20 Corporate Gifts for Employees That Will Make Them Smile

20 Corporate Gifts for Employees That Will Make Them Smile

Whether it's the holiday season or just a prime time to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work, finding the perfect corporate gifts for employees doesn't have to be a mind-boggling experience. With the proper combination of practicality and style, your branded corporate gifts will warrant appreciative nods and smiles, and maybe even some noteworthy praise on social media. Jump into our list of 20 promotional gifts to find the one that is best suited for your team.

1. Custom Umbrellas are a Good Idea

Have you ever been stuck at the office on a rainy day? So have your employees. That is why custom umbrellas are always a good choice when pondering different corporate gift ideas so that your team can stay dry and distinguished when going to the office or heading home after a long day. You can customize your umbrellas using a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-color imprint of your company name and logo and increase brand recognition while your employees avoid summer showers. If you're curious about how an umbrella is actually printed with a logo check out this video of umbrella printing. Up the ante on your corporate gift by opting for an umbrella with a carrying case or an adjustable strap so your team can easily take it anywhere, from the golf course to the grocery store.
custom print umbrellascustomized umbrellaslogo umbrella

If you're still not convinced that an umbrella makes a great gift, consider that Mercedes Benz has not only been known to provide custom umbrellas as gifts to clients that have just purchased a vehicle, but they also sell their customized umbrellas in their online store, further proving that umbrellas are a useful tool in any marketing strategy.

2. Custom Tote Bags are Cost Effective

Custom tote bags are the promotional gift that keeps on giving. These custom corporate gifts are not only useful in every aspect of life, but they are also one of the most cost effective promotional items you can give to your team. Choose a canvas tote bag, cotton or plastic tote bags, or more traditional tote bags and your employees will always have a stylish way to carry their groceries, notebooks, beach supplies, and many other items throughout the day, and you'll have affordable business gifts with a large surface area to custom imprint your company name and logo for maximum brand recognition.
custom totescustom printed toteslogo totes

3. Backpacks for Employees can Ease the Commute

If you live in a city where walking is the main mode of transportation or your employees tend to carry their laptops to and from work often, custom backpacks, computer backpacks, or laptop bags are the ideal solution to your gift-giving needs. You can offer customized backpacks as part of the on-boarding process for employees, or you can follow the lead from Apple, who provided each of their employees with an exclusive black Apple-branded Incase backpack for the holidays.
custom backpackscustom printed backpackslogo backpacks

4. Custom Briefcases as Gifts are Classy and Practical

Not your traditional briefcases, the custom briefcases and bags of today are the product of the evolution of the workplace with a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials from which to choose, as well as a large canvas for your imprinted company name and logo. Comprised of customizable briefcases, computer bags, laptop bags, and messenger bags, these cases come with everything your employees need to transport important documents and assignments, as well as their laptops and tablets, to and from the office. If your employees have a laptop or tablet, choose a briefcase or bag that features a computer sleeve for added protection, as well as additional zippered storage to keep charging cables readily available. If you have employees that are consistently traveling, a briefcase with wheels facilitates transport when rushing through the airport.
custom print briefcasecustomized briefcaselogo briefcase

5. Custom Journals With Your Company Logo Stand Out

Taking notes, jotting down ideas, or even making a checklist for future projects, your employees will be well-prepared with custom journals featuring your company name and logo. Custom notebooks offer a practical way for them to always be ready for their next big idea and will increase productivity when you need it most. Choose a pocket-sized custom journal for quick notes, goals, and thoughts or a full-sized custom notebook for checklists, meeting notes, and outlines. Either way, your company name and logo will shine debossed or imprinted on the front cover.
custom print notebookscustomized notebookslogo notebooks

