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Elegant or fun, Leed's journals and custom notebooks are the right style and at Blueberry Ink, they are the right price. Our full line of promotional notebooks and custom journals includes the best of Leed's debossed and imprinted journals.
Custom Notebooks
    Custom Notebooks
Leeds Fair Isle JournalBook   d JJO726
Leeds Abruzzo Soft Bound JournalBook 0990-03 JJO805
Leeds Scripto Jr. Journal Bundle Set   d JJO394
Leeds Stratford Executive JournalBook 1350-11 JJO468
Leeds Scripto Sticky Notes Jr. Journal Bundle Set   d JJO413
Leeds Scripto Flash Journal Bundle Set   d JJO523
Leeds Scripto Advantage Journal Bundle Set   d JJO414
Leeds Scripto Color Flex Bound Journal Bundle Set 1350-77 JJO855
Leeds Scripto® Bound Journal Bundle Set 1350-92 JJO806
Leeds Scripto Pacesetter Journal Bundle Set   d JJO524
Leeds Scripto® Journal Bundle Set 1350-99 JJO395
Leeds Wenger Deluxe Ballistic Journal Bundle Set   d JJO521
Leeds Wenger Refillable Journal Bundle Set   d JJO576
Leeds Wenger® Bound Journal Bundle Set 1355-16 JJO807
Leeds Hampton JournalBook 1521-20 JJO470
Leeds Brixen Journalbook   d JJO571
Leeds Ambassador Flex Bound JournalBook Bundle Set 1900-01 JJO808
Leeds Consul Bound JournalBook   d JJO415
Leeds Ambassador Pocket Bound JournalBook 1921-07 JJO416
Leeds Ambassador Bound JournalBooks 1921-09 JJO417
Leeds Ambassador Large Bound JournalBook 1921-10 JJO473
Leeds Recycled Ambassador Pocket Bound Journalbook   d JJO565
Leeds Recycled Ambassador Bound JournalBook 1921-12 JJO566
Leeds Ambassador Graphic Wrap Bound JournalBook 1921-13 JJO809
Leeds 5x7 Ambassador Carbon Fiber JournalBook® 1921-14 JJO656
Leeds Omni Journal Set 1921-15 JJO657
Leeds Ambassador Flex Bound JournalBook 1921-23 JJO810
Leeds Ambassador Jotter   d JJO695
Leeds Pedova Fusion Bound JournalBook 1921-98 JJO811
Leeds Metallic Ambassador Flex Bound JournalBook 1921-99 JJO812
Leeds Diplomat Bound JournalBook   d JJO317
Leeds Evolution Square Recycled JournalBook   d JJO288
Leeds Evolution Recycled JournalBook 2230-07 JJO289
Leeds Evolution Large Recycled JournalBook 2230-09 JJO397
Leeds Prism JournalBook 2300-06 JJO635
Leeds Lunar JournalBook 2380-06 JJO319
Leeds Pedova Bound JournalBook 2700-02 JJO418
Leeds Pedova Large Bound JournalBook 2700-03 JJO419
Leeds Dovana JournalBook 2700-04 JJO568
Leeds Dovana Large JournalBook 2700-05 JJO420
Leeds Pedova Pocket Bound JournalBook 2700-07 JJO567
Leeds Hardcover JournalBook 2700-12 JJO421
Leeds Hardcover Large JournalBook 2700-13 JJO422
Leeds Premier Leather JournalBook 2700-14 JJO423
Leeds Leather Large JournalBook 2700-15 JJO424
Leeds Green Grass JournalBook   d JJO474
Leeds Hope JournalBook   d JJO475
Leeds Pedova 7x10 Wire Bound JournalBook 2700-24 JJO658
Leeds Pedova Soft Bound JournalBook 2700-33 JJO745
Leeds Pedova Large Soft Bound JournalBook   d JJO739
Leeds Perfect Bound 8x5.5 Semi-Custom JournalBook   d JJO660
Leeds Executive Bound JournalBook 2700-52 JJO476
Leeds Executive Large Bound JournalBook 2700-53 JJO477
Leeds Hampshire Tri-fold JournalBook   d JJO570
Leeds Vicenza Bound JournalBook 2700-62 JJO478
Leeds Vicenza Large Bound JournalBook 2700-63 JJO479
Leeds Color Pop Paper Bound JournalBook 2700-65 JJO856
Leeds Revello Refillable JournalBook 2700-66 JJO857
Leeds Revello Soft Bound JournalBook 2700-67 JJO858
