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Make a statement with Leed's corporate gifts. At Blueberry Ink, we've teamed up with Leed's to bring you all the best in Leed's promotional products at discount prices. Whether you need the well know Leed's padfolios, bags and Journals or the coolest in executive gifts, you'll find it all here at Blueberry Ink Corporate Gifts.
Corporate Gifts
Leeds Hunt Valley® 10x25 Excursion Binoculars 0045-32 XBO207
Leeds Outlook Binoculars   d XBO193
Leeds Yukon Binoculars 1025-33 XBO194
Leeds Alpine Binoculars   d XBO205
Leeds Trailblazer Excursion Set   d XBO179
Leeds Nature Trek Set   d XBO195
Leeds Spectator Binoculars   d XBO192
Leeds Neotec Binoculars   d XBO204
Leeds Zippo® Binoculars 7550-12 XBO200
Leeds High Sierra Tahoe Binoculars 8050-51 XBO180
    Executive Desk
Leeds Mobile Cell Phone Holder 1025-18 XDE429
Leeds Celebrations Bookmark   d XDE584
Leeds Hope Bookmark   d XDE596
Leeds Kosta Boda Atoll Votive Holder   d XDE598
Leeds Kosta Boda Mine Tumbler   d XDE599
Leeds Orrefors Drop Paperweight   d XDE600
Leeds Orrefors Drop Pen Holder   d XDE601
Leeds Orrefors Drop Votive Holder   d XDE602
Leeds Orrefors Puck Paperweight   d XDE603
Leeds Kosta Boda Small Contrast Bowl   d XDE638
Leeds Cool Moons Small Votive Holder   d XDE636
Leeds Orrefors Quartet 4 piece Votive Set   d XDE604
Leeds Orrefors Sweetie Bowl - Heart   d XDE635
Leeds Orrefors Tornado Votive Holder   d XDE633
Leeds Solo Docking Station 1070-31 XDE605
Leeds Pedova Pen Cup & Clock   d XDE619
Leeds Pedova Business Card Holder   d XDE625
Leeds 5 in 1 Desk Organizer   d XDE705
Leeds Desk Humidifer 1071-01 XDE712
Leeds 3 Piece Desk Set 1071-07 XDE713
Leeds Metropolitan Desktop Charging Station   d XDE540
Leeds Metropolitan Pencil Cup Clock   d XDE312
Leeds Metropolitan Desk Organizer   d XDE356
Leeds Metropolitan Leather Photo Box   d XDE419
Leeds 1 L.E.D. Flex Light   d XDE581
Leeds Decision Dice 1240-10 XDE706
Leeds Foosball Desktop Game 1240-11 XDE707
Leeds Air Hockey Desktop Game   d XDE708
Leeds Air Plant Set   d XDE585
Leeds Icon Inspiration Cube 1520-82 XDE359
Leeds Icon Action Dice   d XDE361
Leeds Radiance Silver Plated Photo Desk Valet   d XDE572
Leeds Icon Balancing Act   d XDE366
Leeds Par 3 Golf (Silver)   d XDE573
Leeds Orrefors Wall Street Business Card Holder   d XDE607
Leeds Orrefors Wall Street Business Card Holder   d XDE608
Leeds Alicia Klein Desktop Organizer   d XDE564
Leeds Alicia Klein Bookmark (Black)   d XDE538
Leeds Alicia Klein Desktop Charging Station   d XDE574
Leeds Alicia Klein Memo Valet   d XDE575
Leeds Bamboo Clip   d XDE547
Leeds Spirit of St. Louis Desktop Clock Radio   d XDE594
Leeds Futura Noteholder   d XDE549
Leeds Futura Business Card Holder   d XDE550
Leeds Futura Pencil Cube Clock   d XDE551
Leeds High Sierra Tahoe In/Outdoor Weather Station   d XDE367
Leeds Crossroads Magnetic Memo Board   d XDE505
Leeds Crossroads Pencil Cube Frame   d XDE503
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Valet and Charging Station 9830-21 XDE629
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Pen Cup 9830-22 XDE647
Leeds Cutter & Buck Amer Cl Desktop Charger Display   d XDE539
Leeds Cutter & Buck American Classic Pen Cup Clock   d XDE425
Leeds Cutter & BuckAmer Classic Letter Organizer   d XDE580
    Corporate Gift Sets
