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Leed's padfolio Briefcase

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Leed's computer backpacks, padfolios and briefcases are designed specifically for the promotional products industry. Custom briefcases and backpacks can be imprinted, debossed or embroidered with your logo. A full list of all the Leed's briefcases and backpacks can be found right here and the prices are the lowest you'll find anywhere.
Business Bags & Cases
    Business Card Cases
Leeds Revello Pouch 0880-54 QBC279
Leeds Revello Keychain 0880-55 QBC280
Leeds Metropolitan Business Card Holder   d QBC164
Leeds Executive Business Card Case   d QBC185
Leeds RFID Card Wallet 1026-05 QBC281
Leeds Pedova Business Cardfolio   d QBC245
Leeds Flat Single Blade Knife Money Clip 1430-39 QBC263
Leeds Dakota Flip Over Wallet 1450-45 QBC282
Leeds Mea Huna Wallet 1908-01 QBC283
Leeds Cross® Business Card Holder 2767-38 QBC262
Leeds Cross Money Clip   d QBC258
Leeds Alicia Klein Pull Tab Cardholder   d QBC211
Leeds Alicia Klein Flip Top Business Card Holder   d QBC215
Leeds Alicia Klein Two Fold ID Holder   d QBC216
Leeds Alicia Klein Business CardFolio   d QBC219
Leeds Alicia Klein® Business Card Holder 3000-67 QBC190
Leeds Pedova Card Wallet 3350-53 QBC252
Leeds Pedova 24 Card Wallet 3360-01 QBC284
Leeds Zippo Money Clip 7550-31 QBC266
Leeds Alternative Card Wallet   d QBC272
Leeds Balmain Business Card Case   d QBC220
Leeds Balmain Business Card Case with Pen   d QBC221
Leeds Travelpro Executive Business Card Folio   d QBC253
Leeds Millennium Leather Card Wallet 9500-69 QBC109
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Money Clip Card Case 9800-78 QBC267
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Card Holder   d QBC247
Leeds Cutter & Buck Business Card Wallet   d QBC192
Leeds Kenneth Cole Nylon Compu-Tote 9950-79 QBC277
    Gift Briefcases
Leeds elleven Drive Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger   d QBR419
Leeds elleven Transit Tablet Messenger   d QBR383
Leeds elleven Vapor Checkpoint-Friendly Attache   d QBR395
Leeds elleven Stealth Compu-Case 0011-48 QBR528
Leeds elleven 13" Ultrabook Compu-Messenger   d QBR398
Leeds elleven Evolve 15" Computer Messenger 0011-53 QBR569
Leeds elleven Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger 0011-55 QBR468
Leeds elleven Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Attache 0011-58 QBR469
Leeds elleven Modular 15" Computer Briefcase 0011-63 QBR570
Leeds elleven Checkpoint-Friendly Wheeled Compu-Case 0011-98 QBR470
Leeds Zoom® Power Stretch Compu-Messenger Bag 0022-54 QBR529
Leeds Zoom Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger Bag 0022-55 QBR471
Leeds Zoom DayTripper Sling Compu-Messenger 0022-56 QBR420
Leeds Zoom Zip 15" Computer Briefcase 0022-61 QBR571
Leeds Falcon Commute Compu-Messenger   d QBR390
Leeds Falcon Checkpoint Compu-Slingpack Buckle Bag   d QBR433
Leeds Falcon 13" UltraBook Compu-Messenger   d QBR421
Leeds Our Team Hoodie Messenger   d QBR295
Leeds Our Team Jersey Messenger   d QBR296
Leeds Breach Tactical Compu-Messenger 1039-03 QBR549
Leeds Carhartt® Signature Compu-Messenger 1889-60 QBR518
Leeds Carhartt® Signature Compu-Brief 1889-61 QBR519
Leeds Neotec Fusion Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case 1900-55 QBR472
Leeds Neotec Checkpoint-Friendly Vertical CompuMessenger   d QBR473
Leeds New Balance 574 Classic Compu-Messenger   d QBR520
Leeds Elevate Lift 17" Computer Messenger Bag 1975-13 QBR572
Leeds Tranzip 15" Computer Messenger 2020-03 QBR573
Leeds Laminated Non-Woven Loop Messenger   d QBR297
