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Best of Corporate Gifts part 2

Top 10 Corporate Gifts

Best of Corporate Gifts 2

#1 Corporate Gift - Ballpoint Pen PBP1082. This hidden jewel is one of our favorites. With all the great promotional gift pens found at, sometimes an amazing pen gets lost in the crowd; but take a look at this beauty. When you pick it up, it feels so perfect in your hand. It's size and weight are just right. The smooth twist action top reminds you of its quality every time you begin to use it. A close look at the elegant Greek inspired trim and you're convinced that this is the perfect business gift. All it lacks is your laser engraved corporate logo.

#2 Corporate Gift - Leather Journal JJO351. This year, two journals made our "Best of Corporate Gifts" list. This one has been a part of the collection for several years. The look and feel of leather has always been a favorite. But this one offers 7 modern colors to choose from, giving it just the right look for your debossed corporate logo. You'll want to add this to your corporate gift ideas.

#3 Corporate Gift - Tweed Journal JJO506. The second journal is new this year. Its beautiful tailored tweed cover made from 55% linen and 45% cotton, handsomely sets it apart from all the other promotional gift journals. It's an elegant book that they'll want to keep close at hand. And even when they've filled it up, they'll want to display it on their bookshelf for many years to come.

#4 Corporate Gift - Double Wall Ceramic 11 oz. Tumbler DTR893. A new trend in promotional gift mugs is to take the well known style of the disposable coffee mug or plastic cup and turn it into a durable re-useable mug. At first glance, this mug looks like you just went by the donut shop and grabbed a cup of coffee and a freshly baked glazed donut. But, upon closer inspection, you see that it's made of ceramic with a silicone lid. The double wall keeps it hot on the inside while keeping the outside easy to touch.

#5 Corporate Gift - California Innovations 24-Can Cooler BCO314. The challenge of many coolers is their size. Either it's too small to hold enough inside, or it's too large to store easily. This promotional cooler is aptly named because of its innovative style. It's small and flat when not in use, and then once it's unsnapped, it pops up to full size with its "spring loaded" design. Take a close look at the detail in its body; it's beautifully designed as well. This smart corporate promotional gift may easily become their favorite.

#6 Corporate Gift - Cutter & Buck Legacy Cotton Duffel BDU363. They call it a duffel bag because of its size, but this executive gift has the elegance and beauty of a purse. With the comfort of cotton and the luxury of leather, the quality is exquisite and immediately recognized. This would make a great corporate Christmas gift, or a business gift any time.

#7 Corporate Gift - Alicia Klein Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case QCC318. Practicality and beauty are both found in this executive gift. Alicia Klein is known for corporate fashion. It's stylish from the inside and out. And talk about an organizational tool, it's perfect. A front panel offers numerous pockets for easy access to your essentials. It has a laptop compartment that unzips, allowing it to lay flat, making it convenient at security checkpoints. The main compartment has plenty of room for files and other accessories. Its beauty is in its function as well as its fashion.

#8 Corporate Gift - The Glass & Steel Vessel DSP355 is both simple and elegant. It's the kind of thing they'll want to keep out in the open, for all to see. What a great place to put your company logo! And talk about versatile; what can't you put in here? This may just be the unique promotional gift you've been searching for.

#9 Corporate Gift - 22oz Bike Bottle with Push/Pull Lid DSP236. This sports bottle is an amazing value. It's a great size, and comes in a wide selection of colors to give you just the look you want. Get the promotional product everyone is asking for, without busting your budget.

#10 Corporate Gift - Leather Writing Pad QPF220. This may be the best corporate gift they'll ever receive. It's made with exquisite Italian Leather. It has so many fabulous features, like the gusseted pocket for large documents, a full 8.5 x 11 writing pad, calculator or cell phone pocket, a hidden pocket behind the business card slots, and a pocket on the cover. This corporate business gift is filled with great features at a super low price starting at $12.93. Talk about value! Now it's up to you. We've shown you exquisite style, exceptional value, extreme functionality, and marketing effectiveness. Of course you'll find thousands of other great selections at Which corporate gifts will you choose this year?