Leeds Wine Companion Gift Set 1040-01 XGS819
Leeds Prism Gift Set   d XGS302
Leeds Crossing Excursion Bottle Set   d XGS743
Leeds Moscow Mule Mug Gift Set 1624-79 XGS815
    Executive Personal Products
Leeds Zippo® Spring Loaded Leather Money Clip 7550-33 XPE123
    Photo Frames
Leeds Pedova Photo Frame   d XPH431
Leeds 5" x 7" Aluminum Frame 1070-56 XPH438
Leeds Metropolitan Acrylic Frame 1100-05 XPH347
Leeds Metropolitan Photo Album   d XPH254
Leeds Radiance Silver Plated Photo Frame   d XPH361
Leeds Radiance Silver Plated Family Photo Frame   d XPH362
Leeds Radiance Silver Plated Double Frame   d XPH426
Leeds Magnetic Frame with Perpetual Calendar   d XPH423
Leeds Designer Aluminum Frame - 4"x6"   d XPH422
Leeds Aluminum Frame - 3"x5"   d XPH420
Leeds Aluminum Frame - 4"x6" 1550-13 XPH421
Leeds Mini Aluminum Frame - 2.5"x3.5"   d XPH419
Leeds Black Acrylic Double Frame   d XPH425
Leeds Wooden Acrylic Frame - 4"x6" 1550-16 XPH424
Leeds Metropolitan Wallet Digital Photo Frame   d XPH365
Leeds 7" Desktop Digital Photo Frame 1690-32 XPH440
Leeds Alicia Klein Photo Folio   d XPH346
Leeds Alicia Klein Folding Photo Frame   d XPH360
Leeds Alicia Klein Memories Photo Album   d XPH400
Leeds Alicia Klein Hanging Photo Frame   d XPH418
Leeds Bamboo Photo Album   d XPH348
Leeds Bamboo Photo Frame 3002-32 XPH363
Leeds Recycled Cardboard Photo Frame   d XPH364
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Frame - 4" x 6"   d XPH436
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Frame - 5" x 7"   d XPH437
    Corporate Holiday Gifts
Leeds Fair Isle Cotton Cinch   d XSM136
Leeds Fair Isle Wine Tote with Opener   d XSM138
Leeds Fair Isle 25oz Insulated Bottle & 8.5oz Mug Set   d XSM139
Leeds Fair Isle Cotton Tote   d XSM137
Leeds Zippo Mini MPL Satin Silver   d XSM115
Leeds Zippo MPL Gloss Black   d XSM116
Leeds Zippo MPL Satin Silver   d XSM117
Leeds Zippo Windproof Lighter Iron Stone   d XSM120
    Executive Travel
Leeds elleven Utility Kit 0011-41 XTR216
Leeds elleven Travel Organizer Case 0011-68 XTR215
Leeds elleven 15" Computer Travel Tote with Garment Bag 0011-89 XTR287
Leeds Executive Book Light   d XTR139
Leeds Travel Sentry Luggage Lock 1025-44 XTR157
Leeds Air Safe Toiletry Kit 1025-65 XTR156
Leeds Clip-it Bookmark Light   d XTR178
Leeds Strong Arm Plus Bag Holder 1070-25 XTR183
Leeds Comfort Travel Set   d XTR130
Leeds Milano Shoeshine Kit   d XTR131
Leeds StayFit Personal Fitness Kit 1400-43 XTR136
Leeds Ultra Slim, Universal Travel Adapter 1492-01 XTR267
Leeds World Travel Adapter with USB Ports   d XTR221
Leeds Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port 1660-72 XTR277
Leeds Case Logic Flash Drive Travel Case   d XTR184
Leeds elleven Technology Organizer Case 1691-38 XTR192
Leeds Carhartt® Signature Dopp Kit 1889-80 XTR260
Leeds New Balance Toiletry Kit   d XTR258
Leeds PolyPro Non-Woven TravelLite Utility Kit   d XTR185
Leeds Alicia Klein USB Flash Drive Travel Case   d XTR210
Leeds Alicia Klein Magnetic Bookmark   d XTR219
Leeds Fine Society Sophia Jewelry & Cosmetic Case   d XTR264
Leeds Trash Talking Recycled Utility Bag   d XTR241
Leeds Mini Luggage Scale   d XTR161
Leeds Travel Sentry Luggage Tag & Lock 3350-17 XTR177
Leeds Air Ready Travel Set   d XTR180
Leeds Slazenger Turf Valuables Pouch 4004-02 XTR259
Leeds Slazenger Sport Utility Kit   d XTR193