Leeds Yoga Briefcase   d QBR269
Leeds Express Compu-Case 2180-12 QBR474
Leeds Box 15" Compu-Case 2301-43 QBR550
Leeds Stitched Organizer Brief   d QBR253
Leeds Quest Messenger Bag   d QBR181
Leeds ShockWave Messenger   d QBR298
Leeds Stretch Compu-Mesenger Bag 2950-19 QBR480
Leeds Racer Messenger 2950-27 QBR279
Leeds Urban Deluxe Day Brief   d QBR270
Leeds Ying Messenger Bag 2950-82 QBR271
Leeds Bolt Urban Messenger Bag 2950-90 QBR272
Leeds Boomerang Messenger 2950-99 QBR280
Leeds Owl 100% Recyc Deluxe Urban Sling (Black   d QBR259
Leeds Owl 51% Recycled Messenger Bag   d QBR261
Leeds Owl 51% Recycled Business Brief (Black)   d QBR262
Leeds Owl 100% Recycled Deluxe Messenger Bag (B   d QBR260
Leeds Tempo 100% Recycled PET Urban Messenger Bag   d QBR275
Leeds Tempo 100% Recycled PET Brief   d QBR276
Leeds Arches 51% Recycled Poly Brief   d QBR277
Leeds Arches 51% Recycled Poly Messenger Bag   d QBR278
Leeds The Sophia Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Tote 3006-35 QBR483
Leeds Disrupt Recycled Compu-Messenger   d QBR399
Leeds Disrupt Recycled Transporter Compu-Tote   d QBR416
Leeds Disrupt Recycled Ultrabook Messenger   d QBR378
Leeds Trash Talking Recycled Tablet Messenger Bag   d QBR392
Leeds Guess Love U Travel Compu-Tote   d QBR494
Leeds Metro Compu-Brief 3200-07 QBR449
Leeds Avenues Messenger   d QBR299
Leeds Boomerang Brief   d QBR300
Leeds Eclipse Deluxe Business Brief 3400-09 QBR156
Leeds Angle Compu-Brief 3450-01 QBR365
Leeds Verve Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger 3450-12 QBR434
Leeds Gridlock Vertical Compu-Messenger 3450-13 QBR426
Leeds Edge Compu-Messenger 3450-14 QBR450
Leeds Sutter Compu-Messenger Bag 3450-17 QBR521
Leeds Vault RFID Security Compu-Messenger 3450-42 QBR552
Leeds Commuter Compu-Messenger Tote 3450-47 QBR564
Leeds Summit Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger 3450-55 QBR435
Leeds Summit Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case 3450-57 QBR436
Leeds Briefcase for 10"-13" Chromebook 3450-60 QBR574
Leeds Excursion Saddle Bag   d QBR157
Leeds Excursion Cargo Messenger Bag 3500-54 QBR137
Leeds Faded Tablet Messenger Bag 3555-01 QBR384
Leeds Punch Compu-Messenger Bag   d QBR386
Leeds Meridian Brief   d QBR246
Leeds MicroTek Messenger Bag   d QBR138
Leeds MicroTek Compu-Saddle Bag 3600-55 QBR492
Leeds TechTransit Vertical Compu-Messenger   d QBR437
Leeds Incline Deluxe Brief   d QBR257
Leeds Incline Urban Messenger Bag 4525-05 QBR222
Leeds Verona Compu-Messenger 4850-09 QBR493
Leeds Verona Vertical Compu-Brief 4850-12 QBR495
Leeds DuraHyde Deluxe Brief 4900-09 QBR121
Leeds DuraHyde Vertical Brief   d QBR122
Leeds DuraHyde Saddle Brief   d QBR142
Leeds DuraHyde Compu-Attache 4900-58 QBR496
Leeds CheckMate® Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Brief 4960-19 QBR438
Leeds Solutions Day Brief   d QBR168
Leeds Paragon Compu-Brief 5700-19 QBR497
Leeds Paragon Compu-Attache 5700-58 QBR498
Leeds Oxford Slim Compu-Brief 5900-01 QBR553
Leeds Oxford Tablet Bag 5900-02 QBR554
Leeds Slazenger Sport Compu-Messenger Bag   d QBR223
Leeds Hive Tablet Messenger Bag 6440-30 QBR387
Leeds Hive Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case 6440-55 QBR440
Leeds Buzz Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger Bag   d QBR441
Leeds Slope Compu-Messenger Bag 6655-19 QBR442
Leeds Crunch Brief 6740-10 QBR281
Leeds Rubble Brief 6740-11 QBR282
Leeds Skyline Brief 6740-12 QBR283
Leeds Double Curve Business Brief 6740-13 QBR360
Leeds Symmetry Brief   d QBR362
Leeds Tilt Messenger Bag   d QBR361
Leeds Rumba Messenger Bag   d QBR364
