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Take advantage of our discount prices on the full line of Leed's padfolios. From genuine leather to economy padfolios, your logo will look fantastic debossed or imprinted on these top-of-the-line promotional padfolios. Custom Leed's padfolios have a reputation for quality and style and with over 50 to select from, we have just what you need.
Business Bags & Cases
Leeds elleven 13" Zippered Padfolio 0011-71 QPF871
Leeds Dickson Writing Pad   d QPF786
Leeds Dickson Jr. Writing Pad   d QPF760
Leeds Manchester Writing Pad 0400-01 QPF286
Leeds Manchester Jr. Padfolio 0400-06 QPF207
Leeds Manchester Padfolio 0400-10 QPF208
Leeds Manchester Jotter   d QPF500
Leeds Manchester Presentation Portfolio 0400-77 QPF711
Leeds Windsor Reflections Writing Pad 0550-01 QPF209
Leeds Windsor Reflections Clipboard 0550-02 QPF862
Leeds Windsor Reflections Jr. Padfolio 0550-06 QPF638
Leeds Windsor Reflections Jr. Writing Pad 0550-07 QPF787
Leeds Windsor Reflections Zippered Padfolio 0550-10 QPF380
Leeds Windsor Reflections Steno-Folio   d QPF213
Leeds Windsor Reflections Jotter 0550-66 QPF214
Leeds Windsor Reflections Presentation Portfolio 0550-77 QPF710
Leeds Windsor Impressions Writing Pad 0551-01 QPF556
Leeds Windsor Impressions Jr. Zippered Padfolio 0551-06 QPF557
Leeds Windsor Impressions Zippered Padfolio 0551-10 QPF591
Leeds Windsor Impressions Jotter   d QPF558
Leeds Windsor Impressions Presentation Portfolio 0551-77 QPF592
Leeds Color Step Padfolio   d QPF829
Leeds Color Step Jr Padfolio   d QPF830
Leeds DuraHyde Writing Pad 0600-01 QPF215
Leeds DuraHyde Jr. Padfolio 0600-06 QPF216
Leeds DuraHyde Zippered Padfolio 0600-10 QPF217
Leeds DuraHyde Versa-Folio 0600-15 QPF639
Leeds DuraHyde Basic Presentation Portfolio 0600-77 QPF708
Leeds Pedova Writing Pad 0770-01 QPF640
Leeds Pedova Jr. Zippered Padfolio 0770-06 QPF641
Leeds Pedova Zippered Padfolio 0770-10 QPF642
Leeds Pedova Ringbinder 0770-77 QPF742
Leeds Northwest Zippered Padfolio 0800-10 QPF219
Leeds Abruzzo Padfolio 0990-01 QPF843
Leeds Abruzzo Jr Padfolio 0990-02 QPF844
Leeds Renaissance Writing Pad 1000-01 QPF220
Leeds Renaissance Jr. Zippered Padfolio 1000-06 QPF643
Leeds Renaissance Padfolio 1000-10 QPF221
Leeds Renaissance Presentation Portfolio   d QPF712
Leeds Metropolitan Writing Pad 1100-01 QPF413
Leeds Metropolitan Zippered Padfolio 1100-10 QPF222
Leeds Distinctions Jr. Padfolio   d QPF290
Leeds Distinctions Zippered Padfolio   d QPF291
Leeds Scripto® Writing Pad Bundle Set 1350-01 QPF559
Leeds Scripto Jr. Writing Pad Bundle Set 1350-06 QPF560
Leeds Scripto Flash TriFolio Bundle Set   d QPF593
Leeds Scripto Flash Jr. TriFolio Bundle Set   d QPF594
Leeds Scripto Flash Jotter Bundle Set   d QPF595
Leeds Scripto Jotter Bundle Set 1350-66 QPF561
Leeds Scripto Calculator Jotter Bundle Set   d QPF597
Leeds Scripto Pacesetter Writing Pad Bundle Set   d QPF644
Leeds Scripto Quota Writing Pad Bundle Set   d QPF732
Leeds Scripto Quota Jr. Writing Pad Budle Set   d QPF730
Leeds Scripto Quota Notebook Bundle Set   d QPF734
Leeds Wenger Writing Pad Bundle Set 1355-02 QPF646
Leeds Wenger Jr. Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set   d QPF648
Leeds Wenger Exec Leather Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set 1355-10 QPF649
Leeds Wenger Ballistic Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set   d QPF650