6. Personalized Padfolios for Staff are Practical

Make it easy for employees to keep everything they need in one place with customized padfolios. These versatile promotional products feature pockets for files, folders, pens, smartphones, and tablets, as well as a notepad and a business card holder for every business opportunity that arises. Choose custom padfolios that align with your brand, whether it be a high-caliber line of leather padfolios with sueded full-grain leather spines or practical and economic ultrahyde padfolios. Whichever custom padfolio you choose, you will be providing the perfect corporate gift for employees in every department.
custom deboss padfolioscustomized padfolioslogo padfolios

7. Custom Drinkware is Used Year Round

We all have that one favorite cup or tumbler we use all of the time, which is why choosing high-quality custom drinkware is one way of giving employees a corporate gift they will thoroughly enjoy. Custom drinkware can range from office coffee mugs and glassware for use in the home or office to custom tumblers and sports bottles to stay hydrated and healthy. They are available in a multitude of styles, materials, and colors so you can find the custom drinkware that's perfect for your next corporate event.
custom waterbottlescustomized waterbottleslogo tumbler

8. Custom Pens for Your Employees

The most practical and useful corporate gifts for employees are custom pens, but you can't just purchase any promotional pens and call it a day. Remember that one favorite cup we mentioned earlier? Everyone also has a favorite pen that writes smoothly and doesn't smudge, so when choosing a pen as part of your corporate gifts package, choose high-quality custom pens your employees will not soon give up. The variety of promotional pens on the market also allows you to choose the style and price that most aligns with your brand and budget, so you can opt for budget-friendly pens in a large quantity or high-end executive rollerball pens and ballpoint pens that will be the go-to option for your employees.
custom penscustomized penslogo pens

9. Custom Power Banks Keep Employees Charged

When you rely on your smartphone or tablet to get you through the day, there's nothing worse than watching the battery percentage slowly tick away. Be the power source lifesaver for every employee with custom power banks designed to provide the charge needed to get through every work day, event, or trip. These rechargeable corporate gifts are great as employee appreciation gifts, holiday gifts, or any other occasion when you want to thank an employee for a job well done with a promotional product that will keep them motivated.
custom power bankscustomized power bankslogo power banks

Just remember, make sure you choose a custom power bank that will fully charge their devices. If the power bank has a 1,500mAh battery, then it will be able to provide one complete charge for a smartphone. A 5,600mAh battery will give a smartphone two to three-and-one-half complete charges or charge an iPad to 40 percent. A 10,000mAh battery will provide four complete charges for a smartphone or one complete charge for a tablet.

10. Bluetooth Speakers and Earbuds are Great Tech Gifts

When you want employees to increase productivity and work together to attain goals, bluetooth speakers and earbuds are a great way to make that happen. Research from Cornell University has found that employees who listen to certain types of music are able to cooperate and make group decisions better than employees who work without a background soundtrack. Bluetooth technology will allow them to tune in to any playlist they have saved on their smartphone or computer and listen along while providing exceptional work for your company. They get high-quality bluetooth speakers or earbuds and you get increased productivity and employee contentment.
custom Bluetooth speakerscustomized Bluetooth speakerslogo Bluetooth speakers

11. Business Card Cases are the Perfect Advertising Tool

Business cards make any employee feel as though they have a special place within your organization and custom business card cases will allow them to easily advertise the products or services they represent with pride. Deboss, imprint, or laser-engrave your company name and logo on each one for maximum brand exposure and arm your employees with the tools necessary to boast about their workplace.

12. Stress Relievers and Toys Add a Little Fun to Your Corporate Gift

At times, life can be a fast-paced roller coaster ride with endless to-do lists, projects, and responsibilities. Ease employees' stress with custom stress relievers and toys that will bring a smile to their faces and possibly bring back memories of simpler childhood times. Stress reliever balls have changed to include many shapes and sizes so you can choose the one that best fits your market. For example, if you work in a medical office, find a stress reliever promotional item that is in the shape of a doctor or nurse. A vet's office will benefit from a dog-, chicken-, bear-, pig-, or lion-shaped stress reliever toy. There are even fidget spinners that can be customized with your company name and logo.