Leeds Tuck Compu-Brief with Laptop Sleeve 6740-18 QBR443
Leeds Crayon Business Brief   d QBR359
Leeds Buckle 15" Computer Briefcase 6740-25 QBR575
Leeds Hayden Convention Briefcase 6740-26 QBR576
Leeds Corner Pocket Convention Briefcase 6740-27 QBR577
Leeds Offset Convention Messenger 6740-28 QBR578
Leeds Precision Deluxe Brief 6745-12 QBR226
Leeds Precision Messenger Bag 6745-15 QBR444
Leeds Transpire Business Brief   d QBR251
Leeds Explorer Messenger Bag   d QBR363
Leeds Dockers Classic Messenger Bag   d QBR229
Leeds Dockers Prof Deluxe Compu-Messenger Bag   d QBR230
Leeds Identity Messenger Bag   d QBR159
Leeds Stark Tech Tablet Bag 7827-01 QBR555
Leeds Stark Tech 15" Compu-Messenger 7827-02 QBR556
Leeds Stark Tech 15" Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Briefcase 7827-03 QBR557
Leeds Slant Messenger Bag 7850-06 QBR207
Leeds Jute Non-Woven Evolution Messenger   d QBR291
Leeds Field & Co. Scout Compu-Tote 7950-27 QBR565
Leeds Field & Co. Venture 15" Computer Messenger 7950-32 QBR579
Leeds Field & Co. Hudson 15" Computer Briefcase 7950-35 QBR580
Leeds Field & Co. Scout Compu-Messenger 7950-48 QBR558
Leeds Field & Co. Compu-Messenger Bag 7950-55 QBR464
Leeds Field & Co. Cambridge Collection Compu-Messenger 7950-59 QBR417
Leeds Field & Co. Classic Compu-Messenger   d QBR522
Leeds Field & Co. Hudson Compu-Tote 7950-93 QBR566
Leeds High Sierra® Magnum Compu-Backpack 8050-13 QBR445
Leeds High Sierra Upload Business Compu-Case 8050-16 QBR451
Leeds High Sierra 21 Wheeled Carry-On w/Compu-Sleeve 8050-32 QBR499
Leeds High Sierra Outbound Wheeled Compu-Case 8050-89 QBR458
Leeds High Sierra® Integral Deluxe Wh Bus Compu-Case 8050-92 QBR500
Leeds High Sierra® XBT Elite 15" Compu-Messenger 8052-24 QBR559
Leeds High Sierra® XBT Elite Top Load Compu-Business Case 8052-39 QBR560
Leeds Excel Brief 8100-06 QBR148
Leeds Excel Sport Brief 8100-07 QBR149
Leeds Excel Saddle Brief 8100-19 QBR150
Leeds Excel Sport Expandable Saddle Bag 8100-25 QBR133
Leeds Case Logic 10.1" Tablet Attache   d QBR391
Leeds Case Logic 15.6" Tablet + Compu-Messenger   d QBR394
Leeds Case Logic® Cross-Hatch Compu-Case 8150-93 QBR446
Leeds Case Logic® Reflexion 15.6" Compu-Messenger Bag 8150-99 QBR523
Leeds Excel Sport Deluxe Brief 8200-09 QBR139
Leeds Velocity Compu-Brief 8250-06 QBR452
Leeds Urban Passage Vertical Pack   d QBR140
Leeds Northwest Expandable Saddle Bag 8800-05 QBR153
Leeds Northwest Brief 8800-08 QBR145
Leeds The Capitol Compu-Brief 8900-01 QBR561
Leeds Alternative® Bucket Tote 9004-01 QBR567
Leeds Alternative® Mailbag Compu- Messenger 9004-14 QBR562
Leeds Alternative® Slim Computer Brief 9004-15 QBR524
Leeds Thule Crossover Compu-Messenger Bag 9020-20 QBR393
Leeds Thule Subterra 15" Computer Briefcase 9020-30 QBR582
Leeds Wenger® Executive Leather Business Brief 9350-09 QBR194
Leeds Wenger® Executive Leather Compu-Saddle Bag 9350-16 QBR481
Leeds Wenger Leather Double Compartment Attache 9350-56 QBR453
Leeds Wenger Leather Deluxe Compu-Case   d QBR249
Leeds Wenger Transit Compu-Messenger   d QBR454
Leeds Wenger Spirit Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger   d QBR430
Leeds Wenger Tablet Messenger Bag   d QBR396
Leeds Wenger Slim 15" Compu-Messenger Bag   d QBR397
Leeds Targus 17.3 CityGear Messenger   d QBR372
Leeds Targus 13.3 CityGear Atlanta Messenger   d QBR373
Leeds Cutter & Buck Pacific Checkpoint-Friendly Messenge   d QBR374
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Pacific Fremont Compu-Messenger 9810-41 QBR511
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Cotton Compu-Messenger Bag 9840-55 QBR431
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Bainbridge 15" Computer Briefcase 9870-43 QBR568