Leeds Wenger Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set 1355-12 QPF651
Leeds Wenger® Tech Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set 1355-13 QPF864
Leeds Wenger Presentation Portfolio Bundle Set 1355-77 QPF652
Leeds Hampton Writing Pad 1521-01 QPF562
Leeds Hampton Jr. Writing Pad 1521-03 QPF563
Leeds Brixen Zippered Padfolio   d QPF737
Leeds Wingtip Writing Pad   d QPF631
Leeds Wingtip Jr.Zippered Padfolio   d QPF630
Leeds Wingtip Zippered Padfolio 1600-10 QPF632
Leeds Wingtip Ringbinder   d QPF743
Leeds Hampton Notebook Jotter 2115-71 QPF565
Leeds Hampton Ringbinder   d QPF566
Leeds Quest Writing Pad   d QPF417
Leeds Quest Zippered Padfolio   d QPF418
Leeds Cross Jr. Zippered Padfolio 2767-32 QPF813
Leeds Cross® Zippered Padfolio 2767-33 QPF820
Leeds Cross® Prime Zippered Padfolio 2767-43 QPF845
Leeds Cross® Jr Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set 2767-52 QPF828
Leeds Cross® Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set 2767-53 QPF822
Leeds Cross® 7x10 Notebook Bundle Set 2767-54 QPF818
Leeds Cross® Prime Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set 2767-63 QPF847
Leeds Cross® Prime Tech Padfolio Bundle Set 2767-68 QPF848
Leeds Alicia Klein Deluxe Jr. Padfolio   d QPF529
Leeds Alicia Klein Deluxe Padfolio   d QPF496
Leeds Alicia Klein Deluxe Zippered Padfolio   d QPF528
Leeds Owl 100% Recycled Deluxe Padfolio (Black)   d QPF497
Leeds Owl 51% Recycled Writing Pad (Black)   d QPF499
Leeds Owl 100% Recycled Deluxe Ringbinder   d QPF570
Leeds Tempo 100% Recycled PET Jr. Zippered Padfolio   d QPF571
Leeds Stratford Writing Pad 3140-01 QPF505
Leeds Stratford Jr. Writing Pad 3140-06 QPF599
Leeds Stratford Zippered Padfolio 3140-10 QPF442
Leeds Stratford Jotter   d QPF600
Leeds Stratford Ringbinder   d QPF447
Leeds Burke Writing Pad 3280-01 QPF451
Leeds Burke Jr. Zippered Padfolio 3280-06 QPF452
Leeds Burke Zippered Padfolio 3280-10 QPF453
Leeds Burke Ringbinder   d QPF454
Leeds Summit Jr Zippered Padfolio   d QPF653
Leeds Summit Zippered Padfolio   d QPF654
Leeds MicroTek Deluxe Zippered Padfolio   d QPF384
Leeds Wave Zippered Padfolio   d QPF422
Leeds Tuscon Writing Pad   d QPF740
Leeds Tuscon Zippered Padfolio   d QPF741
Leeds Boomerang Zippered Padfolio   d QPF655
Leeds Spirit of St. Louis Writing Pad   d QPF656
Leeds Links Zippered Padfolio 5150-10 QPF423
Leeds Links Ringbinder   d QPF424
Leeds Scripto® Writing Pad 6001-01 QPF714
Leeds Scripto Jr. Writing Pad 6001-06 QPF715
Leeds Scripto Flash TriFolio   d QPF601
Leeds Scripto Flash Jr. TriFolio   d QPF602
Leeds Scripto Flash Jotter   d QPF603
Leeds Scripto Jotter 6001-66 QPF575
Leeds Scripto Calculator Jotter   d QPF605
Leeds Scripto Pacesetter Writing Pad   d QPF657
Leeds Scripto Quota Writing Pad   d QPF731
Leeds Scripto Quota Jr. Writing Pad   d QPF729
Leeds Scripto Quota Notebook   d QPF733
Leeds Dimensions Writing Pad 6100-01 QPF293
Leeds Dimensions Jr. Writing Pad 6100-06 QPF294
Leeds Precision Writing Pad   d QPF576
Leeds Precision Jr. Zippered Padfolio   d QPF658
Leeds Precision Zippered Padfolio 6745-10 QPF577
Leeds Precision Deluxe Versa-Folio   d QPF659
Leeds Precision Ringbinder   d QPF578
Leeds Dockers Classic Zippered Padfolio   d QPF507
Leeds Apogee Presentation Portfolio   d QPF393
Leeds Field & Company Cambridge Writing Pad 7950-01 QPF792
Leeds Case Logic Conversion Series Jr. Padfolio   d QPF794
Leeds Navigator Writing Pad   d QPF233
