasion.

Originally, pens were feathers dipped in berry juice. Then they evolved to the fountain pen. In 1888 the first ball point pen was patented by John J Loud. Rollerball pens were introduced in the 1980's. Today, fountain pens are making a comeback as executives love the elegance and style they bring. Even in our age of technology and digitization, we still use and rely on pens to capture our thoughts. I put pen to paper for what else can I do?

Today's corporate gift pen has evolved into a melding of form and function. With new materials such as carbon fiber mixed with the old traditions of brass or chrome, we've come to a point where great pens can have both a terrific feel and a pleasant writing tip.

Have we come full circle on the pen, a timeless gift. Have you ever tried writing with Blueberry Ink?

The pen is mightier than the sword - and a more practical corporate gift today.