Leeds Aero-Snooze (Travel Kit) 6640-01 XTR194
Leeds Strong Arm (Bag Hanger)   d XTR195
Leeds Aero-Safe (Travel Kit) 6640-04 XTR196
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Travel Adapter 7007-01 XTR275
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Credit Card Sized Manicure Set   d XTR261
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Set of 3 Packing Cubes 7007-03 XTR278
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Hanging Utility Kit 7007-04 XTR262
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Set of Go Clean Bags 7007-05 XTR263
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Credit Card Sized Sewing Kit   d XTR265
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Seat Pack Organizer 7007-13 XTR266
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Rollup Travel Organizer 7007-25 XTR286
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Slim Utility Travel Bag 7007-50 XTR279
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Shoe Bag 7007-51 XTR280
Leeds BRIGHTtravels Clothes Hangers Travel Set 7007-52 XTR281
Leeds Mushroom Travel Speaker   d XTR218
Leeds High Sierra® Digital Luggage Scale 8051-75 XTR244
Leeds Thule Crossover Toiletry and Utility Kit   d XTR242
Leeds Skross MUV Micro World Travel Adapter 9444-01 XTR282
Leeds Skross EVO Plus USB World Travel Adapter 9444-02 XTR283
Leeds Skross World Dual USB Charger Adapter 9444-04 XTR285
Leeds TravelPro MaxLite Utility Kit   d XTR217
Leeds Travelpro Digital Luggage Scale   d XTR233
Leeds Palazzo Leather Valuables Case   d XTR145
Leeds Cutter & Buck Travel Alarm Clock   d XTR119
Leeds Cutter & Buck Legacy Personal Valet   d XTR224
Leeds Cutter & Buck Amer. Cl USB Flash Drive Case   d XTR209
Leeds Cutter & Buck® Tour Deluxe Valuables Pouch 9860-64 XTR243
Leeds Kenneth Cole Deluxe Double Travel Kit   d XTR234
    Custom Umbrellas
Leeds 58" Hunt Valley Vented Folding Umbrella   d XUM241
Leeds Compact Brief Umbrella   d XUM166
Leeds 42" New Balance Auto Open/Close Folding Umbrella   d XUM251
Leeds 41" Classic Folding Umbrella 2050-01 XUM168
Leeds 42" Slim Stick Auto Folding Umbrella 2050-02 XUM169
Leeds 42" Auto Folding Safety Umbrella 2050-03 XUM173
Leeds 42" Auto Open/Close Umbrella   d XUM172
Leeds 58" Folding Golf Umbrella 2050-05 XUM170
Leeds 58" Vented Folding Golf Umbrella 2050-06 XUM171
Leeds 48" Universal Auto Umbrella 2050-07 XUM174
Leeds 62" Tour Golf Umbrella 2050-08 XUM175
Leeds 62" Course Vented Golf Umbrella 2050-09 XUM176
Leeds 42" Auto Open/Close Flashlight Umbrella   d XUM188
Leeds 48" Highlander Stick Umbrella   d XUM192
Leeds 42" Highlander Folding Auto Umbrella   d XUM187
Leeds 46" Chairman Auto Open/Close Vented Umbrella 2050-14 XUM191
Leeds 42" Auto Open/Close Squeeze Gel Umbrella   d XUM190
Leeds 46" Blue Skies Auto Folding Umbrella 2050-16 XUM189
Leeds Kate Deco Fashion Umbrella   d XUM243
Leeds Kate Deco Auto Open/Close Folding Umbrella   d XUM242
Leeds 54" Auto Open/Close Folding Umbrella 2050-20 XUM226
Leeds 42" Auto Open/Close Windproof Safety Umbrella 2050-21 XUM227
Leeds 42" Color Pop Vented Windproof Umbrella 2050-22 XUM252
Leeds 58" Ultra Value Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrella 2050-23 XUM279
Leeds 42" Vented Windproof Slim Stick 2050-24 XUM235
Leeds 42" Clear View Safety Umbrella   d XUM234