Leeds Navigator Padfolio   d QPF235
Leeds Milano Jr. Writing Pad with Drake Twist   d QPF237
Leeds Milano Padfolio   d QPF238
Leeds Milano Versa-Folio   d QPF239
Leeds Milano Deluxe Versa-Folio 9100-15 QPF709
Leeds Milano Pocket Jotter 9100-66 QPF240
Leeds Manhattan Writing Pad 9200-01 QPF241
Leeds Manhattan Padfolio 9200-10 QPF243
Leeds Manhattan Leather Presentation Portfolio   d QPF244
Leeds Wenger Executive Leather Writing Pad   d QPF583
Leeds Wenger Writing Pad   d QPF660
Leeds Wenger Jr. Zippered Padfolio   d QPF661
Leeds Wenger Executive Leather Zippered Padfolio 9355-10 QPF585
Leeds Wenger Deluxe Ballistic Zippered Padfolio   d QPF586
Leeds Wenger Zippered Padfolio 9355-12 QPF662
Leeds Wenger® Tech Zippered Padfolio 9355-13 QPF865
Leeds Wenger Presentation Portfolio 9355-77 QPF663
Leeds Elevations Deluxe Zippered Padfolio   d QPF386
Leeds Elevations Presentation Portfolio   d QPF299
Leeds Millennium Leather Writing Pad 9500-01 QPF245
Leeds Millennium Leather Jr. Writing Pad 9500-06 QPF246
Leeds Millennium Leather Zippered Padfolio 9500-10 QPF247
Leeds Millennium Leather Versa-Folio   d QPF713
Leeds Millennium Leather Jr. eTech Padfolio   d QPF797
Leeds Millennium Leather Personal Jotter 9500-72 QPF250
Leeds Palazzo Leather Zippered Padfolio   d QPF410
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Leather Writing Pad 9800-02 QPF281
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Jr. Writing Pad   d QPF252
Leeds Cutter & Buck Pacific Series Refillable Notebook   d QPF816
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Pacific Series Zippered Padfolio   d QPF823
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Tri-Fold Writing Pad   d QPF664
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Zippered Padfolio   d QPF665
Leeds Cutter & Buck® American Classic Writing Pad 9850-01 QPF387
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Amer Classic Jr. Writing Pad 9850-07 QPF443
Leeds Cutter & Buck Amer Cl Zippered Padfolio   d QPF440
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Amer Classic Tri-Fold Padfolio   d QPF344
Leeds Cutter & Buck American Classic Versa-Folio   d QPF411
Leeds Cutter & Buck Performance Writing Pad 9860-02 QPF587
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Performance Zippered Padfolio 9860-10 QPF588
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Bainbridge Writing Pad 9870-06 QPF869
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Bainbridge Zippered Padfolio 9870-07 QPF870
Leeds Kenneth Cole® Borders Writing Pad 9950-01 QPF798
Leeds Kenneth Cole Borders Jr. Writing Pad   d QPF799


Blueberry Ink is pleased to offer the full line of Leeds Promotional Products all in one place with top rated customer service. From the well know Leeds padfolios and bags to the entire line of Leeds sport bottles, pens and electronics, you'll find the promotional item that's just perfect for your next promotion. Discover discount pricing on all of your favorite Leeds Promotional Items.

Leed's padfolios and bags are desinged for durability and especially designed to promote your company with custom imprints and debossing. The Leeds Sure Ship program allows for 24-hour rush on most items. When you're in a hurry, you can depend on Blueberry Ink and Leeds to come through for you. Why pay full price for Leeds Bags and Padfolios when you can pay dramatically discounted prices right here at Blueberry Ink.