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Best of Corporate Gifts

How to Identify the Best Corporate Gifts

The Best of Corporate Gifts

Every year there's something new in the corporate gift world. We took a look at some of the greatest business gifts offered. Some are new to the collection, but others have been with us for quite some time. As usual the best corporate gifts continue to be the ones the people use often and keep for a long time. The mug that sits on their desk or the pen that is in their hand continue to be at the top of the list. You might wonder, with all the different variables, how do we decide which corporate gifts make the list? What criteria do we use in selecting our top ten? Style, Value, Functionality and Marketing Effectiveness are the driving elements.

STYLE - Some promotional gifts have a style that simply stands out among the rest. Sometimes it's the beauty of the design. Is it pleasing to the eye? Is it the kind of thing everyone will admire? Sometimes it's the practicality of the design. Some bags or padfolios, you might say "that's so cool how it fastens, or how it opens up that way". Occasionally you're looking for a certain color, or a non-traditional look. Some promotional gifts become favorites because they offer color options, and you can get precisely the look you want because of the choices. Other times it's just the way it feels in your hands. This corporate gift pen is comfortable and even enjoyable to use.

VALUE - When we think value, we ask, what do you get for your money? To make the "Best of" list, the corporate gift must be a great value. Perhaps it's a $10 pen that is comparable to a $40 pen you would find at a fine store. You know it's going to last. Now that's value! Or maybe it's a $1.20 tote bag that has more style than other promotional gift bags in its class. We all want to find a great price, but we want the quality to exceed its price. Value is a function between the cost and the product.

FUNCTION - Our third criteria is functionality. How will this promotional corporate gift be used? Is it stylish enough to carry to board meetings? Is it practical enough to carry all the essentials that they will need? Is it small enough to be comfortable? Is it versatile? Can one recipient of this promotional gift use it a little different than the next? Maybe there is an outside pocket on a bag. One person will immediately think of using it for their water bottle; another for their cell phone. Does the business gift accommodate various uses? corporate gifts box

MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS - Does the item accomplish the goal of the purchase? If it's a corporate gift to hand out at the county fair, you want everyone to desire one. Perhaps its color or its unique usefulness will cause people to talk about it as they go about their day. A high-end executive gift has a very different purpose. Perhaps to say "thank you for your business and we hope you'll continue to count on us". A well selected executive gift could have the affect of locking in a big client. Whether the goal is mass branding or customer retention, does the promotional product accomplish the intended goal?