Leeds Kenneth Cole Manhattan Leather Compu-Messenger 9950-12 QBR482
Leeds Kenneth Cole® Reaction Compu-Messenger 9950-20 QBR432
Leeds Kenneth Cole® 15" Compu-Messenger 9950-23 QBR563
Leeds Kenneth Cole® Colombian Leather Dowel Compu-Messng 9950-33 QBR484
Leeds Kenneth Cole® Colombian Leather Compu-Messenger 9950-34 QBR385
Leeds Kenneth Cole Tech Compu-Messenger Bag   d QBR485
Leeds Kenneth Cole Vert Checkpoint-Friendly Messenger 9950-49 QBR375
Leeds Kenneth Cole Womens Compu-Tote   d QBR486
Leeds Kenneth Cole® "Frame of Reference" Compu-Tote 9950-51 QBR465
Leeds Kenneth Cole® "Tripled The Size" Compu-Tote 9950-52 QBR466
Leeds Kenneth Cole® EZ-Scan Single Gusset Laptop Case 9950-57 QBR526
Leeds Kenneth Cole Canvas Tablet Messenger   d QBR388
Leeds Kenneth Cole® Canvas Compu-Messenger 9950-61 QBR389
Leeds Kenneth Cole® EZ-Scan Double Gusset Laptop Case 9950-64 QBR527
    Computer Cases
Leeds Falcon Rolltop Compu-Backpack   d QCC512
Leeds Pedova Compu-Case   d QCC315
Leeds Pedova Compu-Case   d QCC510
Leeds Pedova Compu-Case   d QCC511
Leeds Griffin Outfit for iPad   d QCC376
Leeds Neotec Compu-Brief   d QCC157
Leeds Neotec Fusion Compu-Attache   d QCC269
Leeds Neotec Deluxe Compu-Attache   d QCC156
Leeds Neotec Deluxe Wheeled Compu-Attache   d QCC160
Leeds Neotec Checkpoint-Friendly Wheeled Compu-Case   d QCC297
Leeds Airmesh 7"-10" Laptop Sleeve   d QCC317
Leeds Airmesh Laptop Sleeve   d QCC271
Leeds Stan Compu-Brief   d QCC273
Leeds Hexi Compu-Messenger Bag   d QCC274
Leeds Alicia Klein Nancy Deluxe Compu-Case   d QCC219
Leeds Alicia Klein Lucy Deluxe Compu-Case   d QCC277
Leeds Alicia Klein Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case   d QCC318
Leeds Alicia Klein Katie Compu-Backpack   d QCC220
Leeds Owl 100% Recycled Deluxe Compu-Messenger Bag   d QCC462
Leeds Owl 100% Recycled Laptop Sleeve   d QCC278
Leeds Owl 100% Recycled Deluxe Compu-Case   d QCC279
Leeds Owl 100% Recycled Deluxe Compu-Backpack   d QCC263
Leeds Verve Compu-Backpack   d QCC299
Leeds Lux Compu-Brief   d QCC301
Leeds TechTransit Compu-Messenger   d QCC464
Leeds Slazenger Sport Vertical Compu-Messenger Bag   d QCC467
Leeds Hive Compu-Case   d QCC321
Leeds Cube Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Case   d QCC322
Leeds Hudson Compu-Messenger   d QCC323
Leeds Precision Double Compartment Compu-Attache   d QCC223
Leeds Karim Rashid Imago Compu-Backpack   d QCC487
Leeds Dockers Classic Deluxe Compu-Saddle Bag   d QCC224
Leeds Dockers Professional Compu-Backpack   d QCC227
Leeds Dockers Prof Deluxe Double Compu-Attache   d QCC228
Leeds High Sierra Outbound Compu-Messenger   d QCC324
Leeds High Sierra Outbound Deluxe Compu-Case   d QCC325
Leeds High Sierra Outbound Fly By Compu-Backpack   d QCC326
Leeds High Sierra Compu-Daypack   d QCC482
Leeds High Sierra Optima Fly-By Compu-Backpack   d QCC480
Leeds High Sierra Connected Compu-Messenger Bag   d QCC409
Leeds High Sierra Brewster Compu-Daypack   d QCC429
Leeds Connect Wheeled Compu-Backpack   d QCC532
Leeds Connect Wheeled Compu-Business Case   d QCC533
Leeds Case Logic Security-Friendly Compu-Backpack   d QCC330
Leeds Case Logic 17" Neoprene Laptop Sleeve   d QCC284
Leeds Case Logic 17" Neoprene Laptop Sleeve   d QCC407
Leeds Case Logic 15" Security Friendly Dbl Compartment   d QCC285
Leeds Case Logic 17" Checkpoint Friendly Dbl Compart   d QCC286
Leeds Case Logic 17" Security-Friendly Compu-Brief   d QCC331
Leeds Case Logic 7"-10" Security-Friendly Ipad Sleeve   d QCC310
Leeds Case Logic 15" Security-Friendly Compu-Messenger   d QCC332
Leeds Case Logic Cross-Hatch Laptop Sleeve   d QCC406
