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Custom Notebooks Making You Look Good


Construction of a Custom Notebook


You have the most beautiful 4-color process graphic for your roll-out. Why not have it printed on our 5.75 x 7.1 Reveal Notebook JJO425? It boasts a clear cover over full color imprint. Maybe you're in the midst of a building project. What better way to get everyone excited about it than to print your beautifully designed architectural drawing on a custom notebook to give everyone.

Not all Custom Notebooks are Created Equal

Custom Notebooks are made from a great variety of materials. The chipboard hard cover is a durable construction, made to last.

JJO462 is not only made of this hefty material, but it has a lovely texture to it. Available in a variety of bright colors, allowing you to get just the look you want for your promotional product needs.

UltraHyde is a soft, leather like material, giving your journal a classic look and feel. JJO596 is an attractive smooth black leatherette cover with a built-in 1 .5 square picture frame on the front cover panel. While you customize the cover with your logo, its owner can personalize it with their favorite picture. Their notes never looked so good. Leather Notebooks Customized

The look and feel of leather is like no other. You might expect our leather journals to only come in traditional colors, however our JJO351 comes in a rainbow of colors with matching bookmarks. Brighten up your brand with a colorful custom notebook.

Polypro is a sturdy plastic that is an economical choice. The Junior Spiral JJO323 features a fold-over cover that adds pizzazz to your logo. It's so cute, you won't want to let it go.

Let your corporate gift shine above the rest with our Aluminum Notebooks. JAL107 is not your ordinary notebook. The Alloy Journal boasts of a cool, sleek cover made of the same heavy gauge anodized aluminum used in jet aircraft construction. With smooth edges and a soft metallic sheen, your company image will soar. 16 square inches can be embossed right into the aluminum or one color imprinted.

Custom Notebooks For all Budgets

From simple to extraordinary. From hardcover to leather. Your imprinted or debossed notebook can easily fit your budget.

Styles and colors

Beyond the variety of designs and materials of the cover, take a peek inside to reveal the seemingly endless choices. It's not just a custom notebook. Some, like the beautiful ultraHyde JJO468, added interior organizer features, like its two-tiered business card holder with clear ID windows on top; additional pockets for notes and files; and a pen loop. This one also has an external elastic loop for a pen or USB flash drive. JJO481 has a unique look and an access pocket on the front cover. JJO319 has a pre-printed design that will add a contemporary style to your custom logo.

Your name in all the right places

We gave a box of promotional journals to a client to keep on hand. Within a few days they had saturated the factory floor and executive offices. The next thing I knew, my competition was complaining that their customer had these notebooks all over the factory with my company name on it asking how I had become their favorite supplier. I didn't disclose my secret, but it was as simple as giving them a big box of promotional journals.

Topic: Promoting your Business with Custom Notebooks and Journals

Notebooks continue to be on the top of the list when it comes to promotional gifts. They are a practical gift, used daily. And if they have your corporate logo, its like giving your business card, only they're keeping it close to them throughout the day because it is a useful tool. One of the great things about them is the large imprint area. There's not only plenty of room for your logo, but also your message. So, when you have a lot to say, or want to say it in a big way, think about using custom notebooks to promote your business or event.