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Customized promotional products for students of all ages

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August brings the scent of freshly sharpened pencils and lined paper as students all across the nation head back to school. Maybe they've taken the summer off or maybe they had to spend a little extra time in the classroom while others were lounging at the beach, but everyone will be restocking supplies for the new school year. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that about 71 million students signed up to attend school from elementary to collegiate levels in the Fall of 2016, and that number is expected to increase in 2017. Many cities across America take part in fundraisers to provide back to school supplies for children in need and your company could make an impact by prepping promotional backpacks full of much-needed supplies for those students. By choosing high-quality promotional products customized with your company name and logo, you'll ensure brand recognition while letting children get a head start on their educational needs. Complement that initiative with customized promotional products for students of all ages and you'll also be getting a head start on your marketing success. That being said, here are Blueberry Ink's top picks for Back to School promotional products:

Custom Notebooks

Many students may have a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, but there is always a need for notebooks in any classroom. Whether they're writing down notes to have the information etched in their brains studies have shown that retention is better if you write something down), doodling away as the instructor provides the day's lesson, or journaling to ease stress, notebooks are on everyone's school supply list. Provide schools, clients, or even employees with custom notebooks and help them prepare for whatever scholarly task lays before them.

Custom Padfolios

Custom padfolios may not be on the school list for elementary or junior levels, but they are a great tool for high school and collegiate level students to keep everything organized and prepped for the heavier academic load. You can think of these padfolios as trapper keepers for today's generations, and who didn't love trapper keepers growing up? Our padfolios come in many materials and styles to accommodate all budgets, including leather padfolios designed for success in any classroom. Regardless of the padfolio chosen, each student that receives this promotional item will be prepared with a convenient way to store notes from every subject, pens, pencils, highlighters, their smartphone and/or tablet, notebooks, and any small items they'll need for academic success.

Promotional Pens and Pencils

This time of year is one of the few times you'll want your promotional gift recipients to lose those branded items. Promotional pens and pencils can change hands often, as people lose them and others find them, or the recipients allows others to borrow their writing instruments. Each time that writing tool changes hands you increase your advertising reach, and with the potentially low cost of promotional pens and pencils, you can stretch that marketing dollar with every note taken.

Promotional Backpacks

Backpacks are ideal promotional gifts with logo as not only will students use them to store all of their supplies, but your company name and logo will be on display for every other student, teacher, and faculty member to see throughout the day. Blueberry Ink feature a wide range of promotional backpacks to suit every educational level and their classic style and durability ensures they'll last through every day of the school year and beyond. Many of our backpacks even have laptop and tablet toting capabilities to keep your electronics in excellent condition.

Lunch Bags and Thermos

Keep their energy up with branded lunch bags and thermoses equipped to stock delicious morsels and refreshing drinks throughout the day. Depending on the length of their school day, students need to be well-equipped with a healthy lunch and snacks for clarity and focus. Choose a standard lunch bag to allow students to stay away from the dreaded school lunch or opt for a cooler to store lunch and snacks to last through school, after-school practices, and more.

Promotional Sports Bottles

Speaking of extracurricular activities, although all students need to drink water on a regular basis, students involved in sports have an increased need to stay hydrated at all times, making sports bottles excellent promotional items for back to school. Regular sports bottles will work during the school day, while properly insulated sports bottles will keep water cool and fresh well into their after-school practices.

Custom Power Banks

More and more students are being allowed to bring their electronic devices to school to aid in their academic process and there are simply not enough outlets to go around if all of their devices' batteries begin to drain. Help keep students clicking through their day with custom power banks equipped with enough juice to fully charge their devices one, two and even three times. These promotional items are a great choice for any level, from elementary school to the university level, and they make great promotional gifts because they'll be used even outside of the school year.

Customized USB Flash Drives

Not so much for the younger students, USB flash drives are a great option for older students that are working on school projects for longer periods of time. University students will be able to take that term paper with them from their home computer to the computer at the school library, and even the computers in their classrooms so they can work on getting that A wherever they go. If they are working on a group project, the USB flash drive will make its way from one set of hands to another, increasing the reach for your brand.

Branded Technology Gadgets

Adapters, chargers, headphones, headsets, cases, covers, and many more tech gadgets are a great addition to your Back to School promotional item campaign. These items are often overlooked when making school supply purchases because they go beyond the obvious notebooks, backpacks, and pencils needed. By choosing tech accessories as your custom logo gifts, you'll be helping student look forward to the new school year with awesome products for their electronic devices that they may not have otherwise once the budget is exhausted on everything else they need for school.

Hand Sanitizers and Lotions

Lots of students means lots of germs, which is why every student should have a small bottle of hand sanitizer on them throughout the day, just in case they find themselves without close access to soap and water. Our hand sanitizers feature convenient clips and holders to make it easy to attach them to backpacks, purses, and other custom bags.

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