20+ Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees That Will Make Any Office Staff Smile

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No matter the occasion, it's always a good idea to show your team how much you appreciate their hard work, and a small, practical gift that your employees can use often is the perfect way to do so.

From birthdays, work anniversaries or company events, a good employer never runs out of reasons to motivate their team. The key is to understand your employees' needs and interests in order to pick the perfect items for them.

Don't just take the easy way out and simply offer cash.

Corporate-Gift-For-Employees Show your team you appreciate them with the best corporate gifts!

Employers' focus on cash is often misplaced, as gifts are far more motivating to employees than cash bonuses, shows a study explained by Harvard Business Review. The same study says that gifts can significantly improve employee's motivation and productivity, effectively paying for themselves in the long run. Finding the perfect corporate gifts for employees doesn't have to be a mind-boggling experience. With the proper combination of practicality and style, your branded corporate gifts will warrant appreciative nods and smiles, and maybe even some noteworthy praise on social media. Jump into our list of promotional gifts to find the one that is best suited for your office staff, depending on the occasion and their needs:

1. Thank you Gifts Ideas for Employee Appreciation

A simple thank you can go a long way, especially if it's heartfelt. If you're closing down the best year in your company's history, if you've just gotten a huge client or simply had outstanding results from your team, then it's definitely time to make them feel appreciated. Happy employees lead to happier clients and repeat business.

Show them you value their work with a more significant gift that will be useful both at work and at home. Think of something out of the box and interesting that everyone will love, such as a Bluetooth speaker. Your team can listen to music at work to create a more relaxed atmosphere, but it is certainly a gift that they can also enjoy at home.

A crisp sound woven fabric Bluetooth speaker has an elegant aspect and a soft touch due to the interesting knitted fabric covering it. It also has a range of 33 feet and a built-in microphone that makes it a dream accessory for a conference call. Print your logo on the back for a more personalized touch.

Woven fabric Bluetooth speaker as a giftA woven fabric Bluetooth speaker will make your team smile

2. Gifts for Employee Birthdays

Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday and so do your employees. This means that the gifts you choose should have a personal touch and should carry emotional value. For example, a custom photo frame with their favorite picture or even a picture of the whole team could be a perfect present that your employee will cherish for years to come.

You can even up the ante and include a box of chocolates with the company's logo to appeal to their sweet tooth. The 20 truffles gift Box with a logo molded bar is an elegant and delicious option. A decadent truffle filled box will leave everybody wanting for more. And as a cute extra touch, the box's centerpiece is your logo molded in milk chocolate.

Birthday Chocolate for Employees
Appeal to your employee's sweet tooth

3. Budget-Friendly & Inexpensive Employee Gifts

Showing your team you appreciate them doesn't have to be a strain on your yearly budget. The bigger the team, the more the overall gift price will grow, but the reality is that most people will appreciate any small token. It is indeed the intention that counts.

Whether you're a small business or a company with lots of employees, a good business man will always try to get the best value for the money. You can give your employee good quality corporate gifts, without it being a strain on the yearly budget.

One of the best ways to get a better price is to buy the items in bulk, so consider buying the gifts for your entire team at once. The more items you buy, the bigger the discount per item.

Employee gift ideas under $5

If your company has a small budget, but you would still like to show your appreciation for the people who work for you, small gifts under $5 are the way to go. It tells everyone that they matter, no matter the circumstances. And you can definitely get some quality elegant products for less than 5 dollars.

A good example would be a stainless steel Business Card Holder, which features a mirror finish for a touch of extra style. It is the type of gift that everyone can use, especially if they work in client facing roles or need to do some networking on a regular basis. It not only helps your team, but it also helps create a better image for your company.

A simple yet elegant business card holder

Employee gift ideas under $10

If you're looking for an interesting gift, for $10 or less, take a look at the Reversible iPad Sleeve which can also be used inside out, made from flexible, durable neoprene. Think of the members of your team who need to travel abroad to take part in presentations or even courses. A tablet is their best friend in these cases, and this checkpoint friendly tablet sleeve is perfect for their iPads.

reversible iPad sleeve
Carry your iPad everywhere!

For a healthier approach, you can also opt for a Multi-Function Pulse Pedometer. It helps people be more active and exercise more, as it calculates the estimated steps they take, the walking or running distance, the number of calories burned and the pulse rate.

Multifunction pulse pedometer
Help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle

Employee gift ideas under $20

While still under a budget, a $20 spending amount opens up quite a few options. For instance, take a look at an elegant and practical 3 Ring Custom Portfolio, perfect for organizing all of your stationary and keeping everything you need in one place. It comes with a 3 ring spiral for replaceable sheets and includes a small notepad and pockets for your cards and calculator.

