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Spector continues to be a leader in quality padfolios and business bags and cases. Now they have stepped up to the challenge of technology promos with some of the most innovative custom printed high-tech corporate gifts. Featuring products from Brookstone, your logo will be printed or engraved on the products you love. And when it comes to basics, the full line of Spector tote bags with all those great styles and colors can be found here at Blueberry Ink at discount prices. Almost everything in this category can be shipped out in 24 hours using the Spector rush service at no extra charge. If you need help finding the right corporate gift, please give us a call. We're here to help you find the right products for your event or promotion.

Spector Writing Instruments

Spector B130 Spector Executive Pull-Off Cap Rollerball PBP2383
Spector B135 Spector Mother-of-Pearl-BALLPOINT PBP2488
Spector B318 Spector ONYX Ball Point Pen PBP3464
Spector B330 Spector Executive Twist-Action Ballpoint PBP2384
Spector B460 Spector Chrome Etched Ballpoint PBP2489
Spector B652 Spector Executive Pen & Pencil Set PBP2385
Spector EC105 Spector Helix-Eco Ballpoint Pen With Corn Starch Barrel PBP2361
Spector EC1090 Spector Ecologist Ballpoint Paper Pen PBP2362
Spector EC122 Spector ASIA Ballpoint PEN EC122 PBP3099
Spector G1009 Spector Veneno Ballpoint Pen PBP3454
Spector G1011 Spector Ovation Ballpoint PBP2364
Spector G1017 Spector Glitz Ballpoint PBP2399
Spector G1032 Spector SILVER BLOSSOM G1032 PBP3461
Spector G1035 Spector Blossom Ballpoint/Clock PBP2365
Spector G1037 Spector Blossom Ballpoint Highlighter PBP2429
Spector G1043 Spector Axis Ballpoint Pen PBP2398
Spector G1045 Spector Peewee Mini Ballpoint PBP2388
Spector G1047 Spector Vortex Ballpoint PBP2432
Spector G1049 Spector Helix Mini Ballpoint PBP2387
Spector G1071 Spector Helix Ballpoint PBP2366
Spector G1074 Spector Sydney Ballpoint PBP2375
Spector G1079 Spector Designer Pen PBP1943
Spector G1091 Spector Lightning Ballpoint Pen PBP2557
Spector G1095 Spector Debonair Ballpoint PBP2367
Spector G1097 Spector Korinna Ballpoint PBP2368
Spector G1098 Spector Korinna Ballpoint PBP2369
Spector G1103 Spector Belina Ballpoint Pen PBP3348
Spector G1109 Spector Rita Ballpoint Pen PBP3349
Spector G1118 Spector Belina Ballpoint Pen PBP3352
Spector G1141 Spector Circus Ballpoint Pen PBP3350
Spector G1149 Spector Circus Ballpoint Pen PBP3351
Spector G1191 Spector Bonnie Ballpoint Pen PBP3217
Spector G1196 Spector Lumina Ballpoint Pen PBP3212
Spector G1197 Spector Ethos Ballpoint Pen PBP3214
Spector G1198 Spector Brody Ballpoint Pen PBP3213
Spector G1211 Spector Payton Ballpoint Pen PBP3218
Spector G1213 Spector Phoenix Ballpoint Pen PBP3216
Spector G1214 Spector Ashton Ballpoint Pen PBP3215
Spector G1242 Spector Archer Ballpoint Pen PBP3455
Spector G1243 Spector Ashley Ballpoint Pen PBP3456
Spector G1261 Spector Nora Ballpoint Pen - SEA PBP3346
Spector G1262 Spector Hulda Ballpoint Pen - SEA PBP3347
Spector G127 Spector Twist Clip Ball Point Pen PBP1692
Spector G129 Spector Big Boy Ball Point Pen PBP1701
Spector G133 Spector Medina Ball Point Pen PBP1687
Spector G148 Spector Cosmopolitan Ballpoint PBP1677
Spector G149 Spector Metropolitan Metallic Push-Action Pen PBP1689
Spector G151 Spector Squiggly Push-Action Pen PBP1693
Spector G160 Spector Picasso Ballpoint PBP2431
Spector G162 Spector Universal Push-Action Pen PBP1688
Spector G163 Spector Squiggly II Push-Action Pen PBP1695
Spector G164 Spector Calypso Ballpoint Pen PBP1690
Spector G166 Spector Calypso Ballpoint PBP1691
Spector G167 Spector Fiesta Ballpoint PBP2428
Spector G171 Spector Fiesta Ballpoint PBP1696
Spector G174 Spector Streamer Push-Action Pen PBP1707
Spector G184 Spector Isador Push-Action Pen PBP1682
Spector G185 Spector Isador Ballpoint PBP1684
Spector G186 Spector Isador Metallic Push-Action Pen PBP1683
Spector G187 Spector Aries Push-Action Pen PBP1686
Spector G196 Spector The Blue Ink Pen PBP1676
Spector G3001 Spector Bruno Ballpoint Pen G3001 PBP3363
