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Leed's Branded Corporate Gifts

Discover the Full Line of Personalized Promotional Products from Leed's

Leed's has partnered with over 30 brand names to bring the high-end of retail products to the corporate gift market. One of the earlier brand partners was Cutter & Buck which showed Leed's how successful retail brands can be brought into the corporate items market. Now famous names like DOCKERS' and Everlast are part of the mix. Promotional flashlights carry the Garrity brand while lighters and other items display the Zippo logo along with the customers custom imprinted or engraved logo. Wenger the famous maker of pocket knives can also be found in the Leed's branded collection. The High Sierra brand brings to the Leed's family a name known for durable and long lasting backpacks and bags. Customers can take advantage of giving a corporate gift which is more than your standard gift, but tells the customer that you have gone the extra mile in selecting a logo imprinted promotional item.

The Case Logic line from Leed's takes tech to a new level offering some of the smarted pda holders available in the promotional items industry. While the Alicia Klein label offers style rarely found in corporate gift selections.

Everyone knows STANLEY as a maker of great tools and thermoses. Now you can have your logo imprinted on a genuinie Stanley thermos.

Branded corporate gifts from Leed's have changed the way the industry sees promotional items. Years ago, the promotional item was thought of as a pen for under a dollar. But now corporate gift giving has entered a new realm. One where the gift giver can give a high-end gift truly representing their appreciation and reflecting the true quality of the company being promoted.

Sometimes it's difficult for a corporate gift buyer to know the level of quality of a promotional item. By pulling brands from the retail industry, Leed's has helped the buyer to have instant confidence in the quality and style of the gift. Leveraging the reputation and name recognition of some of the most loved brands.