Leeds Revello Pocket Soft Bound JournalBook 2700-69 JJO813
Leeds Acadia JournalBook   d JJO563
Leeds Acadia Large JournalBook   d JJO564
Leeds Color Pop Saddlestitch JournalBook 2700-78 JJO859
Leeds Mankato JournalBook   d JJO480
Leeds Charisma JournalBook   d JJO481
Leeds Classic JournalBook   d JJO676
Leeds Classic Large JournalBook   d JJO677
Leeds South Side Large JournalBook   d JJO678
Leeds Uptown Leather JournalBook 2700-86 JJO698
Leeds Envelope JournalBook   d JJO699
Leeds Large Envelope JournalBook   d JJO703
Leeds Westbound JournalBook   d JJO700
Leeds Classic Magnetic JournalBook   d JJO702
Leeds Color Pop Journal 2700-91 JJO701
Leeds Allegheny JournalBook   d JJO482
Leeds The Dapper Large Bound JournalBook   d JJO728
Leeds Wainscot Large Bound JournalBook   d JJO740
Leeds Uptown Refillable Leather JournalBook 2700-96 JJO741
Leeds Cross 7x10 Notebook   d JJO679
Leeds Cross® Prime Refillable Notebook 2767-44 JJO729
Leeds Cross Prime Refillable Notebook Bundle Set 2767-66 JJO742
Leeds Cross Bound Journal 2767-80 JJO860
Leeds Cross Bound Journal Bundle Set 2767-81 JJO861
Leeds Cross Classic Refillable Notebook 2767-82 JJO862
Leeds Cross Classic Zippered Padfolio 2767-83 JJO863
Leeds Cross Classic Refillable Notebook Bundle Set 2767-84 JJO864
Leeds Cross Classic Zippered Padfolio Bundle Set 2767-85 JJO865
Leeds Pedova Large Ultra Soft Bound JournalBook 2800-01 JJO817
Leeds Dakota Soft Bound JournalBook 2800-02 JJO866
Leeds Pedova Refillable JournalBook 2800-03 JJO867
Leeds Essence Tuck JournalBook   d JJO398
Leeds Spectra JournalBook 2800-06 JJO109
Leeds Essence JournalBook 2800-09 JJO283
Leeds Essence Large JournalBook 2800-10 JJO440
Leeds Nova Bound JournalBook 2800-11 JJO868
Leeds Pedova Pocket Soft Bound JournalBook 2800-12 JJO848
Leeds Ambassador Spiral JournalBook 2800-13 JJO869
Leeds Color Pop Spiral JournalBook 2800-14 JJO870
Leeds Revello Spiral JournalBook 2800-15 JJO871
Leeds Sintra Cork Soft Bound JournalBook 2800-16 JJO872
Leeds Color Pop Paper Bound JournalBook Bundle Set 2800-18 JJO873
Leeds Ambassador Graphic Wrap Deboss Plus Bound 2900-01 JJO874
Leeds Ambassador Graphic Page Bound JournalBook 2900-03 JJO875
Leeds Ambassador Graphic Page Deboss Plus JournalBook 2900-04 JJO876
Leeds Color Pop Graphic Wrap Bound JournalBook 2900-05 JJO877
Leeds Color Pop Graphic Wrap Deboss Plus JounalBook 2900-06 JJO878
Leeds Color Pop Deboss Plus Bound JournalBook 2900-07 JJO879
Leeds Color Pop Graphic Page Bound JournalBook 2900-08 JJO880
Leeds Color Pop Graphic Page-Deboss Plus JournalBook 2900-09 JJO881
Leeds Pedova Soft Graphic Wrap Bound JournalBook 2900-10 JJO882
Leeds Pedova Soft Graphic Wrap-Deboss Plus JournalBook 2900-11 JJO883
Leeds Pedova Soft Deboss Plus Bound JournalBook 2900-12 JJO884
Leeds Pedova Soft Graphic Page Bound JournalBook 2900-13 JJO885
Leeds Pedova Soft Graphic Page- Deboss Plus JournalBook 2900-14 JJO886
Leeds Ambassador Deboss Plus Bound JournalBook 2900-20 JJO887
Leeds Alicia Klein Tri-Fold Networker Journal   d JJO530
Leeds Alicia Klein Bound Notebook   d JJO574
Leeds Alicia Klein Journal   d JJO525
Leeds Owl 51% Recycled Journal (Black)   d JJO526
Leeds Fine Society Kate JournalBook   d JJO743
Leeds Trash Talking Recycled Spiral JournalBook   d JJO696
Leeds Trash Talking Recycled Bound JournalBook   d JJO697
Leeds Cordoba JournalBook 3021-20 JJO528