Spector G3016 Spector Dynamo Ballpoint Pen PBP2491
Spector G3017 Spector Harvest Ballpoint PBP2373
Spector G3024 Spector Tenor Ballpoint Pen G3024 PBP2558
Spector G3025 Spector Tenor Ballpoint Pen G3025 PBP3365
Spector G3026 Spector Tenor-Ballpoint PBP2567
Spector G3027 Spector Mistral Ballpoint PBP2377
Spector G3029 Spector Perfecto Ballpoint Pen PBP2560
Spector G3032 Spector Platinum Twist Ballpoint PBP2378
Spector G3034 Spector Melody 2-Tone Ballpoint Pen G3034 PBP3372
Spector G3035 Spector Platinum Rollerball PBP2379
Spector G3045 Spector Zeus Ballpoint Pen PBP2245
Spector G3048 Spector SENTINEL Ball Point Pen PBP3460
Spector G3059 Spector Eden Ballpoint Pen PBP2566
Spector G3076 Spector Gold Twist PBP3366
Spector G3097 Spector Maxine Ballpoint G3097 PBP2374
Spector G3101 Spector Taylor Ballpoint Pen PBP3210
Spector G3105 Spector Melody 2-Tone Ballpoint Pen G3105 PBP3371
Spector G3106 Spector Willow Ballpoint Pen G3106 PBP3449
Spector G3107 Spector Willow Rollerball Pen G3107 PBP3450
Spector G3113 Spector ROMILDA BALLPOINT PEN G3113 PBP3223
Spector G3114 Spector Dean Ballpoint Pen G3114 PBP3453
Spector G3119 Spector SAWYER BALLPOINT PEN G3119 PBP3487
Spector G312 Spector Optima Ballpoint Pen PBP2492
Spector G3124 Spector Alto Ballpoint Pen G3124 PBP2559
Spector G3127 Spector Jolt Ballpoint Pen PBP3452
Spector G3132 Spector Dominique Ballpoint Pen PBP3207
Spector G3133 Spector Marina Ballpoint Pen PBP3209
Spector G3134 Spector Santana Ballpoint Pen PBP3208
Spector G3147 Spector CAPRI BALLPOINT PEN PBP3364
Spector G3149 Spector FABRIZIO BALLPOINT PEN PBP3362
Spector G3213 Spector ROMILDA ROLLERBALL PEN G3213 PBP3491
Spector G3373 Spector RENZO BALLPOINT PEN G3373 PBP3224
Spector G3385 Spector LUCA BALLPOINT PEN G3385 PBP3516
Spector G4009 Spector Willow Ballpoint & Rollerball Set G4009 PBP3451
Spector G4021 Spector Taurus Ballpoint PBP2370
Spector G4043 Spector MONTGOMERY BALLPOINT PEN G4043 PBP3484
Spector G4047 Spector Marcus Ballpoint Pen PBP3211
Spector G4048 Spector VICKI BALLPOINT PEN PBP3226
Spector G4049 Spector CARINA BALLPOINT PBP3225
Spector G409 Spector Byron-Ballpoint PBP2433
Spector G421 Spector Taurus Ballpoint Pen PBP2046
Spector G661 Spector Tinkerbell Mini Ballpoint PBP2371
Spector i100 Spector GADGET PEN/STYLUS i100 PBP3463
Spector i137 Spector KNOX PEN/STYLUS i137 PBP3492
Spector i139 Spector AXEL PEN/STYLUS/PHONE HOLDER i139 PBP3493
Spector K1079 Spector Helix Gel Pen PBP3383
Spector K149 Spector Cosmopolitan Gel Pen PBP1671
Spector K189 Spector Madison Gel Ink Pen PBP1669
Spector K194 Spector Rhapsody Roller Ball Pen PBP1668
Spector xx3800 Spector Promotional-Ballpoint-Pen PBP2434
Spector G1104 Spector ORO BALLPOINT/STYLUS G1104 PCS113
Spector G1247 Spector Veneno Pen/Stylus PCS268
Spector G3115 Spector Theo Pen/Stylus G3115 PCS266
Spector G3117 Spector Genie Pen/Stylus G3117 PCS267
Spector I101 Spector ELENA MINI PEN/STYLUS I101 PCS111
Spector I103 Spector TUTI MINI STYLUS PCS109
Spector I106 Spector Vanessa Bracelet/Stylus - SEA PCS142
Spector I118 Spector ANTONIO PEN/STYLUS PCS294
Spector I123 Spector Fabrizio Pen/Stylus I123 PCS269
Spector EC125 Spector Vivo PHL204
Spector G1038 Spector Blossom Pen/Highlighter G1038 PHL175
Spector G1143 Spector Blossom Pen/Highlighter PHL199
Spector G1187 Spector Challenger Pen/Highlighter PHL202
Spector G1215 Spector Viva Pen/Highlighter G1215 PHL200
Spector G1287 Spector Challenger Pen/Highlighter PHL203
Spector K1052 Spector Tutto Pen/Highlighter/Stylus K1052 PHL211
Spector K3127 Spector Cassidy Gel Pen/Highlighter PHL198
Spector G3135 Spector MARTIN BALLPOINT PEN/LIGHT G3135 PMU231
Spector G497 Spector Prodigy Mini Ballpoint/Stylus PMU195
Spector B652P706 Spector Executive Pen & Pencil Set PPE166
Spector G1042 Spector Silver Blossom Pen/Highlighter & Pencil/Eraser Set G1042 PPE151
Spector G6807 Spector Maxine Pen & Pencil Set PPE167
Spector B145 Spector Pearl Rollerball Pen PRO401
Spector B450 Spector Chrome Etched Rollerball PRO403
Spector G3131 Spector Shelby Ballpoint Pen PRO479
Spector G4038 Spector Sophia Rollerball Pen PRO478