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Using Corporate Gifts in a Challenging Economy

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During the worst of the economic slump, companies were looking for ways to cut expenses; from personnel to rent and yes, even the favored corporate gifts as well as other marketing programs. But now after a few years of adjustments and re-organizing, most companies have found new footing and are ready to get back into growth mode. This means working once again on customer retention and customer acquisition. While the corporate gift may not have appeared to be as critical as paying the rent, it was an important aspect of advertising. Companies are once again ramping up marketing efforts which means getting their name out there, whether it be on a promotional pen, a bag or a mug.

Gift sellers who specialize in executive gifts and promotional items have seen a strong re-bound over the last six months as companies begin to once again expand their marketing efforts. The corporate gift becomes a billboard for their business and a critical part of word of mouth marketing. If everyone in the company gave for example, a promotional tote bag to everyone who stepped foot in your offices, potential customers would be reminded of your corporation when they used their custom imprinted tote bag.

A large part of customer retention and customer acquisition is name recognition and corporate image. That boils down to the marketing department and what they do to stay out in front. The promotional item although often a small part of the overall marketing budget is critical to leveraging other marketing dollars. A company that spends over one hundred thousand on a tradeshow booth, and thousands of dollars to be in the tradeshow then additional dollars to staff their booth, should take advantage of leveraging those marketing dollars by giving away a corporate gift at the tradeshow. This multiplies the efforts of the trade show, when potential customers bring your custom pen or tote bag home or to their office, they bring your name with them. They may remember your name above all the others, because you gave their favorite business gift of the whole tradeshow.

Your employees have worked hard to carry the company through challenging times. A corporate gift at the next meeting could speak volumes of thanks and encouragement. A practical business gift like a custom bag would remind them what a great company they work for, and boost morale. And of course, every time they take it somewhere to use, your corporate name is out there for all to see.

Your company may be planning an event, and there are some key themes you want them to take away. A corporate gift notebook with those ideas imprinted on the cover, would be a well received promotional item. Those in attendance will not only better remember the principles taught, because it will be reiterated every time they use that notebook; but they will also remember your corporation gave them a nice executive gift.

A great promotional item is one that will come across their eyes every day. If you want your company to be known, why not mail each of your customers a custom pen. They're lightweight, so easy and inexpensive to mail. And your customer would see your corporate imprinted logo throughout the day, as they use their pen. You may even want to send them 5 or 10, so everyone in their office would see your name. Or take a look at the thousands of Blueberry Ink executive gifts, there may be another that they could put on their desk for daily recognition of your corporate name.

Can you think of any company that doesn't have coffee available to its employees? What about giving away promotional custom mugs. They'll put it on their desk, for everyone to see. They'll spend the first part of their day with it, possibly their favorite part of their day, every day. And best of all, they'll be reminded of your business' generosity as they use their corporate gift.

Everyone uses pens, notebooks or padfolios, and bags every day. Your marketing dollars will be well spent by putting an item in their hands that become essential to their routine, with your corporate logo beautifully imprinted. With so many choices and great values at Blueberry Ink, your promotional dollars will go farther. Promotional products can run from the high end executive gifts, to the less expensive trade show items, and everything in between.

While some companies have not survived the economic downturn, those who have are ramping up their customer recognition to anticipate record growth over the next several years. That growth will be driven by marketing and within that mix of promotional ideas is the corporate gift. At, promoting your company is our specialty.

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