Leeds Case Logic GlobeTrot Check-Friendly Compu-Backpack   d QCC426
Leeds Portland Wheeled Compu-Backpack   d QCC237
Leeds Portland Deluxe Compu-Attache   d QCC238
Leeds Adapt Convertible Compu-Messenger   d QCC534
Leeds Street Scene Vertical Compu-Pack   d QCC111
Leeds Navigator Compu-Saddle Bag   d QCC114
Leeds Navigator Deluxe Compu-Attache   d QCC116
Leeds Navigator Compu-Backpack   d QCC129
Leeds Wenger Traveler Compu-Backpack   d QCC266
Leeds Wenger Horizons Compu-Backpack   d QCC333
Leeds Wenger Raise Compu-Backpack   d QCC431
Leeds Wenger Bounce Compu-Backpack   d QCC268
Leeds Wenger Scan Smart Compu-Case   d QCC335
Leeds Wenger Shield Scan Smart Compu-Backpack   d QCC537
Leeds Wenger Sport Compu-Backpack   d QCC244
Leeds Wenger Scan Smart Raise Compu-Messenger   d QCC411
Leeds Wenger Transit Double Compartment Compu-Case   d QCC287
Leeds Wenger Flash Scan Smart Compu-Backpack   d QCC539
Leeds Wenger Deluxe Compu-Backpack   d QCC245
Leeds TravelPro Deluxe Compu-Case   d QCC336
Leeds TravelPro MaxLite 15" Wheeled Compu-Case   d QCC337
Leeds TravelPro Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Backpack   d QCC338
Leeds Travelpro TravelSmart TSA Compu-Messenger   d QCC413
Leeds Travelpro TravelSmart TSA Vertical Compu-Messenger   d QCC412
Leeds Travelpro TravelSmart Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack   d QCC435
Leeds Millennium Leather Deluxe Compu-Saddle Bag   d QCC117
Leeds Targus 14 Zip-Thru Corporate Traveler Laptop Case   d QCC541
Leeds Westin Deluxe Compu-Saddle Bag   d QCC290
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Security-Friendly Compu-Case   d QCC339
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Security-Friendly Compu-Mess   d QCC340
Leeds Cutter & Buck American Classic Compu-Brief   d QCC137
Leeds Cutter & Buck Performance Double Compartment Compu   d QCC291
Leeds Cutter & Buck Performance Compu-Saddle Bag   d QCC292
Leeds Kenneth Cole Manhattan Leather Compu-Case   d QCC414
Leeds Kenneth Cole Manhattan Leather Compu-Attache   d QCC415
Leeds Kenneth Cole Colombian Leather Compu-Case   d QCC418
Leeds Kenneth Cole Tech Deluxe Compu-Backpack   d QCC496
    CD Holders
Leeds Windsor Reflections CD Case   d QCD161
Leeds Metropolitan CD Case   d QCD162
Leeds Coastline CD Case   d QCD155
    Luggage Tags
Leeds Revello Luggage Tag 0880-51 QLT211
Leeds Dakota Luggage Tag 1450-43 QLT216
Leeds Omicron Identification Tag 2100-65 QLT144
Leeds Steel Threads Acrylic Identification Tag 2200-66 QLT108
Leeds Cross Luggage Tag 2767-37 QLT205
Leeds Alicia Klein Mini Bag Tag   d QLT165
Leeds Alicia Klein Bag Tag   d QLT159
Leeds Luggage Tag with Pen   d QLT166
Leeds Luggage ID Grip   d QLT167
Leeds Pedova Luggage Tag 3350-54 QLT201
Leeds Pedova Round Luggage Tag 3360-05 QLT217
Leeds Silicone Luggage Tag 3861-05 QLT218
Leeds Tag Along (Luggage Tag)   d QLT172
Leeds High Sierra Identification Tag   d QLT146
Leeds Balmain Identification Tag   d QLT169
Leeds Crossroads Identification Tag   d QLT147
Leeds Millennium Leather Identification Tag 9500-65 QLT109
Leeds Millennium Leather Retractable Luggage Tag 9500-66 QLT110
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Identification Tag 9830-67 QLT198
Leeds Cutter & Buck Am. Cl Ltr. Identification Tag 9850-39 QLT136
Leeds Cutter & Buck Bainbridge Luggage Tag 9870-50 QLT215
Leeds elleven 22" Squared Duffel with Garment Bag 0011-43 QLU263
Leeds elleven Vertex 21" Compu Rolling Upright   d QLU234
Leeds Mea Huna Psychedelic Organizer Pouch 1036-05 QLU265
Leeds Mea Huna Canvas Personal Organizer 1036-11 QLU266
Leeds Mea Huna Metallic Organizer Pouch 1036-12 QLU267