Keep everything organized and in handy at all times

Another option would be a matte black vacuum insulated bottle that can keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours or cold for 24 hours. The lid doubles as a cup, which makes this ideal for both travel and commuting to work.

Vacuum insulated bottle
Enjoy your hot coffee on the go

4. Gifts for Executives

They put in the hard work to make sure everything is running smoothly, sometimes even burning that midnight oil. All to get the best results for you. After all this, you need to reward your executives and show them they are invaluable to the whole operation and, of course, to you.

But one of the biggest challenges of shopping for executives is finding a balance between functionality and usability, while still getting something they wouldn't normally buy for themselves.

Go for something elegant and practical, with a leather exterior, like a Cutter And Buck Desktop Valet and Charging Station. This is a modern take on the classic leather valet, but can also work as a desk organizer and it's perfect for charging all of your devices. It has classy lined compartments and a large outer storage that allows power cords to pass through.

Desktop valet and charging station for executives.
The perfect elegant solution for organizing all of your devices

If your executives have a sense of humor, it might also be a good idea to include a gag gift like a stress reliever, for those people who tend to be a bit more demanding at times.

5. Gifts for Travel Lovers

Every office has one or two employees who live to travel and never miss a good offer on a trip. Think of that one guy you always ask for advice before booking your summer vacation, since he's practically a human travel encyclopedia.

Gifts for travel loversGive them a gift they can use during their travels

When it comes to gifts for these employees, you can never miss with a travel-related gift, which is always going to come to good use. One can never have enough traveling bags, especially in different sizes, for instance. Also, you know this is the type of person who likes to travel lighter and smarter, so a Roll-Up Toiletry Organizer will also come in handy.

Toilery organizer for travelers.
Help your employees travel lighter and smarter

6. Gifts for Employee Retirement

A long career and years of devotion to your company should be celebrated in style. A retirement is a huge milestone for anyone and is usually charged with emotions.

You can always go for a classic present like a Wine Gift Set, which includes a stainless steel opener and a foil cutter and can be engraved with the company name or even a short message.

Wine gift set.
Everything you need to enjoy your wine

Another option would be a present designed to help them fill up all that extra time that they will have. Think about their favorite hobby and get a gift to encourage it. For instance, if they have a passion for golf, a Golf Pouch that holds all of their valuables on the field is a nice and useful option.

Golf pouch for retirement.
The perfect gift for your long golf matches

7. Gifts for Economists

When it comes to the number-crunching employees, you know they will always appreciate a gift that has value for money. Economists are by nature practical and analytical, so any gift should reflect exactly that.

We recommend the Tablet Combo Zip Portfolio, which includes a spiral bound refillable notebook, a tangle free audio cord and earbuds, a built-in microphone for answering the phone, and extra slots and pockets for valuables. It's pretty much everything you need for work on a daily basis, in a compact and organized case. As a bonus, the portfolio also doubles as a tablet sleeve.

Combo zip portfolio.
A practical gift all economists will enjoy

8. Gifts for New Employees

Joining a new team can be hard, so it's extremely important for your new employee to feel welcomed and integrated as soon as possible. To start them off on the right foot, prepare a little welcome gift. It doesn't have to be anything big, as long as you go for something of quality.

An interesting ceramic mug with a chalkboard strip where they can write their name right next to the company logo is a great way to make them feel part of the team, as well as being useful on a daily basis. Alternatively, a Double Wall Ceramic Tumbler with a silicone lid has an elegant design and is perfect for those who commute to work and usually have their coffee on the go.

Ceramic office mug.
Enjoy your coffee with this personalized mug.

9. Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

We live in a world of technology and tech enthusiasts are not easily impressed nowadays. When trying to find the perfect gift for your tech passionate team, you must always go for quality products with high standards and impeccable designs. An Ultra Slim Crystal Qi Wireless Charger has a simple but attractive design and will come in handy at the office. The charger is compatible with most phones, so it works for both Android and IOS fans alike.

Ultra Slim Crystal Qi Wireless Charger.
High tech gifts are always welcomed.

As a different option, you can't really talk about high tech without touching on virtual reality. The Virtual Reality Headset includes headphones that plug directly into your smartphone, while the padding allows your team to enjoy virtual reality in style and comfort. This type of gift will easily become a favorite.

virtual reality headset.
Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality.

