Bettoni Cosimo LS3300 & LS3350

The World At Your Fingertips

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From the Bettoni Executive Writing Collection the Cosimo offers you the world at your fingertips. Whether you choose the cap off rollerball Logomark LS3350 or the twist action ballpoint Logomark LS3300, the results are stunning. The high gloss black lacquer provides the perfect backdrop. The shiny chrome lines are reminiscent of an elegant globe. The continents are flawlessly portrayed in shiny chrome and labeled in black. The polished appeal is maintained with exquisite chrome accents. Your corporate logo is engraved with the same perfect shine over its glossy black background.

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Bettoni LS3350

Many are fascinated with globes and maps; they have a look of exotic elegance. They bring about feelings of adventure and the unknown. If you're looking at a map of places you've been, it often brings fond memories. A map of places you plan to visit may bring anticipation of a grand adventure. Or maybe you're looking at a treasure map. Its mystery whispers a hope of discovery. The Bettoni Cosimo keeps the world in your hands daily. A world of possibilities awaits the recipient of this fine executive gift.

The excellence of the Bettoni LS3300 can be felt with just a twist. The black ballpoint twist action mechanism is graceful and smooth. It's not your child's disposable clicking pen. You'll know you hold a quality writing instrument when you feel the heavyweight brass. Your Cosimo will be admired for its beauty, but because of the way it feels in your hand it will become your favorite pen. The Logomark LS3300 is one of our most popular executive gift pens and comes in a triangular gift box. Logomark Bettoni LS3300

The luxurious Bettoni LS3350 rollerball is not only beautiful to look at, it is even more attractive to write with. Take the high gloss black lacquer cap off to experience the elegance of this refined rollerball executive pen, as it glides across your paper. Once you get a feel for the smooth, rich writing it provides you may never go back. The Logomark LS3350 comes in a triangular gift box, which you may want to keep handy, since you may be looking for a hiding place for your new favorite writing instrument, so it doesn't walk away.

If you're sending your team to the far reaches of the world. The Cosimo world pen will be a treasure for them as they depart, and a lasting memory of their trip. And imagine what their hosts would say to such a gift. They're providing an unforgettable experience for your comrades. Why not give them the world as well? It's the perfect corporate gift for your international trade partners.

The Bettoni Cosimo is not just a fine writing instrument. It's the executive gift that will leave a lasting impression. Let them dream up a world of ideas with the ballpoint LS3300 or the rollerball LS3350 by Logomark.

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