Leeds PolyPro Non-Woven TravelLite Shoe Bag   d QLU196
Leeds PolyPro Non-Woven Diamond Folding Garment Sleeve   d QLU197
Leeds Nicole Quilted Travel Utility Kit   d QLU219
Leeds Luxe 2-in-1 Wheeled Travel Tote 3006-48 QLU268
Leeds California Innovations Pack & Hang Insert with Cas   d QLU243
Leeds Triton Shoe Carry-All   d QLU127
Leeds Luxe 21" Expandable Carry-On Luggage 5893-18 QLU238
Leeds Luxe 19" Hardside 4-Wheeled Spinner Carry-On 5893-19 QLU220
Leeds Luxe 24" Hardsided Luggage 5893-25 QLU244
Leeds Slazenger Classic Shoebag 6050-02 QLU158
Leeds Slazenger Classic Utility Kit   d QLU187
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Travel Bag 7007-07 QLU246
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Garment Messenger 7007-15 QLU261
Leeds BRIGHTtravel Button Connect Pouch Set 7007-23 QLU269
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Rollup Toiletry Organizer 7007-24 QLU270
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Set of 3 Nested Travel Cases 7007-30 QLU271
Leeds High Sierra® 21" Carry-On Duffrite 8050-21 QLU125
Leeds High Sierra Wheeled Carry-On w/Rem DayPack 8050-33 QLU129
Leeds High Sierra Elevate 22" Expandable Carry-on   d QLU199
Leeds High Sierra Level 25" Expandable Wh Upright   d QLU165
Leeds High Sierra Elite Carry-On Wheeled Duffel   d QLU221
Leeds High Sierra Rev Wheeled Compu-Backpack   d QLU232
Leeds High Sierra® AT3.5 26" Wheeled Duffel   d QLU235
Leeds High Sierra AT3.5 22" Carry-On with Daypack   d QLU239
Leeds High Sierra Packable 30" Wheel-N-Go Duffel   d QLU247
Leeds High Sierra® AT Lite 32" Wheeled Duffel   d QLU248
Leeds High Sierra AT Lite 21.5" Upright   d QLU249
Leeds High Sierra® RS Series 21.5" Hard-sided Luggage 8052-44 QLU262
Leeds High Sierra Composite 21" Carry-On 8052-95 QLU272
Leeds Excel Utility Kit   d QLU122
Leeds Portland 21" Wheeled Carry-On with Compu-Sleeve 8254-25 QLU188
Leeds Smartt Utility Kit with Removable TSA Pouch   d QLU189
Leeds Urban Passage Utility Kit 8400-40 QLU112
Leeds Thule Crossover 56L Rolling Duffel   d QLU240
Leeds Wenger 21" Wheeled Carry-On 9350-21 QLU264
Leeds Wenger Transit Deluxe Wheeled Compu-Case 9350-68 QLU182
Leeds Wenger 17" Overnighter   d QLU191
Leeds Wenger 22" Wheeled Duffel   d QLU141
Leeds Wenger 19" 4-Wheeled Spinner Carry-on 9350-96 QLU214
Leeds Wenger 24" 4-Wheeled Spinner Upright   d QLU193
Leeds Wenger Shield 24" Rolling Duffel   d QLU222
Leeds Wenger 4-Wheel Spinner 24" Upright 9351-73 QLU223
Leeds Wenger 22" Drop Bottom Duffel   d QLU236
Leeds TravelPro Crew7 20" Rollaboard   d QLU209
Leeds TravelPro Crew 22" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter   d QLU210
Leeds TravelPro MaxLite 22" Garment-To-Go   d QLU211
Leeds Travelpro SkyGear 21" 4-Wheeled Spinner Carry-On   d QLU224
Leeds TravelPro MaxLite 22" Expandable Upright   d QLU212
Leeds Travelpro TProBold 22" Wheeled Expandable Carry-on   d QLU215
Leeds Targus 16 CityGear Topload   d QLU225
Leeds Targus Checkpoint-Friendly 16 Corporate Traveler   d QLU226
Leeds Targus 13 Revolution Ultra-Thin Topload Case   d QLU227
Leeds Targus 16 Revolution Checkpoint Topload Case   d QLU228
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Dopp Kit   d QLU229
Leeds Cutter & Buck American Classic Utility Kit   d QLU133
Leeds Cutter & Buck Performance Series Shoe Bag   d QLU194
Leeds Cutter & Buck Performance Wheeled Duffel   d QLU185
Leeds Cutter & Buck Performance Series Travel Case   d QLU195
Leeds Cutter & Buck Bainbridge Dopp Kit 9870-52 QLU273
Leeds Kenneth Cole Tech Duffel-Backpack   d QLU233
Leeds Kenneth Cole Tech 21" Wheeled Carry-On Luggage 9950-42 QLU237