13. Golf Accessories are Always a Hole in One

Sponsoring a team of employees for a charity golf event or just have employees that love the game? Golf accessories can make an employee's day out on the greens that much more enjoyable and will offer you a helpful way to expand your business portfolio. Studies show that many executives are now closing deals out on the golf course and what better way to seal that deal than with custom golf balls and golf accessories personalized with your company name and logo? You can even provide the perfect executive gifts with customized golf bags and pouches.

14. Personal Care Products for Comfort

Promotional personal care products can make employees feel as though they have just returned home from the spa with options such as comfortable robes, manicure sets, and spa kits to help them relax after a long day at work. Maybe your sales team had a spectacular sales quarter or your office staff just outlined the best process for delivering superior customer service, reward them for going above and beyond with supplies that will allow them to be pampered and taken care of.

15. Wine and Cheese Gift Sets Hit the Spot

Gifts for employees that put in those long hours or the extra effort needed to get the job done right call for a more sophisticated approach. Wine and cheese gift sets show employees that you notice the hard work they have put in and appreciate their efforts. Don't want to give alcohol as a corporate gift? Sans the wine and give your employees a classy cheese gif set with a cutting board, small spade, flat cheese knife, and cheese fork. They'll get the hint and enjoy it with a nice bottle of their favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio.

16. Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

The marketing motto Know Your Audience applies to corporate gifts for employees as well, so if you have employees that prefer to be environmentally responsible, give them promotional gifts that will have a favorable impact on the environment. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness associated with their sunflower-in-a-can, their eco-friendly tote bags, or refillable padfolios, and you'll have the opportunity to protect our environment and decrease the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills.

17. Suncare Promotional Products Allow for Fun in the Sun

Beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, custom umbrellas and many more suncare promotional products remind employees that sometimes you just have to stop everything and enjoy life. These corporate branded gifts will allow employees to be prepared for a family outing to the beach or pool and will tastefully advertise your brand to every other sun-lover in the vicinity. Company picnics and retreats are a great time to provide these suncare products to employees, as standalone promotional items or packaged together as a welcome gift basket.

18. Promotional Chairs for the Sports Enthusiasts

Anyone who has ever sat on the sidelines of a soccer field or on bleachers during a baseball, football, or basketball game know that comfortable chairs are the best way to go to thoroughly enjoy any sport outing. Alleviate the sore backs and cramped necks from your sport-loving employees with a comfortable event chair or lounge chair, and take advantage of the crowds at every event they attend with your company name and logo expertly placed on the back of each chair. Many of the promotional chairs available are foldable and come with a carrying case for easy storage and transport.

19. Trophies and Awards Make for Great Corporate Recognition

Make employees feel special and appreciated by not only recognizing their efforts and achievements, but by commemorating them with a customized trophy or plaque. From etched crystal vases to jade glass trophies and everything in between, corporate gifts for employees that showcase their contribution to the company and highlight their strengths will also provide a boost in company morale. To maximize the value of this corporate gift, try pairing it with a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. Every time the employee looks at their award, they will be reminded of the hard work they put in to achieve their goal and the appreciation the company exhibited for that effort.

20. Executive Gift Sets Won't be Forgotten

Every employee deserves recognition when they go above and beyond their duties, and executives aren't an exception to that rule. Long hours, grueling responsibilities, and a dedication to their team make executives indispensable to any organization. When you want to show your executives how much their commitment means to the company as a whole, choose executive gift sets that live up to that level of appreciation. These executive gift sets can be a combination of any of the corporate gifts from employees listed above or can be a signature gift set created specifically for that executive.

On average, employees spend more time at the office than they do in their own homes, so providing them with custom corporate gifts they can actually use with a style they can appreciate shows them that you hold them in the highest regard. Of course, you don't always have to wait for a special occasion to offer corporate gifts for employees; many companies also put together new employee gift baskets to welcome staff members to the team and allow them to boast about their company benefits right from the start.

The right employee gifts can truly get your team motivated and on track.