10. Gifts for Outdoors Lovers

Always encourage your colleagues and employees' passions and hobbies. If members of your team have an outdoor passion, finding the perfect gifts should be relatively easy. There is a wide selection of Camping and Outdoor items from which you can choose.

Anyone who enjoys spending long hours outdoors will be happy to have a 7-Piece Picnic Set. That set comes with a wine opener, two stainless steel knives and forks with polished wood handles, a polished wood cutting board, zippered canvas wrap and a canvas tote that holds three bottles of wine. Basically, everything you need for a full day outside, surrounded by nature. Add a custom lunch cooler to keep all the food and beverages cold, and you'll have the perfect kit and the perfect gift.

7-piece picnic set.
Enjoy long picnics with style

11. Gifts for Employee Work Anniversary

Each year one of your colleagues spends with the company should be rewarded in style. A work anniversary is just as important as a birthday, maybe even more important, as it gives you the chance to show your recognition of that person's hard work. A heartfelt gift can give them the motivation and energy to strive within the company a few more years.

Choose a gift that is more stylish, like a leather-covered journal or notebook. A custom journal with elegant stitching is first of all eye-catching, but also offers a practical way for them to always be ready for their next big idea.

custom leather journal.
Make your employees feel special with this eye-catching leather journal

Choose a pocket-sized custom journal for quick notes, goals, and thoughts or a full-sized custom notebook for checklists, meeting notes, and outlines. Either way, your company name and logo will shine debossed or imprinted on the front cover.

12. Gifts for Summer Vacations

Summer is an exciting time and everyone is looking forward to their vacations. Join in on your employees' excitement and reward them with a few vacation gifts. Not only will the presents be useful to them, but having branded items traveling the country or even abroad automatically raises awareness of your company and transforms your team members into brand ambassadors.

Tote bags

One of the most useful and versatile things you can give are tote bags. A cute, branded canvas tote bag is fashionable and can come in handy at the beach or while discovering new cities. For instance, the traditional cotton tote bag is a small investment that will be an extremely popular gift due to its versatility.

cotton tote bag.
You can carry this versatile cotton tote bag everywhere you go

If you're looking for something that seems more exquisite for the women in your company, this Nylon Tote with Leather accents is the way to go. This classic design mixes durability and style with the combination of nylon and luxurious leather, to create the perfect everyday tote.

cotton tote bag.
Durability meets style with this tote bag.


And while the women will be ecstatic with a great tote bag, the men in your company might prefer something like a good-looking pair of sunglasses that come in a wide range of colors suited for every style.

Sunglasses with corporate logo.
Sunglasses with corporate logo

13. Gifts for an Employee Leaving their Job

Just because one member of the team is leaving, doesn't mean they shouldn't have a great send off. Celebrating the time you had together with a small token of appreciation will make them look back with fondness. Besides, this way they will only have kind words to say about the company and their time working there.

Here are some gifts ideas for employees leaving the job:

A poker set

A fun activity gift might bring some nostalgia to the departure and create a good reason for a reunion. A Game Night Poker Set is both an interesting present and a great pretext to bring everyone back together.

Game night poker set.
Have a fun get together with a poker set.

A quality watch

And since we're talking about your time together, a classic, Elegant Custom Watch might have a sentimental touch in this case. By keeping it simple and choosing a classic design with leather straps you'll make sure anyone will love it.

Elegant custom watch.
Everyone loves a great watch that will remind them of the good old days

An energetic gift set

Make sure they'll be powered up at their new job and gift them the Ghirardelli Thermos and Hot Chocolate Gift Set. There's no better way to send them your best wishes than with a symbolic gestures that shows you care.

Thermos and hot chocolate gift set.
Do not just wish them good luck. Show them you care about their future with a symbolic gift.

14. Unique Gift Ideas for Creative Employees

When it comes to the creative team, you might think that something out of the box is a must. In reality, there are a few very simple and basic items that can't miss. No creative person ever leaves the house without at least one small notebook that can easily fit into any bag or even pocket. They will always need to write down ideas or suggestions, no matter where they go, so something like a Mini Memo Flag Spiral Notebook with a mini ballpoint pen is ideal. It even has five assorted color sticky flags to categorize all the ideas and a sticky memo pad.

Mini memo flag spiral notebook.
The perfect way for creative employees to get their ideas out no matter where they are.