Leeds Kenneth Cole® Tech All-In-One Travel Compu-Backpack   d QLU231
Leeds Kenneth Cole 20" 4 wheel Expandable Upright 9950-66 QLU250
Leeds Kenneth Cole Out of Bounds 20" Upright 9950-80 QLU274
    Custom iPad Cases
Leeds elleven Zippered Padfolio 0011-10 QPA136
Leeds elleven Case for iPad   d QPA179
Leeds elleven Jr. Zippered Padfolio 0011-20 QPA139
Leeds elleven Techtrap Stand   d QPA262
Leeds elleven Electronics Manager 0011-23 QPA261
Leeds Elleven Vapor Zippered Padfolio 0011-30 QPA233
Leeds Elleven Vapor Zippered Journal   d QPA232
Leeds elleven Presentation Portfolio 0011-77 QPA137
Leeds Zoom Media Messenger Bag for Tablets 0022-12 QPA180
Leeds Zoom Tablet & Laptop Sleeve   d QPA292
Leeds Zoom Power Stretch Tech Padfolio 0022-51 QPA310
Leeds Zoom Power Stretch Tablet Bag   d QPA311
Leeds Flip Portfolio for iPad   d QPA181
Leeds Flip Leather Portfolio for iPad   d QPA248
Leeds Tilt Mobile Technology Writing Pad   d QPA229
Leeds Flip Mini Portfolio for iPad   d QPA228
Leeds Windsor eTech Writing Pad 0550-15 QPA208
Leeds Durahyde Tech Padfolio 0600-20 QPA140
Leeds Durahyde Case for iPad   d QPA182
Leeds Pedova eTech Jr. Padfolio   d QPA209
Leeds Pedova iPad Stand Padfolio 0770-15 QPA141
Leeds Pedova 10" Tech Pad   d QPA255
Leeds Shark Tablet and Smart Phone Holder   d QPA183
Leeds Desktop Tablet Stand and Stylus   d QPA184
Leeds Metropolitan Tablet/E-Reader Stand   d QPA151
Leeds Scripto® Hue Jr Tech Writing Pad Bundle Set 1350-95 QPA331
Leeds Scripto Pacesetter for iPad Bundle Set   d QPA185
Leeds Scripto Hue Tech Writing Pad Bundle Set 1350-98 QPA332
Leeds Wenger iPad Notebook Bundle   d QPA163
Leeds Neoprene Tablet Sleeve   d QPA115
Leeds Hampshire Tablet Sleeve   d QPA117
Leeds Griffin Elan Passport for iPad   d QPA102
Leeds Griffin Neoprene Sleeve for Tablets   d QPA118
Leeds Griffin Elan Sleeve for Tablets   d QPA119
Leeds Griffin Survivor Case for iPad 2   d QPA120
Leeds Griffin Elan Folio for iPad   d QPA186
Leeds Griffin AirStrap for iPad 2/3/4   d QPA187
Leeds Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Mini   d QPA263
Leeds Griffin Survivor Case for iPad Air   d QPA312
Leeds Ambassador Punch Tech Pad   d QPA258
Leeds Ambassador Streets Steno Pad   d QPA260
Leeds Punch Tablet Tote   d QPA272
Leeds Pedova eTech Journalbook   d QPA147
Leeds Cross Tech Padfolio 2767-31 QPA234
Leeds Cross Prime Tech Padfolio 2767-48 QPA329
Leeds Cross Tech Padfolio Set 2767-51 QPA247
Leeds Alicia Klein iPad Notetaker   d QPA188
Leeds Alicia Klein Touch Case   d QPA149
Leeds Kate Tech Padfolio   d QPA231
Leeds Kate Zippered Padfolio   d QPA230
Leeds Disrupt Recycled Tablet Sleeve Messenger   d QPA254
Leeds Oxford Zippered Tech Padfolio 5900-05 QPA330
Leeds Scripto® Hue Tech Writing Pad 6001-96 QPA333
Leeds Scripto® Hue Jr Tech Writing Pad 6001-97 QPA334
Leeds Scripto Pacesetter for iPad   d QPA189
Leeds Zoom Stand for Phones   d QPA190
Leeds Zoom Stand for Tablets   d QPA191
Leeds Carbon Fiber Tech Padfolio 7003-10 QPA210
Leeds Carbon Fiber Writing Pad for iPad   d QPA192
Leeds Zoom 7" Sleeve   d QPA193
Leeds Zoom 10" Sleeve   d QPA194
Leeds Zoom Convertible Sleeve for iPad   d QPA195
Leeds Zoom Case for iPad 2/3/4   d QPA196
Leeds Zoom Waffle Case for 7" Tablets   d QPA266
Leeds Zoom Waffle Case for 10" Tablets   d QPA265
Leeds Zoom Waffle Case for 11" Tablets   d QPA264
Leeds Zoom Folio for iPad Air   d QPA313
Leeds Zoom Web Tech Pad 7003-45 QPA259
Leeds Zoom 2-in-1 Tech Sleeve Zip Padfolio 7003-52 QPA211
Leeds Zoom 10" Tablet Sleeve 7003-57 QPA337
Leeds Zoom 12" Tablet Sleeve 7003-58 QPA338
Leeds Pedova Case for iPad   d QPA122