Leeds Recycled PolyPro-Cardboard JournalBook   d JJO399
Leeds Recycled Cardboard Hand Sewn Journal   d JJO441
Leeds Recycled Paperboard Pivot Pad   d JJO400
Leeds Recycled Cardboard Pivot Pad   d JJO311
Leeds Recycled Cardboard JournalBook 4060-06 JJO313
Leeds Recycled Cardboard JournalBook   d JJO401
Leeds Recycled Cardboard ColorBound JournalBook   d JJO442
Leeds Recycled Cardboard Jotter   d JJO312
Leeds Recycled Cardboard Jotter   d JJO404
Leeds Tuscon JournalBook   d JJO572
Leeds Boomerang JournalBook   d JJO483
Leeds Spirit of St. Louis Large JournalBook   d JJO484
Leeds Spirit of St. Louis JournalBook   d JJO322
Leeds Luxe Bound Journal 5893-34 JJO888
Leeds Luxe Bound Journal Bundle Set 5893-35 JJO889
Leeds Scripto Jr. Journal   d JJO407
Leeds Scripto® Journal 6001-09 JJO408
Leeds Scripto® Sticky Notes Jr. Journal 6001-57 JJO443
Leeds Scripto Flash Journal   d JJO527
Leeds Scripto Advantage Journal   d JJO444
Leeds Scripto Bound Journal 6001-98 JJO890
Leeds Scripto Pacesetter Journal   d JJO485
Leeds Recycled Cardboard and Leather JournalBook   d JJO486
Leeds Ringleader Journal   d JJO445
Leeds Flip/Tuck Journal   d JJO446
Leeds Precision Large JournalBook   d JJO487
Leeds Marksman Alpha Bound Notebook 6810-00 JJO891
Leeds Zoom 2-in-1 Tech Sleeve JournalBook 7003-51 JJO661
Leeds Recycled Leather Ring JournalBook   d JJO316
Leeds Pedova Refillable JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-03 JJO850
Leeds Ambassador Bound JournalBook Bundle Gift Set 7200-09 JJO892
Leeds Nova Bound JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-11 JJO893
Leeds Sintra Cork Soft Bound JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-12 JJO894
Leeds Ambassador Spiral JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-13 JJO895
Leeds Color Pop Spiral JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-14 JJO896
Leeds Revello Spiral JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-15 JJO897
Leeds Revello Soft Bound JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-67 JJO898
Leeds Revello Refillable JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-68 JJO899
Leeds Dakota Soft Bound JournalBook Bundle Set   d JJO900
Leeds Color Pop Bound JournalBook Bundle Set 7200-98 JJO901
Leeds Metallic Ambassador Flex Bound JournalBook Bundle 7200-99 JJO819
Leeds Jute Non-Woven JournalBook   d JJO447
Leeds Field & Co. Cambridge Refillable Journal 7950-06 JJO727
Leeds Marksman Alpha Bound Notebook Bundle Set 8610-00 JJO820
Leeds Alternative® Leather Refillable Journal 9004-35 JJO744
Leeds Alternative® Bound Journal 9004-38 JJO847
Leeds Balmain Concorde Portfolio   d JJO471
Leeds Wenger Deluxe Ballistic Journal   d JJO529
Leeds Wenger Refillable Journal 9355-08 JJO575
Leeds Wenger® Bound Journal 9355-16 JJO821
Leeds Cutter & Buck Pacific Fremont Journal   d JJO730
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Bound Journal   d JJO488
Leeds Cutter & Buck American Classic Note Taker   d JJO531
    Leather Covered Journals
Leeds Sedona Suede Journal   d JLE122
    Note Pads and Post-It
Leeds Scripto Desk Mate Memo Valet Bundle   d JNP242
Leeds Scripto Executive Assistant Memo Valet Bundle   d JNP243
Leeds Scripto Desk Mate Memo Valet   d JNP233
Leeds Scripto Executive Assistant Memo Valet   d JNP234
Leeds Valet (Sticky Note Wallet)   d JNP194


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