15. Gifts for Employees Who Do Field Work

Not everyone enjoys a nine to five desk job, which is exactly why some of your employees might be working the field: going from place to place, from meeting to meeting or event to event, carrying out presentations or networking on your behalf. This means that the perfect gift for them would be something in which they can carry all of their devices and work documents, while still maintaining an impeccable look. Custom briefcases and bags come with everything your employees need to transport important documents and assignments, as well as their laptops and tablets everywhere they go. Take, for example, the Kenneth Cole Dowel Leather Briefcase, an amazing mixture of style and functionality which looks good enough to be showcased on runways.

Kenneth Cole Dowel leather briefcase.
An elegant and sophisticated briefcase always makes a good impression.

16. Gifts for Employees who Work Long Hours

Working long hours means that you need to make sure your team feels like his workspace is as cozy as possible and that the office is truly a home away from home. From custom mugs for their much-needed coffee to custom earbuds, anything that can enhance their experience at the office and make them feel more relaxed is a good idea.

You can opt for these Bluetooth headphones in neutral black, with a built-in music control on the earpiece to help them listen to their favorite tunes while working without any interruptions. Some research says that listening to music before performing a task can be beneficial. Music improves attention, memory, and even your ability to do mental math as well as helping lessen depression and anxiety.

Bluetooth headphones with built-in music control.
Help your employees feel more relaxed while they work long hours.

17. Gifts for the Most Practical Employees

Have you ever been stuck at the office on a rainy day? So have your employees. That is why custom umbrellas are always a good choice when pondering different corporate gift ideas.

Branded umbrellas
Practical classic corporate gifts that never get old.

When it comes to extremely practical people, the classic, useful gifts are always the best ones. They might not like extravagant high tech items or creative chocolate cases, but a simple branded umbrella might hit the spot. You can customize your umbrellas using a color imprint of your company name and logo and increase brand recognition while your employees avoid summer showers.

If you're curious about how an umbrella is actually printed with a logo check out this video of umbrella printing.

18. Gifts for Employees Who Like To Be Fit

If your employees embrace exercising and keeping fit, there are several gifts that could help them keep their habit even when they're at the office. You might want to consider a Fitness Kit which includes a cinch bag, microfiber towel, multi-exercise resistance band and jump rope with foam grip handles. Having this kit at the office helps employees get their 15 minutes of workout during the lunch break.

Full fitness kit for the office.
Encourage your employees to maintain an active lifestyle even at the office.

Another good idea might be the Exercise Ball. People can improve their core strength and still answer those emails at the same time. It even has a fitness guide with exercises that can be performed on the ball.

exercise ball for the office.
Improve your core strength while finishing some tasks on your laptop.

19. Gifts for the Auto Fans

When it comes to people who can't go a day without their cars, it's always a good idea to give them something they can use in their vehicle. For instance, this trunk organizer helps them amplify the trunk space and always keep it organized. It has three interior pockets, three exterior pockets, and even a shoe compartment. It also includes a cooler, for those who take a road trip every chance they have.

auto trunk organizer with cooler.
Get those employees who practically live in their car something useful that they would not buy themselves.

Alternatively, you could go for something more practical, like a tool set that you can always keep in your car. The set includes six-piece mini screwdriver set, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, precision tweezers, drive handle, ten assorted bits with holder, four sockets (7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm), and a fold-over carrying case with individual pockets for tools. Everything you need in case of emergency, nicely wrapped in a foldable case.

20. Gifts for Employees with Refined Taste

We all know that one person who is not so easily impressed and usually has a more refined taste. This calls for a more sophisticated approach. Wine and cheese gift sets show employees that you notice the hard work they have put in and appreciate their efforts as well as their good taste. A simple, yet elegant Executive Wine Case with padded leather and stainless steel corkscrew, pourer, drip ring and bottle stopper might do the trick.

executive wine case.
An elegant wine case goes a long way among wine lovers.

To mix things up, this Entertainer Wine & Cheese Board with deluxe solid wood cutting board, ceramic tapas dish, waiter corkscrew, bottle stopper, drip ring and two ceramic handle cheese knives is perfect for the next wine and cheese gathering.

wine and cheese travel kit.
Even the people harder to impress love wine and cheese.

Don't want to give alcohol as a corporate gift? Give your employees a classy Cheese Gift Set with a cutting board, a small spade, flat cheese knife, and cheese fork. The extra bottle stopper and waiter corkscrew will hint to enjoy it with a nice bottle of their favorite Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio.

wine and cheese serving kit
All anybody needs for the perfect wine and cheese party.

The right corporate gifts can truly get your team motivated and on track, and will pay for themselves with higher performance from your team. Apply the same care you do to your marketing campaigns to showing your appreciation and recognition to your employees.

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