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Leed's Promotional Items

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Discover all the greatest Leeds promotional items at the biggest Promotional Products Discount Store Online. Compare Leed's prices on thousands of the top selling promotional items debossed, imprinted and embroidered with your logo. From the famous Leed's Padfolios and bags, to the trendy Eco Totes, you'll find the entire line of Leed's products at incredibly low prices.
Promotional Items
    Badges & Lanyards
Leeds Trash Talking Recycled Lanyard   d TBL168
    Desktop Promotional Items
Leeds Questions & Answers Button   d TDT447
Leeds Stamp Out ID Theft   d TDT448
Leeds Emergency Coin Bank   d TDT449
Leeds Loop Memo Clip Bin   d TDT450
Leeds Loop Business Card Bin   d TDT451
Leeds Leaf Paper Clip Cup   d TDT452
Leeds Leaf Memo Clip   d TDT453
Leeds Loop Eco-minder Stamp   d TDT454
Leeds Loop Pen Bin 1070-21 TDT455
Leeds Leaf Pen Cup   d TDT456
Leeds Scripto Pen Cup   d TDT457
Leeds Scripto Slide Letter Opener   d TDT458
Leeds Scripto Magnetic Memo Clip   d TDT459
Leeds Loop (Recycled Paper Clip Set)   d TDT462
Leeds Stash (Mini Valuables Pouch)   d TDT472
Leeds Stand-Up (Stapler)   d TDT463
Leeds Oink! (Piggy Coin Bank)   d TDT464
Leeds Disco (USB Disco Ball)   d TDT465
Leeds Slim Ray (Waterproof Box)   d TDT473
    Custom Games
Leeds Mind Trap 3D Puzzle 1025-61 TGA179
Leeds Electronic Brain Trainer   d TGA231
Leeds Perplexia Square Puzzle   d TGA219
Leeds Perplexia Master Pyramid 1240-03 TGA222
Leeds 3-in-1 Perplexia Game Set   d TGA232
Leeds Tumbling Tower Wooden Block Game   d TGA180
Leeds Fireside 6-in-1 Multi-Game Set 1250-28 TGA233
Leeds Six-in-One Game Set   d TGA137
Leeds FireSide Card Set with Dominos   d TGA178
Leeds Game Night Poker Set   d TGA147
Leeds Lifestyle 7-in-1 Desktop Game Set 1400-56 TGA148
Leeds Mental Block 1520-33 TGA243
Leeds Gridiron Football Flip Game (Silver)   d TGA194
Leeds Bamboo Brain Buster Game   d TGA198
Leeds Pick em Up (Pick-up-sticks Game)   d TGA244
Leeds Unlock (Key Puzzle)   d TGA237
Leeds Roshambo (Rock, Paper, Sissors Dice)   d TGA238
Leeds Yo! (Yo-Yo)   d TGA245
Leeds Acupuncture (Pin Art)   d TGA239
    Custom Key Lights
Leeds 1 L.E.D. Carabiner Pen Light   d TKL319
Leeds 1 L.E.D. Superbright Keychain Light   d TKL320
Leeds 1 L.E.D. Detachable Keychain Light   d TKL321
Leeds 2 L.E.D. Solar Keychain Light   d TKL322
Leeds Garrity® Lithium White L.E.D. - K1   d TKL365
Leeds Handi-Lite (Tool Keychain Light)   d TKL325
Leeds Double Trouble   d TKL354
Leeds Lure   d TKL355
Leeds El Torcho   d TKL356
Leeds Hot Stuff   d TKL357
Leeds Stretchable Keylight   d TKL381
Leeds USB chargeable Keylight   d TKL382
Leeds Key Shapped Keylight   d TKL380
Leeds Push Keylight   d TKL379
Leeds LiteKey (L.E.D. Keychain)   d TKL358
Leeds A-Ha! (Lightbulb Keychain)   d TKL326
Leeds Pike (Keylight)   d TKL327
    Custom Key Tags
Leeds Charity Key Holder 1020-04 TKT182
Leeds Loop Key Tag   d TKT742
Leeds Illuminator LED Key Light 1220-31 TKT849
Leeds Pedova Round Key Chain 3360-06 TKT848
Leeds Lil Bin (Keychain)   d TKT788
Leeds Keylight Bottle Opener 6621-31 TKT863
Leeds Stainless Bottle Opener   d TKT825
Leeds Orbit Multi Tool Keychain   d TKT816
Leeds Aztec Multi Tool Keylight 6621-34 TKT864
Leeds Colorbright 3 LED Keylight 6621-38 TKT850
Leeds Due North   d TKT747
Leeds Dangle   d TKT748
Leeds Whistle (Whistle Keyring)   d TKT749
Leeds Grapple   d TKT750
Leeds Jot! Keychain Jotter   d TKT751
Leeds Fin (3-in-1 Bottle Opener)   d TKT789
Leeds Hook Me Up!(Carabiner)   d TKT752
    Stress Relievers and Toys
Leeds Building Block Stress Toy   d TST605
Leeds Fold up Flyer   d TST163
    Tape Measures
Leeds ReCoil   d TTM152


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