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Hardcover to leather, classic to modern, simple to extraordinary, find the custom notebook or journal that complements your brand in our extensive collection. Complete the look with your company name and logo expertly debossed or imprinted right on the cover for instant brand recognition.

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Notebooks Customized for your Promotional Campaign

Walk into any coffee shop or library and you'll more than likely find many people typing away at their keyboards, working on their latest school project or work presentation. You'll find even more people tapping away on their cell phones, as they answer emails, read the news, peruse social media, or play the latest game. At first glance, you may not see the importance of including customized notebooks as part of your promotional marketing strategy, but as technology takes over the world, more and more people are learning how to step away from electronic devices and use traditional, non-electronic tools to relax and step away from their fast-paced tasks. This includes. going back to paper notebooks
If technology reigns supreme, why would they even consider going back to pen and paper? Research has shown that there may be a physical process that needs to be completed to form a memory, thus allowing you to retain that information long-term. When you go through the physical process of writing, you are creating a relationship to the information, thus making it easier to remember.
Stepping away from work, school, and other necessary responsibilities, keeping a hand-held journal also provides a healthier state of well-being. "Writing away your worries" connects you with your feelings and problems, and many say it allows them to come up with solutions and breeds creativity in a way that typing on a computer cannot. Physically getting rid of the journal filled with your problems, anxieties, etc. has also shown to be therapeutic.
With that information in hand, it's difficult to argue that including personalized notebooks in your marketing campaign is beneficial to your overall marketing strategy. Providing custom notebooks branded with your company name and logo right on the front cover will allow users to connect your business with feelings of problem resolution, increased memory, and overall happiness.
What's the right custom journal or notebook for your campaign? Well, that depends on your target market and for what they will be using the notebook.

Types of Notebooks

Spiral Notebooks

Think back to your school days and you'll remember your parents purchasing spiral notebooks in multiple colors to coordinate with your different school subjects. These notebooks are characterized by their wire bound structure, thin cardboard, polypropylene, or flexible plastic covers, and affordability. Spiral notebooks are less expensive than other notebooks and the pages are usually perforated so you can extract a page smoothly. The wire binding allows you to turn the pages easily and have the notebook lay flat on the table.
Spiral notebooks are three-hole punched, come in a variety of sizes, and are filled with either wide- or college-ruled paper. The standard size for spiral notebooks is 8 1/2 by 11 inches and, mixed with their affordability, are ideal for students.

Bound Notebooks

Leaving the wire behind, bound notebooks are kept together with either staples, glue, thread. Staple-bound notebooks obviously use staples to keep the college-ruled pages together and are most often associated with smaller notebooks, while perfect bound notebooks use strong and flexible glue to keep the pages and thicker cardboard cover secured together at the spine. Bound notebooks can also be sewn together to secure the notebook without the use of staples or glue. Some custom journals fall into the bound notebook category, as do all composition notebooks.

Business/School Notebooks

Any notebook can be used for taking down notes and coming up with ideas, but when you need to keep track of deadlines as well, a business/school notebook is the key to success. These custom notebooks offer either notebook pages with a built-in planner or a planner with built-in note pages. The best choice between these two options is the one that focuses on the main task at hand. Business notebooks or school notebooks usually contain college-ruled paper and are usually bound in heavier weight material, such as vinyl or leather.

Executive Notebooks

When you are looking for a customized notebook or journal to give to executives, or you want a high quality notebook that will wow your prospective clients, executive notebooks are the way to go. These notebooks are made with heavy-weight paper and are hard bound with high-quality materials to ensure they will stand the test of time and be soft and supple to the touch. These notebooks usually feature genuine leather, cloth or moleskin, linen, or other high-quality materials. These notebooks or journals may also come with a promotional pen and a tab/loop closure matching the color and material used on the cover.

Unique Cover Notebooks

Different textures and colors make up the Unique Cover Notebook category, and offer a more eye-catching promotional product. Blueberry Ink offers notebooks with wood grain, diamond texture, twill, carbon fiber, cork, velvet, metallic, bamboo, and so many more covers. These personalized notebooks will allow your brand to be distinguishable from your competition and will provide your prospective and current clients with a great promotional product to carry with them every day.

Other Features of Customizable Notebooks and Journals

We've already mentioned that notebooks come in a variety of sizes. These sizes are Letter, Half-Letter, Junior Legal, and Pocket-Sized, and each one can serve a different purpose. Standard notebooks have 8.5-by-11-inch paper, while Half-Letter notebooks are 8.8 by 5.5 inches. Both of these notebooks can be used for just about everything. Legal notebooks are 8.5 by 14 inches and are most associated with legal work, but can be used for many of your note-taking needs. Junior Legal notebooks are 8 by 5 inches are more for on-the-go note-taking. Pocket-sized notebooks are just as the name suggests: They are mini notebooks that can be taken anywhere for a quick jotting down of notes or ideas.
Another feature of some notebooks is their ability to be refilled with paper. Refillable notebooks are usually made of durable covers that will allow you to use them again and again. The number of pages for these refillable custom notebooks range from 72 to nearly 200 pages. The material used for the cover can vary, so you can still choose the type of cover you want and get the convenience of refilling the paper any time you need.
If you are eco-conscious, look for recycled custom notebooks with recycled paper, a recycled cardboard cover, or both. You can also opt for a high-end customizable notebook that has a leather cover, but still features recycled paper. You can even choose a notebook that also has a recycled paper pen.