Leeds Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad   d QPA166
Leeds Neoprene Zippered Tablet Sleeve 7140-13 QPA197
Leeds Rotating IntelliCover for iPad Mini   d QPA198
Leeds Waterproof Bag for Tablets   d QPA293
Leeds Pyramid Sleeve by Project IQ   d QPA304
Leeds Field & Company Cambridge eTech Writing Pad 7950-15 QPA212
Leeds Field & Co.Cambridge Collection Tablet Messenger 7950-58 QPA199
Leeds Field & Co. 7" Tablet Sleeve   d QPA270
Leeds Field & Co. 10" Tablet Sleeve   d QPA269
Leeds Field & Co. 11" Tablet Sleeve   d QPA267
Leeds Case Logic Conversion Zippered Tech Journal 8150-28 QPA148
Leeds Case Logic Conversion Zippered Tech Padfolio 8150-29 QPA142
Leeds Case Logic Conversion Tablet Case   d QPA200
Leeds Case Logic Conversion Case for 9"-10.1" Tablets   d QPA201
Leeds Case Logic Berkeley Tech Padfolio   d QPA305
Leeds Case Logic Conversion Series Ring Binder   d QPA213
Leeds Case Logic Hive Tech Padfolio 8150-78 QPA256
Leeds Case Logic Sr. Hive Tech Padfolio   d QPA257
Leeds Case Logic Sure Fit 9-10" Tablet Case   d QPA306
Leeds Alternative Tablet Sleeve   d QPA307
Leeds Thule Gauntlet iPad Air Case   d QPA308
Leeds Wenger iPad Notebook   d QPA202
Leeds Millenium Leather Case for iPad 2/3/4   d QPA203
Leeds Millennium Leather eTech Writing Pad   d QPA214
Leeds Millennium Leather Folio for iPad Air   d QPA309
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Pacific Series Tech Writing Pad   d QPA240
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Pacific Fremont Tech Pad 9810-35 QPA297
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy for iPad 2   d QPA123
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Case for Kindles   d QPA156
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy iPad Notebook   d QPA155
Leeds Kenneth Cole Borders Zippered Padfolio   d QPA215
    Passport Holders
Leeds elleven Jet Setter Travel Wallet 0011-17 QPP161
Leeds elleven Traverse RFID Travel Wallet 0011-26 QPP200
Leeds elleven Traverse RFID Passport Wallet 0011-28 QPP199
Leeds Revello Passport Cover 0880-52 QPP207
Leeds Metropolitan Travel Wallet 1100-64 QPP110
Leeds Metropolitan Deluxe Travel Wallet 1100-65 QPP123
Leeds Cross Travel Wallet 2767-35 QPP185
Leeds Cross Passport Wallet   d QPP186
Leeds Cross® Travel Wallet with Pen 2767-40 QPP195
Leeds Cross Passport Wallet with Pen   d QPP194
Leeds Alicia Klein ID Security Badge   d QPP145
Leeds Alicia Klein Tour One Wallet   d QPP146
Leeds Alicia Klein Passport Cover   d QPP124
Leeds Owl 51% Recycled Passport Wallet   d QPP149
Leeds Burke Travel Wallet   d QPP125
Leeds Pedova Travel Wallet 3350-51 QPP180
Leeds Pedova Passport Wallet 3350-52 QPP181
Leeds Spirit of St. Louis Venturer Wallet   d QPP127
Leeds High Sierra® RFID Passport Wallet 8051-76 QPP192
Leeds High Sierra® RFID Travel Wallet 8051-79 QPP193
Leeds Alternative Travel Wallet 9004-18 QPP203
Leeds Wenger® Leather Travel Wallet 9350-64 QPP122
Leeds TravelPro MaxLite Travel Wallet   d QPP150
Leeds Travelpro TravelSmart Passport Wallet   d QPP182
Leeds Travelpro TravelSmart Card Wallet   d QPP163
Leeds Travelpro TravelSmart Travel Wallet   d QPP162
Leeds Millennium Leather Travel Wallet 9500-64 QPP111
Leeds Cutter & Buck Travel Wallet   d QPP112
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Travel Wallet 9830-64 QPP151
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Passport Wallet 9830-65 QPP168
Leeds Cutter & Buck American Classic Travel Wallet   d QPP113
Leeds Cutter & Buck Performance Series Travel Wallet   d QPP144
Leeds Cutter & Buck Bainbridge Passport Wallet 9870-51 QPP214


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