Leeds 60" Golf Umbrella 2050-27 XUM236
Leeds 60" Vented Golf Umbrella 2050-28 XUM238
Leeds 42" Cutter & Buck Auto Open Close Umbrella   d XUM253
Leeds 62" Cutter & Buck® Vented Golf Umbrella 2050-38 XUM254
Leeds 64" Cutter & Buck® Vented Golf Umbrella 2050-39 XUM255
Leeds 54" Marksman Auto Open Twist Umbrella 2050-42 XUM265
Leeds 58" Slazenger, 2 Section Auto Open, Golf Umbrella 2050-43 XUM280
Leeds 42" Folding Umbrella 2050-44 XUM281
Leeds 46" Color Accent Auto Open Umbrella 2050-50 XUM267
Leeds 48" Auto Open Hotel Umbrella 2050-51 XUM268
Leeds 42" Auto Open Folding, Color Splash Umbrella 2050-53 XUM282
Leeds 58" Ultra Value Auto Open Golf Umbrella 2050-55 XUM283
Leeds 46" Manual Inversion Umbrella 2050-56 XUM290
Leeds 44" EcoSmart Folding Umbrella   d XUM177
Leeds 48" EcoSmart Stick Umbrella   d XUM178
Leeds 42" Slazenger Spectator Auto Open/Close Umbrella 6050-22 XUM256
Leeds 60" Slazenger Fairway Vented Golf Umbrella 6050-40 XUM179
Leeds 64" Slazenger Caddy Vented Automatic Golf Umbrella 6050-42 XUM180
Leeds Slazenger 64" Champions Vented Auto Golf Umbrella 6050-43 XUM193
Leeds 60" Slazenger Cube Golf Umbrella 6050-47 XUM225
Leeds 62" Slazenger Logo Manual Vented Umbrella   d XUM228
Leeds 68" Slazenger Vented Golf Umbrella 6050-68 XUM269
Leeds 58" High Sierra Maxx Umbrella   d XUM229
Leeds 42" High Sierra Feather Weight Umbrella   d XUM185
Leeds High Sierra Expedition Umbrella   d XUM186
Leeds 44" totes 3 Section Auto Open Umbrella 8850-01 XUM257
Leeds 44" totes 3 Section Auto Open/Close Umbrella 8850-02 XUM258
Leeds 62" totes® Auto Open Vented Golf Umbrella 8850-03 XUM259
Leeds 38" totes 4 Section Auto Open/Close Umbrella 8850-04 XUM260
Leeds 55" totes Auto Open Vented Golf Umbrella   d XUM261
Leeds 44" totes® Titan 3 Section Auto Open/Close Umbrell 8850-06 XUM262
Leeds 55" totes Titan Auto Open/Close Golf Umbrella   d XUM263
Leeds 44" totes® 3 Section Auto Open Umbrella 8850-08 XUM264
Leeds 44" totes SunGuard Auto Open/Close Umbrella 8850-10 XUM270
Leeds 39" totes Folding Mini Umbrella 8850-14 XUM284
Leeds 55" totes NEVERwet Auto Open Folding Golf 8850-15 XUM285
Leeds 42" totes 3 Section Auto Open Umbrella 8850-16 XUM286
Leeds 60" totes SunGuard Auto Open Golf Umbrella 8850-17 XUM287
Leeds 41" Balmain Folding Umbrella   d XUM182
Leeds 55" Balmain Runway Umbrella   d XUM183
Leeds 42" Balmain Runway Folding Umbrella   d XUM239
Leeds 42" Balmain Runway Auto Open/Close Folding Umbrella   d XUM240


Blueberry Ink is pleased to offer the full line of Leeds Promotional Products all in one place with top rated customer service. From the well know Leeds padfolios and bags to the entire line of Leeds sport bottles, pens and electronics, you'll find the promotional item that's just perfect for your next promotion. Discover discount pricing on all of your favorite Leeds Promotional Items.

You've found the Leed's corporate gifts center right here at Blueberry Ink. With thousands of corporate gifts just one click away, discover the Leed's promotional product that's just right for your event. The Leeds Sure Ship program allows for 24-hour rush on most items. When you're in a hurry, you can depend on Blueberry Ink and Leeds to come through for you. Why pay full price for Leeds Bags and Padfolios when you can pay dramatically discounted prices right here at Blueberry Ink.