Notebook Printing Options

Now comes the customization stage of the process. Customizable notebooks are great promotional products because of the surface area available for personalization, as well as the many different notebook printing options. You can fill almost the entire cover of your notebook with your company name and logo to ensure your brand is front and center every time they pull out their notebook or carry it around in their travels.
Deboss: The deboss method of personalization includes creating a die of your logo then heat pressing it into the material. When a cover is debossed, the material where the logo is pressed may darken slightly, allowing for contrast between the logo and remaining cover space.
Single Color and Multi-Color Imprint: Color imprinting is when your art is replicated onto a screen and then transferred to the promotional product. Colors will be expertly duplicated to maintain brand integrity using PMS Color Matching. Single color imprinting allows for one color artwork, while multi-color imprinting allows for more than one color option, the most being a 4-color process custom notebook.
Custom Tip-In Page/Inside Printing: In addition to cover art, some custom notebooks can also feature custom tip-in printing. This inside printing option allows for a full color page to be inserted into the front or back of the notebook or journal, as well as on both if you opt for a double tip-in.

A History of Notebooks

Notebooks were "invented" through a sheer desire to take notes and create a reference book. In 1502, an Italian scholar named Ambrogio Calepino started writing down definitions of words. After awhile, he had many pieces of paper that, when put together, created a Latin dictionary. This dictionary was called a "calepin" and was later translated to Hebrew, Italian, and other languages.
Over time, others adopted this method of note-taking and putting the pages together for record-keeping. Notebooks evolved and different sizes and shapes came into production.
Imagine going to school at a young age and having one of your assignments be making a notebook. That's what children had to do in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Back then, notebooks were made by folding pieces of paper in half and then setting them aside to be bound together. The paper didn't come lined, so people had to draw the lines onto the paper before the notebooks were bound.
The first method of binding for notebooks was hand-stitching the folded stacks of paper. In 1900, a judge requested that a margin be put in on the left side of the paper and that is when the first legal pad came to be. Two years later, J.A. Birchall, the owner of a Tasmania-based stationery shop, decided it would be more efficient to glue the sheets of paper together, instead of sewing them, and adding a cardboard sheet for stability.
Over the hundreds of years notebooks have been in production, their format has evolved to include different sizes, shapes, materials, and uses.

Parts of a Notebook

Front: The cover of the notebook or journal. This is the side that has the binding on the left.
Back: The opposite side of the notebook that rests away from you as you look at the notebook. This is the side that has the binding on the right.
Head: The top portion of the notebook.
Tail: The bottom portion of the notebook.
Spine: The vertical edge of the notebook where the pages are bound together.
Binding: The material or method used to bind the pages together.
Fore Edge: The opposite end of the spine, where the pages are not connected together.
Book Block: The inside of the notebook, where all of the pages are located.
Leaves: The sheets of paper in the notebook.
Fringe: The shredded edge of the paper when it is torn from a spiral notebook, instead of being separated by the perforation.
Boards: When a notebook has a hard cover, the front and back covers are called boards.
Case: The boards of a book together are called its case.

Technology and Development

We are back to the conversation of technology. Notebooks may still be a popular way for people to take notes, jot down ideas, or make checklists and to-do lists, but we all know eventually they will also find their way into the digital world.
Wacom, a company that wants to equip and inspire everyone to make the world a more creative place, currently has electronic notebooks that can take your handwritten notes and store them electronically. They are calling it "a smooth and intuitive digital note-taking experience - seamlessly bridging the gap between paper notes and the digital workflow."
Another company bridging the gap between paper and digital is Moleskine, "dedicated to quality, culture, travel, memory, imagination, and personal identity - in both the physical & digital world. They have their Moleskine smart writing set notebook with smart pen that syncs your notes to your smart device and also allows you to record audio to sync with your notes.
These are just two of the electronic note-taking options currently available, but they don't come cheap. These two electronic notebooks start at $200 and you need a smart device to which it can link for it to work, adding an additional cost. And don't even get us started on computer crashes, broken devices, or software glitches. Needless to say, paper notebooks are still the way of today, and your marketing strategy will be better because of them.
With the many different options available, you will be able to find the perfect customizable notebook to fit your marketing needs. Begin your search or contact our friendly customer service representatives for help in choosing just the right one. After that, just prepare your artwork and send it to us. You can leave the rest to us. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your success and will provide the highest quality application of your corporate name and logo on every personalized notebook we offer, whether it be custom imprinted or debossed.